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    Hi everyone. I have posted on this board before, but I just realized I never posted my story.

    December 6, 2004 after a pretty uneventful pregnancy and one trip to the hospital where I was "in labor but not in labor" (whatever that means) my doctor decided to induce me on Wednesday December 8, 2004.

    December 8, 2004 9pm we arrive at the hospital. I get registered, settled in, and hooked up to the monitor. 10 pm they give me my first dose of cytotec and tell me that at 2 am they will give me the second dose and then at 6 am they will start the pitocin. My parents stop by around 10:30 and I notice that the baby is starting to go on and off the monitor when I have small contractions. I am able to manually move the monitor around on my belly to find her each time. My parents leave and DH and I settle in for what we think is going to be an uneventful night.

    Around 12 am, while watching Jay Leno, I need to go to the bathroom. The nurse said it was fine for DH just to take me, so he unhooks the monitors and I go to the bathroom. When they re-hook me back up the babies heart rate drops to 70 something and take a little bit to come back up. When it finally gets back they start monitoring me more closely and tell me I am not allowed to get out of bed anymore. Then the contractions intensify. This seems to baffle the nurses as I am in excruciating pain and the baby's heartrate is dropping with each contraction. After the baby's rate drops for the fifth time and the alarms go off, they come rushing in, hook me up to oxygen and give me something in my IV.

    It becomes blurry at this point. I do know that they started paging the doctor and he comes in and exams me and even though I am having final stage contractions, I am not anymore dialated than I was when we started. Around 2:30 am, the doctor comes back in and is clearly upset. They have got the baby stabilized at a 90 heartrate and he tells my DH and I that he has very serious doubts that my DD would make it through any further labor and we need to decide right now about a c/s. DH and I waste no time in telling him to do it.

    The nurses then prep me for surgery and DH to be in the OR with me. While they are giving me my spinal in the OR, the doctor (unbeknownest to me) is talking with my husband and telling him that everything is going to be okay, that the baby is likely not going to have to go to the NICU and that he can have her out very quickly once we start. By 3:15 he is starting the surgery and at 3:22 am on 12/9/04 she was born weighing 7lb 2oz, 20 inches long and breathing on her own with no need to go to the NICU.

    My recovery was pretty uneventful. I had a slight reaction to the anesthesia, but the nurses were great and took great care of me when I got sick.

    DH was worried about our steps when we first came home due to a friend of our's wife not being able to navigate their stairs when she came home. But I never had any problems with them and was actually back into a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes about a month later and back to work at the end of January 2005.

    Mom to:
    Dani & Allie

    Never in my dreams did I think I would say that I breastfed for 2 years and 3 months.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. - Samuel Johnson

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    Hi my name is Julie. I am a 27 and mommy to Brady who was born on 1/20/06 via emergency c-section. I have been married to the love of my life since 2003 and life is great!!!

    Here is my birthing story. Sorry if this is a bit long.

    DH and I went in for my weekly OB-GYN appt last Thursday 1/19 at 1:30. After a check-up, my doctor told me she felt I had symptoms of Preclempsia and Toxemia/Adema and wanted me to go to L&D right away to be induced. DH and I couldn't believe it!! The hospital is right behind the doctors office so we made our phone calls to family and friends and walked over to the L&D floor.

    At 4:00, I was inserted with the Cytotech, which is a pill that induces labor. It is placed right behind the cervix. I got inconsistent contractions but nothing regular. At 8:00, they inserted me with another pill. This time the contractions were getting alittle more consistent and stronger. Around 12:00, I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes so they held off on giving me another pill.

    At 2:00 am, I was 2 cm dilated the pain was excruciating so my nurse suggested I go for the epidural. The anesthiologist came upstairs and gave me the epidural however I noticed that the pain didn't go away for quite awhile. In fact it took a few good hours so I knew the epidural was not working. I received four more replacements of Epidurals and nothing was working because the pain was becoming unbearable.

    In the morning of 1/20 sometime, (no sense of time) the doctor came in and told me I was about 6cm dilated and was making progress. I couldn't believe it because my OB-GYN (who couldn't be there) said it would be a slow and stalled labor. So that gave me hope that things were working out. I told myself I could handle the pain.

    Well contractions were getting more and more intense. My mom, DH and DH's mom were in the room with me. The doctor came in and told me he was going to put me on Pitocin to "speed things up". He also broke my water. About 20 minutes later, the contractions were 2 minutes apart and unbearable. The epidural wasn't working and the pain was unmeasurable.

    The nurse came in around noon and said I had blood in my urine and I was starting to develop a high fever. The doctor came in right after and said if I didn't deliver the baby in two hours, he would have to perform a c-section. By this time, I was in labor for 21 hours. I was 9 cm dilated. Two hours passed and I was still 9 cm dilated with excruciating back labor. And the epidural was not working so I was pretty much going natural.

    All I remember is crying saying, "I can't breathe, I can't do this". DH was holding my hand "telling me I could do it". He was crying too. He felt so bad he couldn't help me get rid of the pain. Another anesthiologist came up and gave me an epidural because I could not take the pain anymore and my fever was so elevated. They gave me antibiodics to get the fever done as well. The doctor told me the fever was because I was in labor for so long. After the epidural, I didn't feel much, which was a HUGE relief, however, it did make me throw up.

    About a half hour later the doctor came into the room and said I should have progressed and wasn't sure why I was till 9cm. All of a sudden the baby's heartbeat crashed and my blood pressure went up quickly. The doctor said there was no time and "we have to deliver this baby now!" I was so scared. I thought I was going to lose Brady..

    The staff prepped me with a csection and I got a spinal. I requested DH be in the room with me. I later found out that when DH was changing into his scrubs, he dropped to his knees in the bathroom and prayed to god that the baby and I would make it. I didn't know this till later. I actually wasn't concerned about myself at all. I kept saying, "is my baby ok?" and no one was really answering me, however the nurses kept assuring me everything was ok.

    We got to the OR and I threw up again. They prepared for the surgery. I was completely out of it, dozing in and out. I remember hearing the doctor say, "let's go" and I jolted and asked, "where's my husband?" DH came in a few moments later and looked so pale. He sat next to me and kept telling me how proud he was of me. He was so awesome.

    I had no sense of time but I guess about 10 minutes later, after a lot of prodding and internal pushing around, I heard Brady cry. That was the best sound of my life. (Crying here thinking about it). They brought him over and showed me and then brought him over to the table to clean him up. He scored 9.9 on the APGAR scale. DH was able to cut the cord (after three attempts he told me). Brady weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20 inches.

    I remember I kept saying, "I want to hold my baby" but couldn't since they were closing me up and my hands were strapped to each side. DH got to hold him and that makes me happy since it was his special moment to bond with his son. Dh told me about a half hour passed and they fixed me all up. They brought me to the c-section recovery room and gave me Brady. That is when my life changed. This little boy changed the way I looked at faith. He was a miracle and he was in my arms. He was my son.

    The hospital stay was hectic. People were in and out of the room every 5 minutes because they were having student nurses do alot of the vital checking and etc. However the nurses were great! Recovery has been tough and I am on Percs and Motrin. It is hard to get around so I still need DH to do alot. However, my family and friends have been really helpful and that makes me happy.

    When I told the Lactaction Consultant my story I started crying telling her everything. She said I am probably still suffering with PTSD from it. DH and my mom are still crying about it too. It was just a really traumatic for all of us. DH has been absolutely wonderful about everything. He ended up telling me he was afraid he "lost me" and said "his whole life was threatened" when I went into the OR. I can't imagine what he went through. He is so strong.

    To end on a good note, this little precious boy is my life. He made everything worth it and I count my blessings his life was saved and put into mine. When I see him eat food or breathe in my ear when I am burping him, I know why I was placed on this Earth and it was to be a mom. To be his mom.

    Thanks for listening.

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    hey all, i'm a newbie!
    My story isn't too terribly long. i went in for my 28 wk check up 2 wks ago and was on the verge of pre-eclampsia. so i had to go in weekly for rechecks. last thursday I had developed it. So i was sent in to duke to be observed. All the bad levels started to go down with magnesium so i was taken off. Sunday, at 30 wks and 1 day, I started having contractions and no meds would stop them. They didn't affect my cervix at all. During a routine vital check, I felt a gush. Turned out my placenta was seperating. The baby's heartrate dropped so I was rushed in for an emergency c-section. This was my third child and first c-section. They put staples in afterwards. I think they are removing them tomorrow. I am so freaked out by this since it wasn't in my plan. Althought I had a feeling this whole pregnancy that I'd end up with a section baby. The worst part was, I didn't get to see Brayden until Tuesday and finally got to hold him today. He's in the NICU for who knows how long. he weighed 2lbs 14oz and was 15 1/2 in long. he's been amazing the whole time and on room air with no help. Well, that's my story! Looking forward to hanging out here!!
    *~Jamie~* LAVH 1/30/09
    Reece-10/30/03@ 35wks
    Jayson-12/07/04 @ 38 wks
    Brayden-04/23/06 @ 30 wks

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    Kyle Timothy
    Feb 25,2006 @ 10:34pm 38 weeks on the dot
    7 pounds 1 oz 18 1/4 inches

    My birth story

    Kyle had been breech since 28 weeks..well i found out at 28 weeks but i think he had been breech since 18 weeks becuase he was breech at that ultrasound as well.I was scheduled for a c-section on march 2nd the doctor and i both didnt think the risks of doing a version were worth it.So i went in to my 37 week check up had an u/s and he was still breech and i was supposed to have a 38 week appt then after that go to the anesthesiologist and get bloodwork done etc.Well that never happened!
    It was a saturday (i was 38 weeks exactly)and my husband and i went grocery shopping becuase i wanted to stock up before kyle got here.I hadnt been feeling good at all that day and almost had to leave the grocery store.Well i made it through and we got home and ended up going to walmart later to get a few things.We then came home and i put in a movie(just like heave)and watched it.I was big pregnant and by 8:00pm i was debating about how much trouble it was going to be to get up to use the bathroom.DH had laid down on the bed to finish the movie with him and i was about to tell him i might want to go to the hospital becuase Kyle had been having a quiet day..he was normally very active for a breech baby with no room to move in :P.No sooner did i open my mouth then my water broke.No one ever told me about my water breaking there was so much water!It was still coming out of me when we got to the hospital...which by the way was the fastest i had ever gotten there!So we get to the hospital my pants are soaked through and i finally get a wheelchair and get up to L & D Where they stick me in triage and was having small cramps but nothing bad i had had period cramps worse.So they call the doc get him in and get me prepped(all of this is in the triage room still)then around 10 something im brought into the OR and given the spinal and they got started.and at 10:34pm Kyle was born.they let me see him before they took him away.Ironically i looked to the side and the doctor was carrying him over the the nurse so i guess that was really my first time seeing him.DH left with Kyle to go to the nursery since they wouldnt let him stay and they finished with me i was sent to recovery ..i was the only one there.They actually had to do all the stuff they normally do before the surgery after the surgery.Come to find out i had been having contractions every 2-3 minutes and i was dialated to a centimeter.The pain was pretty intense and getting up wasnt fun but i did it and i found getting up and staying up was so much better then laying around.i was out of the hospital within 48 hours..meaning i left at 11pm.I was on regular motrin 48 hours after surgery and stayed with it for a few days and then didnt need it at all.Overall it was a great experience and i hope i have the same great experience with my next c-section.I personally dont want a vaginal birth so im glad i was able to get the c-section.My son is adorable and i love him more every minute that i spend with him.some details are a bit fuzzy from the actual c-section so i tried to write as much as i could remember...I really remember the chest pain i got in the end when they were finishing up with me..aparantly it was normal and happens all the time :P

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    Here's mine...

    My son was born at 38 weeks and 1 day. He is now 7 months old which I can't believe! My doctor had told me before DS was born that I had a small pelvis and may wind up with a section but if I wanted to try vaginally he would give me 36 hours. I went in to be induced but was already in labor so they let me progress on my own for 12 hours then gave me pitocin. At 24 hours I was given an epi, which stopped working after 4 hours, was readjusted and again stopped working. I finally dialated to 10 cent. and began to push for 3 1/2 hours. I was ready to go longer but doc suggested section, but did say he'd continue to let me keep pushing if I wanted to b/c DS's hr was fine and there were no signs of distress. That's all my DH had to hear, and being tired and in pain I gave in. The anesthesia guy did his thing and they started the surgery. I felt them cutting me and told them exactly where and that's the last thing I remember. They apparantly tried a few things and then had to put me out and DH said they ran a tube down my throat. (Intubated?)

    When they took my son out he did not breathe for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. They revived him, he did great and didn't even have to spend any time in the NICU. All the doctors have said was that he needed a little jump start and the general anesthesia may have played a part in that. Unfortunately, with me being asleep, my DH had to watch and go through everything alone.

    When I woke up I was in agony and no painkillers they gave me seemed to help. They say it was probably the combination of drugs that were already in my system and my body had had enough. The only thing that seemed to help were Perkocets and that wasn't until the next day. For the first 2 days I wasn't allowed to have the baby in the room with me alone b/c I couldn't get to him, I could only hold him for a few minutes at a time and I'd be exhausted and have to pass him off. I was unable to breastfeed him until he was 2 days old which broke my heart and I hated seeing him being fed by everyone except me. I had a long and painful recovery as I'm sure most c-section moms do.

    I would love to try for a VBAC but it doesn't seem likely. I'm just glad that my son is here with me.
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    Sutter Michael 10/6/05
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    My delivery went from being a planned c-section (when dr. said he was breech) to canceling the c-section (when ultrasound showed that he was head down) to planned induction because dr. thought he was getting too big for me to delivery vaginally, to ending up in a c-section

    The day of my due date I went in for my 40 week appt. My dr. thought that he felt like he had turned again to breech, and was concerned with how big he was. My induction was scheduled for early the next morning, and she asked me to get to the hospital early so that they could do an u/s then to make sure he was in an ok position and to check his weight. So I went home, did some last minute stuff, and around 5 that night my dr called again asking me to go to the hospital that night to go ahead and do the u/s. She told me to tell the labor and delivery staff that I thought my water had broken and that my dr was on the way so that they would go ahead and admit me for an u/s (she's sneaky!). So I called my husband and he rushed home, freaking out. I kept telling him, it's just for the u/s, nothing will happen until tomorrow. We brought my bags along anyway though, and headed to the hospital. I was admitted, and they put me in a room. A couple of hours later the u/s tech showed up and did the u/s. My dr. told me before hand that if he was estimated to be more than 8lbs she didn't think I should go for a vaginal delivery. The tech estimated him to be 8lbs 5oz. So my dr gave me the choice and I said ok, do the c-section (I completely trusted her judgement). I asked, what time should I come in for it tomorrow? She said, no, we're doing it tonight. Even though I had 40 weeks to prepare for this I was freaking out a little

    The nurses come in and start prepping me. My husband called my parents and they got there quickly. A little while later I was walked into the operating room for my epi. The epi was a little more uncomfortable than I had expected (oh, but the cathiter didn't hurt nearly as bad as I expected, so I guess it evened out!), but my nurse and the anesteseologist (sp?) were great. They got me onto the table, and I can remember saying, um, I can still feel my toes! I was terrified that they would start cutting me before I was completely numb! My husband was led in then and they put the curtain up. My husband was great...he sat at my head the entire time, talking to me. We talked about anything and everything. The only time I got upset was right before they pulled Cody out. There was a lot of pulling that felt a little rough, and it started upsetting me, but all of the studden my dr said, ok dad, stand up and take pictures! So my husband jumped up and started taking pictures, and I heard my son cry. I remember asking, is he still a boy? And he was My husband went off with the nurses while they cleaned Cody up, and another nurse stayed at my head while they started closing me. They must have given me something in my IV that made me sleepy, because I kept dozing off. A little while later my husband came back with a nurse and I got to see Cody for the first time. He was crying, but as soon as I said his name he stopped and just stared at me. They went off again and they finished closing me up. I was taken back to my recovery room where my parents and husband were waiting. I was in there for about 45 minutes. The only bad part was that I had the shakes really bad. I had read that it happens, but I wasn't expecting it to be that bad. Once those went away they moved me to my regular room, and after awhile Cody was brought in again.

    My recovery was great. Obviously there was some pain, but I was up and moving around the next day. My daytime nurse was awesome, she really helped me a lot. When I stood up for the first time she wouldn't let me get out of the bed on the side of the bathroom. I had to get out on the other side so I would walk a little more But she did a great job of getting me moved around, made the more embarassing things less embarassing. I ended up being in the hospital less than 48 hours. My nurse and dr were both amazed at how well I was recovering. I lucked out too, because right before I was discharged someone was assigned to the other bed in my room and it was sooo crowded. Just my luck I would have my baby just a couple of weeks before they opened the new wing of the hospital with all private maternity rooms!

    My home recovery went just as well. I had afew days that were more painful than others, and it took about 2 months before I felt like I was 100%. But all in all, I would do it again in a heartbeat. My only regret is taking so long to get to spend time with Cody. Even after being taken to my regular room because I was so limited in movement they kept him in the nursery and I would have loved to do rooming in. Also, I think it affected my ability to breast feed. We didn't get off to a good start because of the timing of the c-section, and they did bottle feeding for his first 12 or so hours. We had latching problems and I really think that affected it.

    Oh, he ended up being less than 8lbs. But, the c-section was still a good thing. My cord was 1/2 the length of what it normally is. They mentioned it when he was delivered, and my dr explained to me the next day that if I had him vaginally it would have caused my placenta, etc, to come out right away, and that could have caused damage to me. She said that was why I carried him so high (he was so high that at times he would kick and my boobs would literally move!), and that she had a feeling something was "off", but wasn't sure what, and that's why she had mentioned c-section for so long (she first mentioned it at 28 weeks).

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    We arrived at the hospital at 8pm on Wednesday October 11 for my induction. I was put in Labor and Delivery room 4 and given a medicine to help my cervix prepare for labor. That pill was given at 9pm, I was 1 cm dilated. At 10 pm I was given an Ambien to help me sleep. It was then my contractions started. I was pretty much awake all night, despite the Ambien.

    At 3am October 12 I was given another dosage of the cervix medicine. At 4 am I was checked again and given an enema. I then took a shower, got and IV and started walking the halls. At 6am I was still only 1 cm, and the Pitosin was started. My doctor arrived at 8:45 am, I was still only 1 cm dilated, she tried to break my water but could not reach it!

    By 11 am my contractions were 3 minutes apart and strong! At 11:40 the doctor broke my water and placed a monitor on Tanner’s head because we kept losing him on the monitor. At this point I was almost 2 cm dilated and the contractions were getting more and more painful. Finally at 12:30 I got a shot of Demerol/Phenergan, which did nothing for the pain, but made me pass out in between contractions. No help!! By 3 pm I could not stand the pain, contractions had been 3 minutes or less apart for hours now, I got an epidural. SWEET RELIEF!!!!

    At 3:15 my friend Suzann arrived. About that time we noticed lots of dips in Tanner’s heart rate on the monitor. At 5:00 my doctor came back and checked me again and I was still only 2 cm, even after all this time and contractions. That and the fact that Tanner was not handling the labor well prompted her to say we needed to do a C-Section right away. Within 5 minutes I was being shaved and my nail polish removed and my epidural pump removed and more medicine added. At 5:20 I was in the operating room. Jerry came in after I was strapped to the table and the anesthesiologist was with me as well. The first cut was about 5:30 and Tanner was born at 5:41.

    After Jerry left for the nursery with Tanner my Dr. noticed some growth and a cyst in my uterus. Given my mom’s history she decided to do a biopsy and scraping on the cyst and growth. I should get those biopsy results in a week or so. That has attributed to my additional pain I am told.

    By 7:30 or so I was out of recovery and back in my room. Tanner was still in the nursery getting cleaned up and tested, etc. Jerry went there and took a video for me so I could see him, I was so anxious!! FINALLY about 8:30 they brought him to me. I could not love anything or anyone more. All I want to do is hold him and kiss him forever.

    The pain was pretty bad and I was on Demerol all day Friday. The had me get up first thing and walk and that was NO FUN! But it makes it better in the long run so I did it. I tried breast feeding and Tanner did latch on, but I had no milk so he has been getting formula with a breast milk “shooter”, since my milk finally came in today. In fact, woke up today and hardly recognized my boobs!!! They are pretty engorged and I am pumping as I can.

    We were finally discharged today, Sunday, about noon. We have now been home about 5 hours and are kind of getting a routine. The real fun starts tomorrow when daddy goes back to work!

    Tanner is such a wonderful baby and I would go through every second of pain and discomfort all over again for him in a heartbeat.

    Tanner Reid
    October 12, 2006
    5:41 PM
    Emergency C-Section
    7 Lbs 11 Ounces
    20.5 inches Long
    14 inch head
    1 minute APGAR 9
    5 minute APGAR 10

    Thanks Val for the updates. Sorry I was bad about keeping in touch!

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    well.. heres my story.. Tuesday nov 14th at 7:30 i had to be at the hospital for scheduled c-sect so i was there. was sent to pre-op and they did all the pre-op stuff.. had to wait til 12 for them to take me into OR because they had a few emergency c-sect to do so i was patiently waiting.. forever it seemed like lol.. i was taken to OR and they started doing my spinal which i did real well.. i was so scared it was gonna hurt real bad but it didnt.. there was someone holding my shoulders so i didnt move and i was real still anyways.. then they had me lay back and was putting stuff on my belly.. i couldnt really see.. they then let my mom in right as they were opening me up i guess cuz she said she saw blood and stuff.. but they had the curtain up so she couldnt really see except when she walked by to come in the OR. she was right next to me holding my hand. I remember i felt real calm.. yet scared. i felt alot of tugging and pulling where they was doing the surgery but it didnt hurt. I remember thinking something was wrong and they was cutting me up real high cuz thats what it felt like but they didnt.. i saw later i had the same kind of incision i had with my son. well let me cut this short i hear the baby. she was born healthy and well. i cried.. mom cried and she went with baby to nursery. then iw as taken to recovery for an hour.. those blankeys were so warm!!! she was 6 lb 9 oz 19 3/4 inches


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    I guess I never posted my birth story, though I've been on this board quite a bit.

    Ashlyn was due on August 10th. I'd had a couple internals, and according to the doc I was about 1 or 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was 39 weeks on Thursday, August 3 and was at work, trying to wrap things up. I didn't feel very well that day, and decided to leave and go home to relax.

    I was at home sitting on my birth ball and starting seeing spots and feeling very hot & sweaty. I took my blood pressure and it was pretty high. I noted the BP and then waited 5-10 minutes, took it again and then waited and took it a 3rd time. Every time it was elevated. (I'm overweight so I was extremely cautious about my BP during the whole pregnancy). I called my OB's office, they told me it was probably best if I came in to be checked. I called DH and he headed home to get me, I went ahead and packed everything up "just in case."

    When we got to the doc's office, they did an NST and agreed that my BP was pretty high. My urine was only +1 but they were still pretty concerned about pre-e. He decided to send me over to the hospital for some more tests and possible induction.

    When we got to the hospital, my blood pressure had stabilized and was normal. I was hoping to just have a few tests and head home, but the nurse said that the doc on call had admitted me for an induction. (At that point, I got really pissed - the on-call doc didn't even come see me and I'm sure he admitted me solely based upon my chart and my weight - at time of birth I was about 275 lbs.).

    So, I was admitted at about 3 pm on the 3rd of August. That night, they put in the cervadil and indicated they would be starting pitocin in the morning. I tried to rest best I could and sent DH home to take care of the dog. The next morning, they started me on pitocin and the rest of the day was totally "blah". My contractions never got much strength, I never dilated past 3 even after they broke my water, gave me Nubane and then an epidural as a last-ditch effort to try to get me to relax and get more dilated. I'm sure that baby wasn't truly ready to come.

    We finally decided about 8:30 pm that I should go forward with a c-section. My OB was concerned that my waters had been ruptured for too long. When they took me in, I was nervous but DH was really confident and supportive the whole time. He watched the entire procedure and kept saying "wow, that's so cool, I can see all your insides!

    Ashlyn was born at 10:26 pm on August 4th. After they got her out I had this really weird pain (they called it referred pain) in my right breast and shoulder area, and they ended up giving me ketamine to relax me while they finished the procedure. I saw her right after she was born but then was a little hazy while they were stitching me up and getting her cleaned up. DH was with her the whole time, though.

    It wasn't a completely horrible experience, but as I had hoped for a natural, intervention-free birth, it was definitely disappointing. I am planning a natural VBAC for my next baby and hope that it can happen!

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    Sandra Lee


    Hi! My name is Sandra. I was 39 when Jordana was born. Hubby was 44. I was really hoping for a natural, meds-free delivery, but that wasn't in the cards, I guess. Here is my birth story:

    Sunday, August 13th. (11 days overdue)

    7:30 am- Got a call from the hospital to come in for my first round of the induction.
    10:30 am- Started the induction with the gel on my cervix. Nothing seemed to be happening, and I was sent home for 6 hours.
    4:30 pm- Went back to the hospital for 2nd round of gel. I started getting contractions shortly afterwards, and went home.
    10:30 pm-The contractions began to get stronger.
    11:45 pm- Contractions were 2 minutes apart, lasting 45 to 60 seconds.
    We went to the hospital, where we were told that my cervix was still very posterior, and not dilating, and they wanted to send us home. Hubby put up a fuss and they let us stay for a while. The nurse was quite rude, and gave me the 2 of the most painful internal exams I've ever had. Four hours later a doctor finally came to see me and gave me a shot of morphine and sent me home.
    I managed to sleep a bit and by the time I woke up, the contractions were pretty much gone.

    Monday, August 14th. (12 days overdue)

    3:00 pm- Back to the hospital we go for the third round. This time they are putting me on Oxytocin (a.k.a.Pitocin)
    5:00 pm- They are getting the IV started for the Oxy. It took 6 tries before they could get a vein (OUCH!!) I was all bruised up.
    Contractions started within about half an hour. They got intense pretty quickly. My cervix was still posterior, and not dilating very well due to scar tissue from my cone biopsy, so they had to keep upping the dosage of the Oxy. This made the contractions very intense. I lasted 5 hours before I asked for the epi.
    10:00 pm- Got the epidural. This was wonderful, because I could still feel my legs. I was able to sleep and so was hubby.

    Tuesday, August 15th (13 days overdue)

    2:00 am- Got an internal, water had broken and I was only dialated to 2 cm. This was when C-section was first mentioned. I wanted to keep going and try for a vaginal birth. The baby was doing really well, and the nurses were extremely happy with her, so they let me continue.
    4:00 am- A doctor came in and did an internal. It was still at 2cm, but she managed to open my cervix to 6cm!!
    7:00 am- I was at 9 cm.
    10:00 am- I was at 10 cm, and ready to push.
    I started pushing around 11:00 am. The Oxy was now as high as it could go to keep my contractions strong. I could feel them, so I knew when to push. At first I found it painful and difficult, but I found a position I liked and could have pushed for hours!
    1:30 pm- Baby was face up and not coming down any further. Her heartrate began to get very low, and was not recovering. After all these hours, she had enough. The room suddenly filled with people, and they told me they were taking me to the O.R to try the forceps, and were prepping me for surgery just in case the baby didn't do well. They topped up my epi so I had no feeling, and tried the forceps. The baby crashed again. I heard no heartbeat at all. They immediately cut me open and took her out. Jordana Maria was born at 1:58 PM, weighing a whopping 9lbs, 4oz. She was very limp and had to be worked on for quite awhile. They believe she swallowed some meconium (feces) as well. They brought her over to me before taking her to NICU. I couldn't touch her because I was shaking violently from the drugs and labor. This shaking lasted for about an hour, and was the worst part of the entire experience. It was horrible. My hubby went with the baby to NICU, and would come and see me to fill me in on her progress. They kept poking my poor baby to try to get the IV in. Poor hubby, he felt so helpless with both his girls not doing very well. They took me to see her after about an hour, then up to my room.

    Thankfully, Jordana improved more and more each day and was released after 6 days in the hospital. She's now home and doing very well!

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