Hey girls! I'm Rachel, this was my 3rd baby.....my previous 2 I had natural at the hospital, but baby Jake was breech and I went into labor at 36wks, so he was born by c-section. Here is his story!

Jake Allen
April 17, 2009 (36wk 1 day)
6lbs 8oz, 19 inches long

Well I had been having a lot of contractions and preterm labor with Jake. At 35wks the contractions came back every 3-4 mins so I went in to be checked out. I was contracting on the monitor regularly and was 1cm and 30% effaced. The OB said that I was probably in early labor and that now it was just a waiting game, but that if they came back or continued to go in to be checked again since the LO was still breech. Well Good Friday (the next night) they were back, so we headed to L&D, contractions were really strong on the monitor and my doc said he was “impressed” but they hadn’t changed my cervix any. So once again, we went home to wait it out. We went in for our 36wk appt the following Monday (actually 35wks 4days) and confirmed that our little man was FOR SURE breech! We were then just deciding on whether to do the version at 37wks or schedule the c-section. I was so frustrated with the decision that I just kept telling DH that I wish I would just go into labor on my own so I didn’t have to make the decision!!

That whole week I kept waking up with horrible contractions at night, but when I would get up to go to work they would go away. I thought it was maybe from us dtd Wed and Thursday night. Well Friday morning was no different. I got up, went to work and then noticed about 10am that I was having contractions, so I started to time them online. They were about 7 mins apart or so, I thought they were nothing so I stopped timing for a bit. I noticed at lunch time I really just didn’t feel well, I didn’t feel like eating much (which never happens to me!) and I was very aggravated. It seemed everything was going wrong at work that day! I ate a little for lunch and then decided I better start timing them again since they had changed. By changed I mean I noticed my whole stomach was getting tight, way up high, unlike before. Some of them I was really having to breathe through! So at 1:50pm I called my OB and went in to be checked out at 2:30pm.

I get there and of course my OB was out all week, he had been moving, so I saw another doc there who was really nice. I told her I was probably crazy for coming in and it was probably a false alarm again, but with him being breech I just wanted to make sure. She checked me and she says “ OOOO you are 3cm and 50% effaced hun” I just about shot up out of bed in shock! On Monday I was still 1cm and 30% and my doctor didn’t think I was going into labor this wk! She decided she wanted to put me on the monitor to see my contraction pattern. I was put on about 3pm and she said she was going to leave me on for a little bit rather then just send me over to l&d. Yep, sure enough I was contracting every 5 mins now and they were registering up in the 120’s and I was getting kind of uncomfortable! She came back in and said she was going to leave me on for a little bit longer, but that she wanted to check me soon to see if I had changed anymore. At this time I called DH to give him an update and I told him I thought he needed to leave work and go get the kids and get stuff packed in the car. He kept asking if I thought this was really it. I told him I just had a feeling that he needed to get the kids settled and get home and shower and get stuff packed!!

About 4:30 they brought me back to check me again. She walked in and by this time I wasn’t feeling well at all, I was hurting and just felt like crap. She told me “ooo you have that labor look” I said “I feel like I’m in labor”. I was checked again and I was 3cm still but now I was 70% effaced and she said my bag of water was really tight and that she wanted to send me over to the hospital. Now at this time, I still didn’t know it was baby day! Lol

5pm I walk on over to the hospital, one of the nurses starts talking to me. She asked how far along I was and I said 36wks and she told me “OH, we will try to keep you pregnant for at least another week or two” I told “yeah but I’m already 3cm and 70% and in labor with a BREECH baby”!! When she took me back to triage I KNEW things were different. I honestly thought they were just going to monitor me some more and then send me home. I walked in and the nurse told me “So today is baby day huh?!” That’s when I about crapped my pants and texted everyone! I told my mom and DH to hurry up, it was for sure happening!!! Good thing DH listened to me . Everyone finally got there and they were all so excited!! My mom was freaking out a little b/c she wasn’t use to not being able to be back there with me, they only allow one person in the triage area, so DH was with me. I got my IV(after 4 sticks) and now we were just waiting for a open OR. Finally at about 8pm I was brought back to the OR for all the prep. They gave me a spinal, which hurt less than the dang IV they gave me. I was super super nervous about being awake, so I kept telling them they better make sure I was numb!!! They finally brought DH in and little Jake Allen was born at 8:36pm!! I had joked with the doctor that he still better be breech! She said he very breech and so stuck in there that she didn't see him turning!! He score 9 and 9 on his apgar! They had the NICU team in the OR just in case he had some breathing issues since he was early, but he did great and didn’t need any help! DH left with Jake to get a bath and they stitched me back up. All of a sudden I told the nurse I thought I was going to pass out and that I was seeing spots. She checked my BP and I saw that it was 101/36 which is super low for me. She shot something in my IV and then I started to feel much better! About 30 mins after Jake was born I was bfing him in the recovery room!