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I just bought my twilight movie tickets!!! WOOHOO 12:01 am on 11/21/08. ROCKIN!!!!

There has only been one movie that i have seen a 12am show for and that was Episode 3

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I'm getting so excited!!!

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EEK!!! Now I'm going to have to see if I can purchase one in my area. I'm so excited!!!

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I think I am waiting until it comes out in video. I was hoping to go to Utah but it does not look like that will be possible. Sad

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I am so excited too. Although I know it won't be as good as the book. :confused: We are making it a girl's night out! Me, my sister, 2 cousins, maybe niece (if she reads it first. She can't go if she doesn't!), and my mom! I think we are going to suprise my mom!

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I'm going to the midnight show with some friends from work. I'm resigned that it won't be as good as the book, but isn't that always the case?