Woohoo for me (totally OT)
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Thread: Woohoo for me (totally OT)

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    Default Woohoo for me (totally OT)

    So the last couple of days I've been attending a workshop (inservice). Yesterday the session was from 4:00 to 8:00, and today it was from 3:30 to 6:30. While useful, inservice can be a PITA, and after a long day that is certainly the case. Anyway, this afternoon they did a drawing in each content area for a game program and I won!


    I'm so freakin' excited, and if that wasn't enough my day got even better once I got home and logged onto myspace. One of my sorority sisters had messaged me that she had a couple of extra Buffett tickets if I wanted to get them from her. So, I am going to see Buffett this year!!!!

    I think I should probably go buy a lottery ticket now!!!!

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    Wahoo! Congrats!! now run don't walk and get that lottery ticket!!

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    I am very happy for you!

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