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List your EDD's here! I'll make it a sticky and update it as needed. Smile

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Howdy! I'm due September 26th, which means I'll have the section a week or so earlier. Well update later when I have the exact date!

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My Edd is still up in the air, it is somewhere between 11/16-11/26.

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My EDD is 1/27.

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My EDD is 10-25-09

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My EDD is Sept 20th, I have my date booked for sept 15!:jumpingbeans:

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January 4, 2010......c-section more than likely December 28, 2009.

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April 1st, c-section March 24th.

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EDD is Dec 3rd
C-Section set for 11/20:)
I wish your body knew you had to have a c-section so you could skip the painful braxton hicks.......:confused: