What makes you choose a book?

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What makes you choose a book?

I'm just curious, what kinds of things do you take into consideration when deciding to read a book?

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of course recommendations from people who have similar interests can weigh on my decision.

I look at the What are you Reading thread often. If I see a title come up several times, and most seem to like it, that's a good sign.

If it's from a favorite author

Amazon Reviews -- though I try not to read too much of those

Book Jackets -- Sometimes I'll pick up a book because the cover art is interesting, if the synopsis sounds good I'll give it a try.

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-Recommendations from friends with similar reading interests.

-Reviews - mostly from People Magazine that I get every week. If I see a review of a book that looks interesting, I tear the page out and save it for next time I go to the bookstore.

-I'm in a RL book club, so I read most of the books chosen through that, although if it's a book that just isn't up my alley, I'll skip it.

- Favorite authors, of course; also favorite genres - I've gotten hooked on memoirs lately.

- Books that just catch my eye at the bookstore because of the cover or if it's on the Bestseller shelves or "Staff Recommends."

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Recommendations are huge from either here - mostly Smile The library, Amazon - sometimes if I see an interesting book in a book club magazine or from the NY times best sellers