Visited my school's book fair today

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Visited my school's book fair today

& bought $35 worth of books for DD and me.

They are all Childrens/YA fiction & for the most part seem to deal with the super natural (which she especially enjoys.)

I bought
Peter and the Starcatchers (Paperback was only $2.00)

Dead is the New Black

The Midnighters by Scott Westerfield (author of The Uglies series)

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod books 1 & 2 (8th Grade Bites & 9th Grade Slays)


Every Soul a Star

DD and I are both excited about them. I have to finish a couple of others before I can start on them, but DD is already reading Dead is the New Black. Will let y'all know if any of them are especially good!

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YaY for new books Smile

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She began and finished Dead is the New Black last night. It was under 200 pages and she really enjoyed it.

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Oh wow! I love new books. That is so cool that she enjoys them too! Smile

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Yay for book fairs. My kids have theirs next week.

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I am so looking forward to DD being school-age just for the books! There are so many great ones I can't wait to read to/with her. Glad to hear you did well at the sale. Enjoy the books!

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A ton of book fairs got canceled in our district because we lost our parent/teacher conference days due to being closed for 3 ice/snow days. I tried to encourage our jr. high to host ours anyway, since our community is one that would come in to the fair even without the pull of conferences, but they canceled it.

I missed having that for new, cheap books. Glad you found some good ones!