Update on site changes from Admin.

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Update on site changes from Admin.

"MissyJ" wrote:

Hi everyone!

Just a heads up that the install process has begun for our new board software, vBulletin! Smile Once that is finished we will just wait on the word and begin transitioning over. Please inform members that this could begin at any time over the next week (but I promise to give you all as much notice as I get if at all possible.)

Again -- some important notes to share:

1)Everything is *supposed* to import

2)Know that ALL URL's WILL change. If you have your favorite boards bookmarked please be aware that you will need to visit the new index page.

3)The current board index page will be completely revamped. (see reason two above!! LOL) With 800 + boards URLs to change out I'm planning on this possibly taking a few days. For a bit we will though have an alternative available while we work frantically. Blum 3

4)Those of you that currently have access to any private boards or journals -- we are not 100% certain if your permission settings will automatically transfer over. If they do not -- rest assured that our first priority is going to be insuring that the boards themselves ARE private. Next -- we will work our way through the lists to get everyone's access restored. For those with access to the private forums (even if you do not mod) please advise the host to make this go smoothly that we are asking for a current memberlist to be posted ON the private board. Just to avoid any "worse case scenario" hosts should keep a copy on their own computer as well (or save in their email.) Feel free to start a "memberlist" sign up if one does not currently exist on the board since time is short now.

5)Hosts -- be certain that you do have all of our admin info kept handy. Copy and paste it from the announcement on the board into a file or email to yourself. That way should you have problems you can reach us. Also -- if you have yahoo or msn instant messager make sure you have Ang and I on your list. Check our status before paging for updates. We will do our best to keep that updated with the latest news as well.

Smile I think that is it for now!