The thirteenth tale (may be a little bit of a spoiler)

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The thirteenth tale (may be a little bit of a spoiler)

Ok... so I finally finished the book. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I have to say that it went VERY slow for me and the only reason I continued on was because a couple people said it was good and I had to know why. I also wanted to comprehend what the book was about.

For me it finally semi picked up around page 190. Then the last 3-4 chapters a bit more but never to a point I could say OH this is worth it. I know I have alot of personal issues due to my past - but one thing that bothered me was the incestuous issues throughout the book. I understand bondings - but when it runs into incestuousness I cannot stomach it. (She did a fantastic job of no swearing or even any inappropriate scenes - which I am more than grateful for!)

Then to make twins more than they are by bringing them into this sick bond made me sad... I find twins and multiples to be a beautiful thing. I think this book made it almost Ugly. Being a mother of mult.s (opposite sex) it really bothered me even deeper than I think it would have if I just read it as a story without personalizing it.

There is a dark and mysteriousness to the book (a bit on the Gothic side.) However, I find that the author is very long winded - making the book drag on FOREVER.

In the end - I do not recommend the book. I give it 4 thumbs down - but if anyone wants it pm me and let me know. This will not be one I keep in my library.

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Awww, I'm so sorry to hear you didn't like it. I enjoyed it so much, though as you know, I initially had a difficult time getting into it.

The relationship between Charlie and Isabelle was an odd one, and though it was never really stated that the twins were a product of their twisted relationship, I like to think it wasn't, and the only reason there was a resemblance among all the girls is shared genes.
I agree at times the author was very descriptive and wordy, I found it more of a problem at the beginning, it didn't bother me as much as the story unfolded.