TBR Piles - So close and yet so far away...

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TBR Piles - So close and yet so far away...

So, with my original 12 books in the TBR challenge I'm doing awesome - - just 3 left and am currently almost halfway through one of those. Woo-hoo!

On the other hand, my actual current To Be Read pile may be getting away from me. If I count just books I currently have in my possession waiting for me to read, including the two I am reading, there are 28! :eek: And eight of those are from the library, some of which have already been renewed once. And I have 4 more I have placed a hold on and am waiting my turn. Luckily I'm anywhere from 4th to 12th in line for those, so I should have some time. I thought I was smart placing holds on a buch of popular books, since it takes a while for my turn. But they came up faster than I expected. Whoops!

I have banned myself from further holds until I catch up. I loove the feeling of having lots to read. But this might be a bit much! Lol... Anyone else finding themselves biting off a bit more than they can chew too?

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lol maybe you can read some for me too. WTG on doing so well with the challenge.

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awesome job on the challenge!

My challenge pile is looking pretty good. I only have 4 left to hit the 12 books. I also have an outrageous TBR pile left. There are so many free ebooks out there. I have approx 170 of those plus a few paper books that I haven't read yet.

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Kelly, there's still loads of time. I just turned into the reading monster this year, I don't think I've read so many books so quickly since I was a kid.

Way to go Laura! I think I need to stay away from ebooks, my obsession is bad enough with paper books, lol.