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Was in Walmart today

and saw that Jodi Picoult has a new book out. It sounded very good, and a book that would lend itself well to discussion, but I didn't want to spend the money on the hardback today.

It is called Handle With Care

Here is a brief Synopsis from Jodi Picoult's site


When Charlotte and Sean O’Keefe’s daughter, Willow, is born with severe osteogenesis imperfecta, they are devastated – she will suffer hundreds of broken bones as she grows, a lifetime of pain. As the family struggles to make ends meet to cover Willow’s medical expenses, Charlotte thinks she has found an answer. If she files a wrongful birth lawsuit against her ob/gyn for not telling her in advance that her child would be born severely disabled, the monetary payouts might ensure a lifetime of care for Willow. But it means that Charlotte has to get up in a court of law and say in public that she would have terminated the pregnancy if she’d known about the disability in advance – words that her husband can’t abide, that Willow will hear, and that Charlotte cannot reconcile. And the ob/gyn she’s suing isn’t just her physician – it’s her best friend.
Handle With Care explores the knotty tangle of medical ethics and personal morality. When faced with the reality of a fetus who will be disabled, at which point should an OB counsel termination? Should a parent have the right to make that choice? How disabled is TOO disabled? And as a parent, how far would you go to take care of someone you love? Would you alienate the rest of your family? Would you be willing to lie to your friends, to your spouse, to a court? And perhaps most difficult of all – would you admit to yourself that you might not actually be lying?

I'd love to hear reviews from anyone who is reading it once you finish!

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that looks really good. I got a little tired of Jodi Picoult's books (read a bunch in a row) so I wasn't too excited when I saw she had a new one. After reading the synopsis though, I might have to give it a try.

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wow that sounds good