What book are we on?

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What book are we on?

Is there a July/August book - is it HP 7?

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We haven't decided on anything as far as I know, but that's probably a good choice, as I'm sure that's what most people will be reading. I'm just not sure anyone will want to wait until the end of Aug to chat about it. Lol

Maybe we could do two selections -- a regular one and then HP. I'd guess most who read HP would be ready to discuss it by the end of July or first couple weeks of Aug.

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I will not be reading the new HP, I have not read any of them. But lately I have taken a break from reading and starting re-organizing my home and gone a bunch for field trips with the kids. So no book til Sept. sounds fine to me, or you all can chat about HP and do some free reads, etc.

I have 2 books on my nightstand I want to read still and a bunch on hold at the library to keep me busy when I start reading again. I should go get them before they send them back (if not already too late)