When do you find time to read?
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Thread: When do you find time to read?

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    Default When do you find time to read?

    So now that i'm working again, I find it very difficult to find/make time to read. I have to get up between 5:30-6:00 am to be at school by 7:30, and I usually don't leave until near (most of the time after) 4:00. It takes me about an hour to do pick up, because I have to pick up at three different locations. Then when we get home, it's help with homework, eat, and get ready for bed. By the time I get ready to go to bed, I'm way too exhausted to read. I really miss it though.

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    I was like that after going back to work after my 2nd child - but after awhile I started being able to stay up later and now I read at night before I go to bed - it took me awhile to be able to read a lot - I would read a couple of pages and be out

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    I usually read before I go to bed too. Like Sidneys sometimes it's only a couple of pages before I'm out like a light.
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    I'm usually up late. Also, I set aside quiet time during the afternoon where Norah colors, looks at books, or plays with her toys. I read some of her books to her and then she looks at them by herself while I read some of my books. It probably helps that I'm a bit of a speed reader.

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    I read whenever I can find a moment. Usually a book is in my purse or bag, so if I'm stuck at a train crossing for several minutes, I'll read a bit. Or if dh is driving, I'll bring my book along. I'm also a night owl, so normally I read before bed... or steal a nice bath and read then, too .
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    I read in the tub after all the kids have gone to bed. I have also had more chances lately since I am preggo to read... because I can't get up much due to a severe case of siatic nerve problems. So I read quite often and love it!!!

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    I read when my kids are sleeping. Also, definitely one of the benefits of having a large brood is that they play with each other, so I actually do find 30 minutes here and there during the day to read as well.
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