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vampire stories

Those of you who are reading other vampire stories, were you vampire fans before Twilight? Honestly, vampires have never interested me. I actually put off reading Twilight until Oct 2008 because it was a vampire story (you all finally wore me down with talking about how great the books were!).

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YES. I've been a vampire book fan since I was a young teen.

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No, not really my thing until after reading Twilight. I guess now I'm just trying to find something to keep my interest so I'm not constantly re-reading the series, though I think I'd be ok with that. I'm definitely more open to the idea of reading about vampires due to Twilight.

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I've been a vampire fan since late grade school/early high school. Started with Dracula, the Vampire Chronicles, and the EARLY Anita Blake Books (the more recent ones leave a lot to be desired from where they began). Makes DH crazy because my bookshelf is filled with them and Were- books.

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Yes, I've always been a big vampire fan.

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Always! My daughter is too!

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Long before Twilight, I enjoyed the Ann Rice series.