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Hi all. has instituted new board exchanges rules and our old coupon exchange thread wasn't in-line with those rules. So, in order for us to comply, I have sought out help from other mods whose boards do coupon exchanges and develop this list of guidelines for our coupon exchanges.

Rules for coupon exchange;

In order to participate in the coupon exchange, members must be a member of the site for 3 months and have a minimum of 300 posts.

Each month we will update the master list with praticipants, and updated address lists will be emailed to participants. Please note give your address with caution. We are doing what we can to help by ensuring only qualified members are listed, and your address must be on the email if you want a copy of others addresses.

We will only be adding new members once a month, and there must be a list offered of coupons you have vs. coupons you'd like. We want to see fairly equal amounts of giving and receiving. If you are not on the list for the month and you would like a coupon from a member please do NOT try to get the coupon from the member by PMing or emailing,

If you sign up for an exchange be sure to keep your end of the bargain. We understand that life happens, however if the exchange isn't received then for the first warning you will be temporarily removed from the exchange (1 month) and if there's another report, you will be permanently removed from the exchange. Sorry if this is harsh but we need to protect our members. All reports of exchanges not completed must be sent via PM or email to me. Members will not be publicly chastised.

There will be a sticky thread for everyone to post their wants and haves. You may edit as often as necessary when your stockpile changes. Please keep it up to date. If you want to remove yourself from the exchange, simply erase your whole post and leave "stockpile deleted" in it's place.

If a coupon is a "printed" or "in store" coupon, it must be labeled as so on the list as some stores don't accept printed coupons. Please list expiry dates with your coupon as well.

Cash requests for coupons will not be allowed here, this is a *coupon* exchange. Requests for stamps may be considered. Members have the right to refuse an offer.

I'm starting the new list as of today, July 10, 2007. This list will cover July and August. If you want to be on it and you meet the criteria, please send me a PM.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Moderator of Bottle-feeding your Baby

Special thanks to Nadine/Montys_Mom and Kit/Kitrinkles for their help in drafting these rules.

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I am in need of similac coupons if you have any please PM me Smile