Introductions ... Share your C-Section story

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Introductions ... Share your C-Section story

Welcome to the C-Section Support board!
Take a few minutes and introduce yourself- Tell us who you are, where you live, and of course - about your children. Also, take a few minutes and share your c-section experience.

Hi guys, I'm Karen - moderator to the C/Section support board. I'm 24 and mommy to two little guys. Alexander, my oldest at 2.5, was born via c-section after 14 hours of labor. Andrew, my baby boy, was born via scheduled repeat c-section nearly 5 months ago. I've been married to my DH for just about 3 years, and I work as a Nursing Assistant in a long-term care facility (and will be going back to school to finish my nursing degree). Here are my stories:

My first c-section: April 10, 2002. After 14 hours of labor, we agree to a c/s. The baby's heartrate wasn't stable during contrax and though I fully dilated and effaced, they didn't think either of us would make it through pushing. My epidural from labor had been tapered off, and they did not believe me when I said I could feel everything. I experienced my first c-section without any anthesia. I had a panic attack as soon as the baby was born, because of the immense pain I was in - and was immediately put under a general anethesia so the OBs could close me up. I woke up about 4.5 hours later, totally drugged, not remembering the surgery and not knowing what had happened with the baby (we did not know the gender with our first).

My second c-section: August 11, 2004. After 3 days of contractions, I stalled at 2 CM. Later, we discovered that his head was wedged at a weird angle in my pelvis, and that is why we had troubles. I agree to a repeat c/s, and we schedule it for the following day. Much more relaxed, definitely an easygoing experience. Had a Spinal Block for the surgery, and was completely numb from the chest down. Made jokes with the OB and nursing staff during the surgery. Watch the baby being pulled out, and my DH cut the cord. Saw Andrew before they took him to be weighed and cleaned off. As they started to close, I panicked again slightly, which my OB later informed me happens quite frequently because apparently they lift the entire uterus out of your abdomen to sew it properly. (TMI, anyone?) Was in recovery and awake w/in 30 minutes of the surgery. Stood up and moved to a recliner after 4 hours. The catheter was pulled first thing the following day, and I was up walking immediately after that.

I still experience negative feelings towards the births, since I did not deliver vaginally, but at the same time, am starting to realize that without the c-sections, I would not have either of my beautiful little boys. Smile

Welcome to the board - I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!

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I'm Tara (22), dh is Mike (26), and our little angel is Caitlin (almost 11 months). We live in a small town in Wisconsin and have been married for two years and almost 4 months.

(I was just going to copy my original birth story, but realized I should probably lead up to that day)

Exactly a week before Caitlin was born, I started having problems. On January 3, 2004 (a Saturday) we had a Christmas party with my dad's side of the family. It was late when we left so Mike and I went straight home. I can't remember the exact times here, but I know we headed right to bed because it had been a long day. Again, I don't know what time it was in the morning, but very early in the morning I woke up unable to breath, with horrible pains in the upper part of my stomach, and feeling like I was going to be sick (not a pleasant combination, let me tell you). I ran out of bad and sat myself in front of the toilet. I never threw up, but felt like I was about to several times. After about five or ten minutes, I picked myself up off the floor (at this point I was in severe pain and having trouble getting around) and dragged myself back to our bed. By the time I got back into bed, I was in tears. Mike had woken up when I jumped out of bed and so when I came back in tears he asked what was wrong. I told him that I didn't know, but that I couldn't breath and that I hurt...A LOT. He asked if we needed to call the doctor, I said no (as dumb as it sounds, I was always scared to call the doctor incase there was bad news...), and then he asked if there was anything he could do. I told him I didn't know (at this point I'm sobbing). I got back out of bed and he helped me run a hot bath and get into the tub (I had read somewhere that warm baths help with your stomach cramps up, so I figured it would be worth a shot). I stayed in that tub until I looked like a prune. While I was in there, it did help ease the pain, so I thought it was okay to get out. Boy was I wrong. As soon as I was out and dried off, the pain was back and I could barely stand up straight. I didn't know what to do, so we just went back to bed and eventually the pain lessened and I got a few hours of sleep. The next day I seemed to be fine, so I just ignored it.

During the next week of work, I went home twice and called in one night (I was on third shift) because of the same problems (the first night I had to go home, it was so bad that Mike had to drive me home..we work at the same place). After the first night of having to go home, I called the doctor and explained what had happened to them. Instead of seeing me to make sure everything was okay, they said that the shortness of breath was probably just due to the baby pushing up into my ribs. They said that if I started running a fever, to call them back and they would get me in. Now, even though they didn't seem worried, I knew something wasn't right..especially when it continued to happen.

Oh before I go on, I need to note that at that time we were working 6 and 7 days a week.

So, the Friday before Caitlin was born, we worked that night. I was usually was just seated in a chair at the end of the production line (we work in a factory) because I was on restricted duty due to earlier back pain (my job requires a lot of lifting and I tend to lift 800 to 1000lbs a night). Well that night I was bored and they were having a little trouble in another spot. So I decided that since all I had to do was stand there and fix rows of cookies that came down the line, I figured I could help out. The whole time I was there, people kept checking on me. The supervisor came over several times to make sure I was okay and would ask if I wanted a chair to sit on or anything. And then the lady running the wrapper (the thing that puts the cookies into packages) was always checking too. At one point during the night she said something about how I needed to take it easy because she didn't want that baby born on the production line (let me tell you, she got crap for that one when I finally saw her again..LOL). We finished work at 7am and then headed home to get a little nap in before the baby shower (our baby shower was at 2:00pm on January 10 (that Saturday). Mike and I both had vacation in for that night, so we weren't too worried about getting tons of sleep.

So we got up at about noon and got ready to go. We met my mom at the church (where the shower was taking place) at about 1:00pm or so and helped set things up (even though I still wasn't allowed to do much). Guests started arriving a little after 2:00pm and the shower got started. They started out with a couple games and then took a break for some food. Mike and I had barely gotten to eat anything when they decided that we should open our presents since some people had to get going soon. That really wasn't a big deal to us, we figured we will just eat as we open (I didn't get much of anything to eat..which wasn't real So we proceded to open gifts. We got to our last gift (this is probably around 4:00pm or so). It was a stroller/carseat combo from Mike's parents (we only knew that because they told us what they were getting a long time before that). As I squatted down to unwrap it, I felt the strangest sensation. It was kind of a 'plop' feeling. Kind of like if you were getting your period or something. It's hard to explain. Even though I really had no idea what it was, I knew I needed to leave the room (keep in mind our birthing classes weren't scheduled until the following Saturday..). I started to back up and my mom gave me a weird look and asked were I was going. I looked at her, lowered my voice, and said "I think my water broke". She gave me this horrified/shocked look and said "what?!" I repeated myself and we left for the bathroom..without saying a word to anyone..even my poor husband (I didn't want to freak him out incase it was nothing). We weren't even down the hall when my mom looked at me and said 'oh shit'. I kept going towards the bathroom and she ran back for Mike. I had no idea what she saw, but as soon as I was in a stall I found out. When I lowered my pants, all I saw was blood...and lots of it. I immediately started shaking. My mom and Cheri (Mike's mom) came into the bathroom and asked if I was okay (they were a lot calmer than me, which helped a lot). I said that I thought so, but that there was a lot of blood. A friend of mine was in there at this time too (she had just had a baby about 5 months before) and she said that it was okay, that she had some blood when her water broke too (I think she was honestly just trying to help keep me calm...every time I spoke, my voice just shook I was so scared). Mike came to check on me and then ran to get the car ready. I came out of the stall and stood in the doorway waiting for him to come back in. As I stood there, I everything got blurry and I almost passed out (not sure if it was from the blood loss or the shock of everything that was happening). Mike came back to get me and I was helped to the car (the poor people inside still had no idea what was going on). We got in the car and followed my mom to the hospital here in town (the hospital here actually doesn't deliver babies anymore...the hospital we had planned on is about 20 minutes from here, but mom asked where I wanted to go, and I said it was safer to go here in town first...good choice on my part). My mom went in first and came back out with an ER nurse and a wheelchair. I was taken into one of the emergency room, rooms and they helped me undress and get onto the table. Now, it wasn't until they got the fetal monitor hooked onto my belly and the nurse asked me if I was having contractions, that they started. And let me tell you, they were horrible (I will explain why later). My doctor got there (my mom made them call him..apparently they weren't going to) within probably the first ten minutes we were there.

The first thing he says to me is "what are you trying to do? get me in trouble? I missed your birth, do you think I'm going to miss this one too? I don't think so". That was the only smile they got out of me (my doctor is awesome). He checked me to see if I had dialated, which I never did, told the nurses to give me something to stop the contractions (I can't remember what it was called though..I'm sure someone else can help me with that), and he left to see if he could get an ultrasound done immediately. So while we waited, they got an IV going in my right arm/hand (can't remember which IV was in the hand and which was just below in my wrist) to stop contractions. Whatever they used only worked for a few minutes (maybe 10 at the most and it could only be given every half hour I believe..) and it made my whole arm ice cold. They were also trying to keep an eye on the baby's heartbeat, but couldn't keep it on the monitor, which seemed to worry everyone. My doctor came back in and I was taken off to another room for an ultrasound (Mike was by my side the whole time). When the ultrasound was performed, all they could see was blood. They couldn't see where it was coming from or what it was coming from (they didn't tell us all that though..they were trying to keep us calm, which I do appreciate...there was an awesome staff working in the ER that night..we were very lucky to have such great people). I was wheeled back into the other room and waited for my doctor.

He told the staff that they needed to prepare for an emergency c-section. I don't know who, but one of the doctors working that night told him that they weren't set up for that situation and he told him that they better be really quick or he was going to be doing the c-section himself, right there in that room. He said that he wasn't losing anyone that night. So a surgeon from our original hospital was called and he was there in nothing flat (remember he was about 20 minutes away, but he was there in about 10...not sure how fast he was going). He came in and explained that they were going to be performing an emergency c-section, but that there was still a chance that the baby may not make it. When he finished, he left the room, and I broke into tears. I was so scared. Mike was trying to be strong and trying to tell me it was going to be okay (he never cried while I was there, but as soon as I was in surgery I guess he went and broke down in the chapel...he's amazing...he was so strong for me). The nurses came back in and started another IV in my left hand/arm that was going to be used for the blood transfusion (I had lost a lot of blood and needed more). I was wheeled to the elevator and then to the OR. At the doors of the OR, is where Mike and I parted. Because of the seriousness of the situation, they didn't have time for him to scrub up, and so he wasn't allowed in the room. They finished prepping me (putting a cathetor, strapping my arms down, and other happened so fast, I'm not really sure of what all was done) and then I was knocked out (they had no time to wait for a spinal or epidural to take effect, so I was not awake for Caitlin's birth). I don't remember ever going under, I just remember the mask being put on and me getting really scared. That's it.

Caitlin Aeris Gehrke was born at 6:54pm and I was told that she came out pink and screaming. I guess when she was born, one of the nurses came running out to find Mike. She ran into the waiting room and said "It's a....wait, where's dad?". They pointed her into another room and she went running in there to tell him "It's a girl! And she's pink and screaming!" and then he was allowed to see her.

I was taken into a recovery room and prepped for my ambulance ride to another hospital. I was still out of it when they wheeled her to by me before she was loaded onto the helicopter (she was flighted to the NICU of the other hospital we were headed to). I couldn't really see her, but it was good to know she was okay (at that time I was in so much pain that I couldn't concentrate on much anyways).


Caitlin Aeris Gehrke was born on January 10, 2004 at 6:54pm. She was born 6 weeks early by an emergency c-section due to a placenta abruption (which was the cause of my contractions being so bad..apparently that causes the contractions to come one on top of another, with no breaks in between).

Caitlin spent the next 17 days in the NICU of the Theda Clark hospital (I spent 4 days in the hospital). I was probably a good week before we were allowed to hold her. She was only on a ventilator for about 4 days due to her lungs not being completely formed, but she stayed in the isolet for a couple weeks. She never learned how to latch on properly so I pumped breastmilk for 3 weeks before it was too painful and we had to switch to formula (I still feel bad about that, but I was in tears every time I pumped..which was every three hours night and day).

When she came home she had to be woken up every three hours to eat (again, night and day) and was wrapped like a little baby burrito (I'm sure you all now that look). At 8 weeks old we finally asked if she could sleep through the night, since she had done it already (she had started waking every three hours, so we didn't set an alarm at night she slept all night). So she started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old and still does it now (12 to 14 hours a night thank you). She honestly hasn't been behind in anything so far. She's actually ahead of or right with other babies born when she was and she ahead of babies that were born when she was suppose to be born (she's been able to stand alone since she was five months she couldn't pull up, but when you picked her up she would grab onto things and stand there and get mad if you took her

She's now almost 11 months old (9.5 I think in her adjusted age..I'm not positive because I never go by that since she's ahead of those that age..for the most part) and getting ready to walk. She is honestly the best baby you could ask for. She is so happy and never fusses (and she has 8 teeth..8th one I felt today actually Smile ) and she hasn't been sick once since she was born (that actually scares me..LOL). We've definitely been blessed with a little angel.

(my c-section recovery was horrible....I was actually cut from my belly button down..a nice 5 inch scar....I was in severe pain and couldn't do anything until those staples came out 10 days later) (as much pain as I was in, I refused almost all help anyone tried to give me...I didn't want to rely on other (Caitlin is almost 11 months old and I still get twinges in the area of my scar once in a while) (I have also been told that I will never be able to have a child vaginally because of the way I am cut...I wasn't told that until I got my staples out and I almost started crying again...I have always wanted to natural pain meds or anything...and now I will never have that chance) (I'm still self conscious about my scar, but I'm getting better...I just tell myself that if it wasn't there, our little girl wouldn't be I'll definitely take the scar for our angel)

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That was an amazing story. Smile

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This is my story.

I still have not taken the time to fix the spelling in it yet.

My birth story:

DH and I went to bed around 11pm and had sex. About 5 min latter, I was laying in bed. I

felt and heard a "POP" I layed still a min and nothing happend. So I said to DH that was

strange and told him what happend. I decided I had to pee since I had the UTI and we just

had sex I figured I should not go to sleep without a trip to the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom and peed. Well when I was done peeing I still felt water coming out.

I was thinking ok this is new and strange. Once more I wated a min and then did a kegel and

more water came out and I could not controle it. I figured that it was my water braking but

I had to do one more thing to belive it. I pushed on the top of my fundus and yup lots of

water came out.

Next thing I did was look in the toliet and saw that it was like pink lemmon aid and I

called for DH. I told him of all of the above and asked him to get me the phone to call the

OB. I called and the nurse said she would have him call me back. As I wated for the phone to

ring I got up and put on my birth undies (granny type) and a pad. I also woke my Dad to tell

him what was going on. Just as I was done the phone rang.

It was Dr. Skory. I told him what was going on. He said not to worry about the pink color

that it just ment my cerix was changing. He told me to go to bed and call him at 8am if I

had no contractions by then. And if I was not haivng cx't by 6pm he would start pit.

Well I get off the phone only to find DH at the door dressed and ready to rush me out the

door. I LOL at him and said "What are you doing?" And then told him what the Dr. said. He

decided he could not go back to bed so he went out to smoke (yes he is quiting) with my Dad

and then down stairs to play the xbox. My Dad came inside and had coffee and I had a cup of

tea (I got a kick out of the fact that it was my last bag of prego tea) And headed to PO to

post what was going on and to see if anyone was on that wanted to chat.

I called Kim and Aunt Connie to let them know what was going on since I wanted them to be at

the birth.

I knew he was posterior when we had our 39 week visit just that morning and I was on YIM

with Julianna and she said I could try to hoola hoop, so I went and got out my mom's hoop

(she was always a good hoola hooper) and when I walked passed my Dad he said "what ya

doing?" So I told him he kept looking at me. I said "you are looking at me like I am a bomb

about to go off" And Dad said "you are!" and then I did holla. It was kind of fun but did

not work well with such a belly, so I gave up the hoop and came back to the cumputer to talk

more with Julanna on YIM and some of the girls on PO. As I stood and did the hoola without

the hoop.

1am Every time I sat I felt a gush.

2am Ok men are driving me nuts so I started to give them jobs. DH had to get the vedio cam

ready (charged) and I sent both men to the 24 hour walmart for last min baby things that DH

and I where going to get the next day, but baby decided to come now. We still needed a

battery for our camra and a video tape for the video camera, and I wanted more overnight

pads since I was leaking so much water I was sure I would need more for my bleeding once we

got home form the hospital. I called my brother to let him know what was going on and to

make sure his friend who puts in car seats was able to do this tomarrow. (his friend is a

fire fighter and dose this at the fire house for people all the time) it was not almost 2am

and no real cx't, just a few BH.

2:30am I am haivng mostly back labor and strange felings in my pelvis. A few min latter I

went to the bath room and heard my plug "plop" into the potty.Still no reg cx't they are

about 10 min apart.

3am I took a shower and by 3:30 was laying down.

5:15am I am back up, I could not sleep durring cx't and I was excited. I think I would have

stayed in bed longer had I knowen how much more I had ahead of me.The cx't where getting

stronger. But I came back to PO to hang out a bit and I did not like moving durring one. DH

and Dad where sleeping. I did not want to go to the hospital to early so I started to time

the cx't.

By 6:30 they where 5-7 min apart and getting stronger in my back. My Aunt Connie (Mom's best

friend who I asked to be at the birth in Mom's place) called and I asked her to come and sit

with me at the house.

At 7:15 I was still home and Aunt Connie was with me and we decided to go for a walk out

side to see if we could get things going. Things have slowed since I got out of bed. In bed

my back hurt alot and they where 5 min apart, now that I am at the computer they are evey 10

and not as strong. But when I go to the bathroom I am leaking alot of water still and seeing

alot of red goop.

I did not call the OB at 8am since I was having some cx't

At 9:40 I posted on PO: I have been walking around the block and the cx't are 3-4 min apart

and starting to hurt but nothing major. But when I stop walking they go to 10 min apart. So

I just called the OB and he said to come on in. So we are off to the hospital. Off we went

in Mom's new car, DH, Dad, Aunt Connie and myself.

I called Kim so she could meet us at the hospital in L&D.

We arived a few min after 10am. The nurse at in the L&D room said. "I hope your Dr. Skory's

because if not I don't know what I am going to do with you!" Lucky for her and me I was the

one she was wating for all the rooms now that I arived where full!

I got put on the monotor and we watch my cx't and the baby. Everything looked good. And by

11am we where walking the halls. Somtimes I went back in the room and used the birth ball to

bounce. Cx't are about 5-7 min apart when I walk but when I sit (or use the ball) they go

back to 10. GURRRR

I got checked around 4pm I belive.They did a spec exam to make sure my water was broken

(this took two trys since the first time my body pushed out the spec when I had a cx't, it

was they could see pooling but they took a samlpe anyway to look for ferning. The resadent,

had short fingers and said he felt somthing strnge going on, next the nurse tried, and she

said she tought I was 2cm on the outside but not sure if the inside of my cervix was a true

2cm but that she wanted other nurse to check. This nurse had longer fingers. I did not care

I was not haivng any issues or pain with the cervical checks, besides my cx't. This nurse

said I was at 2cm, she could strech it to 3cm and 100% and that she could feel the baby, but

that he was at -2 and I still had a posterior cervix.

The resadent was confused that I was 100% but stil posterior.

I figured once the baby moved down I would go fast since from being a Doula I knew that

first time mom's need to be 100% before they dilate. I had High hopes.

We took a short walk.

I asked for a emema since I thought that I was constaped and that was what was holding me

up. It was one of the best things I could have done for myself I felt so good to be able to

have a BM. I spent the next 15 min in the bathroom.

At 5pm I got my IV and a dose of meds for the GBS. It only took 15 min but the tape on my

arm was driving me crazy. I ended up taking the IV out myself (fter all the med was in) it

was bothering me more than my cx't and I could not relax durring them because of the IV. The

nurse was cool about it her name was Wendy.

It had been 18 hours since my water braking and I did not want pit at all.

So I asked if I could get in the tub and do nipple stim instead of the pit. She called Dr.

Skory and he said yes I could get in the tub, and never said anything about me needing pit.

What he said to the nurse was to tell me "Congrats on moving along" I was in the tub for 2

hours and durring this time I started to do nipple stimulation. Between cx't and stoped

durring one.

In less then a hour of the nipple stim I was having reg cx't that where 3 min apart and

lasting for a min or longer. I was so happy that things had started moving along with out

help from pit. It was just me in the tub and Kim with me in the bathroom, We had to ask

everyone in my delivery room (people who came with me in the car) to not talk that they

where destracting me. I would have good cx't and then hear my Dad talk and they would stop.

Seems like all I needed to do was get in a small room and have no nose and feel safe (almost

like an anamial in a den) to have good cx't. Wendy was taling with us between cx't in the

bathroom too she was so cool.

At 7pm Wendy had to go home but she stayed with me incase I was 10cm the next time I was


At 8pm the new nurse told me they wanted me to get out so they could get another strip on

the baby. Ok I think NP. NOT!!! OMG the cx't where so bad out of the tub. It took us a few

times to get me out of the tub dry and to the bed.I bet it took over 10 min. I went back to

the room and labored on the bed with the head all the way put and me facing the back and

holding on to the top of the bed. Once on the bed she put the monoter on me. I was in so

much pain and starting to loose it, I was tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. At this point

it had been 20 hours since my water braking. I cryed abit and I think everyone thought it

was over the pain but it was because I wanted my MOM.

I got checked and was a true 3cm and cervix more foward. Wendy went home.

Then I said I was going to get sick, and the nurse got me a tiny thing and I started geting

sick. DH said "she will do this for 5 min you will need a bigger thing." The nurse said

"5min? ok get the big wash tub." (DH was not wrong he has seen me have Ms so many times that

he knows I don't stop until I am empty and then somtimes I have dry heaves) I filled the

wash tub two times before I stopped getting sick.

Kim, DH and I went for a walk.

Durring the walk the cx't hurt alot most of it was in my back. Poor Kim tried to rub my back

durring a cx't and that only made it worse. I said "Kim please don't" and she said "you

don't have to be polite"

We kept walking. Durring a cx't I held on to DH's sholder with my right arm and had my left

hand on the rail on the wall (thank god they had one up and down all the halls) and I would

bounce up and down bending my knees and booping my head to some beat in my head. On time I

had DH slow dancing backward down the hall durring a cx't and it must have been funny

becasue him and Kim got LOL, I was not seeing the funny part in this, but I never did it

agean. They said they where sorry but it is hard to have a strong cx't when you are being

LOL at. So I went back to the bouncy thing. To me I would think that would have been funner

to watch (wish I had some of that on tape)

Cx't where getting strong and I did not want DH to leave my side. Durring cx't I closed me

eyes and a few times if one came over me fast I would scream for him to hold me. Even if he

was next to me since my eyes where not open he had to be touching me or I felt so alone and

that was more scarry then the pain its self.

We came back in from our walk to get a strip on the baby. I decided I needed to be out of

bed and sit in the rocking chair, that was better but not much. cx't still comming ever 2-3

min and so I rocked durring them.

I don't think she got the length of strip she wanted but the nurse was not in the room so I

decied I was getting up and walking so I took the monotor off.

At about 10pm I had to get on the bed the right way and I got checked agean and I was 4cm

100% baby was a bit lower and my cervix had come foward. I wanted to cry when they said I

was only 4cm but I remberd my Doula training and held it together.

I got back in the tub, and Kim came to sit with me. DH came in the bathroom a few times

while I was in the tub but most of the time he was in the L&D room when I was in the tub.

Once he asked how I was and I said "I am not doing this 7 times." (my friend kim is expecing

her 7th on x-mas day)

Midnight I could not stand the pain anymore (24 hour mark) I kept saying to Kim "Help me

Help me" She kept asking me how can she help me what did I think would help. I knew exactly

what I wanted but the cx't where to close together for me to say more than "Help me" I don't

know what or why I got out of the tub but I did (agean not an easy thing to do) I was able

to tell them all that I needed was to sleep. I said "I am so tired even if you said I was

10cm's now I could not push, Help me I need somthing to make me sleep"

The nurse called Dr. Skory and told him what was going on and he agreed that I needed Statol

(sp) He is not a OB that likes pain meds or any drugs durring labor but he understood that

my emotional state of not haivng Mom around and the last 25 hours in labor somthing had to

be done. (Nurses will say to his patents when they ask for pain meds "do you know what OB

you have?" He dose not keep it a secerit that he dose not like to do meds.)

I got the statol and I did not like the way I felt. The nurse said I would feel drunk but I

was expecing some pain control and there was non. So I said "grate now I am drunk and in

pain, not just in pain" or that is what I thought I said. Everyone started to snicker and I

later found out I sounded drunk also and no one knew what I had said. I could not keep my

eyes open now, not because it was making me sleepy but because whenever I did the room was

fuzzy and I could not foccus on anything and that was driving me crazy so I just kept them

closed. I could hear everyone in the room still and I think alot of the time they thought I

was sleeping.

I was able to sleep between cx't and would wake up durring the peak of one in such pain.

Latter DH told me it was so hard to watch me that way that he had to leave the room and go

into the hall a few times and I think he felt guitly for it.

Durring this sleepy state I rember seeing Dr. Skory. A bit latter I don't know how (I had

lost track of time after midinght when the statol was given) I got up and tryed to go potty

and was trying to push out a BM, then I was standing at the side of the bed and the Dr. had

his hand on my back and told me durring a cx't to push into the heal of his hand as hard as

I could. I was so confused. He never checked me to say I was 10cm so I did not think he ment

push the baby out so I pushed my back into his hand. It felt so good he had large warm hands

that knew what they where doing.

I then was back in bed and Dr. skory was rubbing my back and my calves. The cx't started to

come on top of one another (or it seemd that way since I could have still been sleeping

between them) But I was not getting more then a few awake sec.s between them. My mind was

blank and I let the cx't take over.

Someone Still not sure who, also was in my face telling me to breath durring a cx't and then

where breathing with me. IT HELPED SO MUCH WITH THE PAIN. Why had somone not done this for

me earlyer? Was all I could think of.

Ok so cx't Breath repete.

Then all I know was Dr. Skory was there and told me to start pushing. I was so confused

becasue I did not rember being checked. But I did as I was told and pushed while on my back

and hated it. So he said "ok can you push if you are on your side?" I could and I did. But

then the Dr. was gone (I don't know where he went) but Kim says he was going a hour and that

her, Dave and Aunt Connie just sat in the room and watched me, trying to push without

direction and on my side. (this is unlike Dr. Skory to dissapier with out saying where he

was going, we never did find out where he was)

All of a sudden to me at least (a hour passed acorrding to Kim) Dr. was back and I was

pushing, Dr. skory had his fingers in me and told me how and when to push and when to

breath. Once I had a BM and Dr. Skory was so cool, he never said anything out loud aoubt it

he just said "can I have a cloth" I never knew it happend Kim had to tell me 2 days later

and that explaned his comet and then the wet feeling on my bottom I recalled from the

pushing stage. I thought he was using oil or somthing to strech me guess not yet since the

baby was so high.(at the time I did not know where the baby was)

In the mean time DH was tring to call my Dad who after being told to stop talking went home

to sleep. He could not get Dad (after trying for 45 min) so he called my brohter to keep

calling Dad so he could be with me durring the pushing. I pushed unitl 3ish. Dr. Skory said

I was pushing hard (I kept pushing his finges out) but that the baby was not turing from OP

to OA.

Dr. Skory then Decided to try the vacume (another thing he dose not normaly use) he put it

on the babies head and then I pushed with all I had and he tried to turn the baby and

nothing helped. Kim said he gave it all he had and we tried over and over durring my cx't.

he told the nurse to get pit after 15 min of the vac. (BTW baby and me are stable this hole

time) He took off the vacume and told me that they where going to try pit and see if my cx't

wher stronger maybe I would be able to to push the baby out even in this OP position. If not

we would have to do a c-section.

I said "I can't I am too tired I and I just want the baby out, I can't have more pain whit

the pit and then still end with a section, just do the section." This was hard for eveyone

even me to admit that I need to do, Kim said it broke her hart to here me say I wanted a

section. And Dave got scarred. Lucky for me Dr. Skory understood.

The nurse came back in the room with the pit and Dr. Skory told her to forget it but tell

everyone to get ready for a c-section. She was surprised becasue like I said Dr. Skory dose

not do them unless it is totaly nessacary.

So now I want the pain to stop. It was ok for me to be in pain when I thought I was going to

get a baby that way but now all the pain seemed pointless. I kept pushing (my body was doing

it on its own, well I may have been doing it myself alittle I need to be dosin somthing) and

I kept thinking well maybe I will surprise everyone and move this baby more anyway or it

will turn.

I still had no concept of time. Then they had to prep, I got shaved and all that good stuff.

OMG I had to sign papers durring this time for the spinal and c-section permision. I could

barly see let alone scribble my name. I said to the nurse asking me to do this "can't my

husband sign?" I was told no. So I had to try and write between cx't I have not clue what I

signed, I could have been givign my baby up for all I knew. But I would do anything to

finish the birt at this point so sign them I did.

DH told me today that from the time they decided to do the section until the time I was put

into the op room was almost another 2 hours. Once in the OP room I told eveyone not to tell

us the sex that we did not know what it was yet and since DH was going to not be able to cut

the cord I wanted him to tell me what we had. Expecialy since now I was having a section I

need a good memory.

It is around 5am.

Ok the prep for spinal. So I was having the cx't and now in a room where the only one I knew

was my nurse but everyone had masks on. I started to have a cx't as a nurse was walking past

me. And I grabed her and said "don't leave me" well I don't know if she had somthing to do

but she was never able to do it I held on to her until after the spinal kicked in.

Getting the spinal was not fun and I hope never to have one agean. First I was freaked out

that it was going to be put it in durring a cx't so eveytime I started to have one I

screemed "stop I am having one" Lucky for me he did. Ok so the nurse who I don't know is

holding me that cx't is over and then the guy cleans my back and gets the drap on me and the
drape on me before the next one started.

Then he gives me the novacaine, that was a small pinch not bad. Next he tries to put the

needdle in and OMG instanly my left leg gets an eletric shock and I can't feel it but it

made my whole body jump, the guy took out the needle fast and my feeling came back right

away. He then asked what happend and I told him. He asked if I could feel my leg now and I

said yes.

So he tried a 2nd time but since I had moved this time he missed the space. I felt nothing

that time so that was ok, but he was making me nervious. The third time he got he needle in

and of course I start to have a cx't and the nurse said "Don't move the needle is in your

back" I said "ok" but it was so hard to stay still and not breath heavy durring it. She kept

talking to me and telling me not to worrie that this would be the last cx't I would feel. I

did not belive her I was expecting a few more before the med kicked in. Well I was wrong the

next min they where helping me put my legs on the table and they where like dead wight to

me. It was so strange.

So I am laying down and Dr. Skory came in the room and started to clean my belly. Then they

checked my spinal, the guy took a sharp pionty thing and rubbed it on my arm and asked if I

could feel it I said yes. The then he started where if I was a guy my adams apple would be

and asked if I could feel it, I could he did this down in a line towards my toes until I

said I could no longer feel it. I lost all feeling at my nipple line.

Ok I did not like not being able to fell myself breath. They put up the drap and that made

me feel closed in. It was at this point that I said "where is Dave?" The nurse side he would

be right in and the he would me in PINK. I said "OK" (he could have had a tutu on for all I

cared as log as he arived) I heard them aked him to come into the room and then he was at my

head and he had the vedio camera with him.

He turned on the camera and we started talking and he was holding my hand and telling me how

much he loved me. I told him all I could see was his eyes but that they where my fave part

of him so it was ok. I saw his pink out scrubs and I said it was ok becase the hat was blue.

I said something about not feeling any differnt and the Dr. said good because they started.

All I said was "O"

Then I started to ask Dr. Skory somthing but stoped, all I could think was he is doing

surgery on me I should not aske questions now! Well he heard me start to ask and said "you

can aske me anything it is ok" SO I asked him how far did I get the baby down, he told me +1

and that he could get his fingers on the baby's head but he could not turn it and he felt so

bad that even the vacum did not work. I said "it is ok baby was OP no ones fault."

A few min passed and it felt like somone was playing the panio in my tummy. I told DH so and

he said "I don't think that is what they are doing." Less then 10 min after they started Dr.

Skory said "Ok now this baby is stuck we got it in you pelvis good." Then I heard him tell

somone to press hard on the top of my belly and I felt lots of movement.

Next thing I know I hear, "ok Dad what do you see?" and Dave said "It's a little boooooy"

and we cried. I said to him "You where right and so was Mom."

We could here him cry (in the wating room my family heard him also) and his apgar scores

where 9 9 and we found out he was 7lbs 30z and born at 5:49am.

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me too

I figure I should introduce myself...I am on the birth board with karen and Jules...
I also had an emergency c section at 39 weeks. My water broke at home and in the hour it took us to ge tto the hospital my contractions were right on top of eash other. DH had to get me a wheelchair to get me upstairs... thats when he started to not like me.
I got changed and with every contraction I felt it sharp and hard in one spot. The MW and the Dr showen up and after the epidural didn't take effect for over and hour, and anesthesiologist got worried when he had given me 2 additional pain killers any they didn't work. The DR felt my tummy where the pain was an it was hard. The said I think you are aprupting, DH and I talked alone for a moment then Pete had a huge decel and we went flying down the hall to the OR. From the time the DR said we are going to thr OR to the time he was born was 15 minutes. DH almost was not aloud to be in casue the epi didn't work until a minute before they started. The they gave me too much and I had trouble breathing...I actually found it funny at the time. I have never seen DH look so scared in all his life, And at 8:57pm Pete was born screaming and fine, my uterus was bruised all the way through the muscle so the abruption started a day earlier when I almost fell at Giant. The DR who was a complete ASS sewed me up crooked (grrrrr) so the next time I'll have a scar revision. I will never be able to have a baby naturally because of the abruption, but I am ok with that now, thats what g-d intended. I still feel the occasional twinge of pain from the scar but I had a very easy recovery so I have no complaints, healthy baby and I am alive Smile

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I am new here and pg with my 3rd who will also be my third section. my first was breech. the dr. scheduled a version to try and turn him on the 8th of Aug. Unlike most docs he gave me an epidural before the version. I think that may have hindered things somewhat . He managed to turn ds 3 times and ds turned back three times. The third time they turned him his heartrate dropped so they decided to go ahead with a section which I was fine with (the pain of child birth terrified me) As I already had the epidural in everything went smoothly. they got my dh dressed since he was kind of in shock and then they brought him into or. He gave me step by step and they let him cut the cord. I was up and moving around the next day and healed great with no probs. Just a note, my dh had had ankle surgery and was on crutches so we were quite a pair.

With dd we had a scheduled c-section. I had originally planned on VBAC but when my first dr sewed me up he only did the stitches in a different way which increased my chances of rupture so for safety's sake I opted for another c-section. Hubby cut the cord again and I nursed dd in the recovery room. The only bad thing about this one was the anesthesiologist took forever to get my spinal in and I had a bruise all the way up my back and I got the shakes really bad after the section. Recovery was a breeze and again no complications.

Now that I am expecting a third the only thing I am really stressing about is the spinal since that was a nightmare last time.

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Hi! My name is Amy, and I just had my first daughter w/ a very unexpected c-section 4 months ago. Here is my birth story.

Natalia Jolie, Bday Feb.10, 2005, 5:38 pm. 8 lbs 15.4 ounces, 21&1/2 inches. Cute as a bug
Ok….grab a nice cup of hot tea, sit by the fire, curl up on your couch and get ready to read the birth story of Natalia Jolie (unless you really aren’t interested, and you’d much rather read picture books.) Sorry this is so long, but this is the story I’m going to put in her baby book, so I want it to be complete.

Most of you know the story of the last month of my pregnancy with Natalia. Basically, there is no story, because nothing happened. 37 weeks. Nothing 38 weeks Nothing. 39 weeks. Nothing. 40 weeks Nothing. 41 weeks. Nothing, Blah. Blah. Blah. I was wondering if this baby would ever even come out. It was Monday, February 7th and I was just praying that labor would start. My doctor’s office had just called and upped my induction to begin at 8 pm on Wednesday, February 9th. I really did not want to be induced because I have heard so many different things that could go wrong if your body isn’t “ready” for labor. But…my doctor insisted, and honestly, I was getting tired of the wait for our baby.

On Tuesday, I began to lose my mucus plug, and I was so excited. I thought for sure that labor was beginning on its own and I wouldn’t have to worry about being induced.

On Wednesday morning I was stoked about going to my doctor’s visit because I had been having bloody show all morning and I was sure something had changed as far as progress goes. Nothing. Still posterior, high, barely effaced and 1 cm dilated. The doctor confirmed my induction for that evening and so we went out walking to try a last chance at getting things going. No luck though.

At 8 pm on Wednesday night, we checked into the hospital The nurse was getting me settled in the bed, and was going to put the Cervadil in. I had planned on getting a pretty good night’s sleep that night, since I didn’t really sleep the night before. The nurse decided to check me one last time before inserting the Cervadil, and whaddya know? I had progressed to 2 cm and 70% effaced, and “not-so-posterior and high”, in the nurse’s words. She said the Cervadil probably wasn’t necessary now, so she was going to let us go home and go to sleep and come back in the morning to start Pitocin, but she wanted to call the doctor to make sure that was okay. Well, she came back, and the doctor didn’t want us to go home. He wanted to start us on a low dose of Pitocin right then!! WHAT?!? So then, like lightning, this other lady comes and starts to jab me with a needle to hook up my IV and I nearly passed out! Granted, this is coming from someone who has never been to the hospital for ANYTHING. I’ve never been hurt, sick, etc…and the sight of my own blood makes me SOO queasy. I felt like such a wimp. They had to hook me up to the oxygen mask and put cold washcloths on my head, all for a dumb IV. When that ordeal was finally over, they told me that I had to stay hooked up to this monitor going over my tummy and this IV machine all the time, so it was such a pain in the butt to be 41 weeks pregnant, and having to pee every 10 minutes, dragging all this stuff with me, to and from the bathroom. Anyways, I laid down, and nearly got to sleep when the contractions started. They weren’t necessarily “painful”, but they were enough to keep me up all night So, needless to say, I was not rested at all for the labor that would follow.
At 5 am, the nurse came in and started increasing the Pitocin dose every half hour. Soon after, the contractions began to intensify, but I coped with them by bouncing on the birth ball (while trying to play cards with my husband), and rocking back and forth while standing. DH kept telling me I should sit down during a contraction, because standing up looked like it was painful, but I had to explain to him that the contraction was kind of like a HUGE Charley horse cramp and you have to move around to work it out. Sitting still just makes it worse.

At 9 am, Dr. Perkins (one of the docs in my group), came and checked me and I was dilated to 5 cm, and she decided to break my water. Let me tell you, that was WAY WORSE than any of the contractions I had experienced, and just the way she kept poking at the bag of waters was totally uncomfortable, and it felt like she was doing something unnatural. The water was very warm and it was a gross feeling to have it gush out of you every time you move. I felt like I was peeing. After she broke my water, I don’t know if the contractions actually got worse, or maybe I had lost my ability to cope, because I was so tense and I was shaking all over. My husband had to get in my face and tell me to calm down. The nirse asked me if I wanted an epidural now, and it would help relax me, and maybe give me some rest. I was so exhausted by this point that I was nearly incoherent, and all I wanted to do was sleep. So, I asked for the epidural, and she said I was lucky because I had the best anesthesiologist working today.

Well, the epidural doctor came in, and I don’t care if you think he’s the best doctor or not….it was still a painful process!! He had to poke me FOUR times because he couldn’t find my epidural space! He kept asking me if I had scoliosis. I’m saying NO!!!!!!! NO!!! NO!!! That was his excuse for not being able to “find my spine”, as he put it. And come to find out, after the 4th try…I didn’t have scoliosis after all! Just as I suspected…
He put the epidural on a really low dose, so I could still feel a little bit of pain with the contractions (more like cramps), and I could completely feel my legs and feet and everything.

The nurse continued to increase my Pitocin every 30 minutes, and Dr. Perkins came in again around 10 to check my progress. I was at 4 cm, and according to the monitor, the contractions were pretty strong. She left.

At 11 am, Dr Morris (another doc), came in and checked and said I was at 5 cm dilated and things were looking good.

Dr, Bray (another doc), came and checked me the next hour and I was at 5 1/2 cm and stretching to 6 cm. She told me it was completely normal for first pregnancies to take a little time, so she said she’d come back later.

After she left, I had another gush of amniotic fluid, and the nurse noticed that it was greenish, which meant that the baby had pooped inside!! AAGGHH!! That’s gross. She said it was “thin”, but it did kind of put a time limit on things in my mind, because I didn’t want Natalia to get sick from it. My mom and my husband also noticed that the contractions were getting a lot stronger on the screen and that the baby’s heartrate was dropping with each contraction. At that time, the nurse didn’t seem too worried. She said it was normal for it to slow down as long as it came back up.

At 1pm, Dr Bray came in again and she said I still hadn’t progressed any more. She felt inside and said that it seemed like the baby’s head was turned sideways instead of face down like it’s supposed to be, and maybe that is why I wasn’t progressing. She turned me on my side and put my legs in different positions to try and help the baby’s heart rate, and to get her head to turn. She also told the nurse to lower the Pitocin dose to see if that would help the baby some. Lowering the dose did seem to help the heartrate, so the
Nurse ended up turning the Pitocin completely off around 3 pm because the heart rate was getting dangerously low. I didn’t know this at the time because I was sleeping most of the time, and it was probably better I didn’t worry about that anyway.

At 3 pm, Dr Perkins came back in and said I was still at 6 cm. She thought the baby’s distress was coming from the lack of amniotic fluid and also the meconium. She thought maybe the umbilical cord was being compressed during the contractions. I knew she shouldn’t have broken my water!!!! So, to fix that mistake, she ordered an amnio-infusion to put water back into my abdomen so the umbilical cord wouldn’t be as compressed as much, and also to thin out the baby poop on the inside so it wouldn’t be as thick. So, I got to get all swollen in my hands from all the excess fluids they were pumping me with. Dr Perkins also ordered for the Pitocin to be turned back on. Fun.

I don’t know if that really helped the baby at all in the way of heartrate, because I was really out of it. They kept changing my position around too, because they wanted to make Dr. Bray happy as well. I told Nick I wished the doctors would talk to each other because they both seemed to have completely different ideas of what the problem was. I almost felt like whatever doctor happened to check me last is whose delivery plan I would be stuck with. It was frustrating.

At 4 pm, Dr. Bray came back in and checked me again. She said I was STILL at 6 cm. And for the first time in my labor, the words “c-section” were needed. It was kind of a shock. She still couldn’t really explain what the problem was, but she thought that it had to do with the way the head was positioned against the cervix. She felt internally and said that she felt a lot of “molding” (conehead), so the baby was definitely trying to get through, but not at the right angle. She was not tolerating the contractions well because her heartrate kept dropping. She told me that sometimes when someone is having a big baby, their body knows it can’t do it at that time, and will stop itself from dilating I had never heard of that before, but what freaked me out was that she said “big baby”. This was the same doctor that 2 weeks before said I was looking at a 7 pounder. Anyways, normally, they would have let me continue to labor, but since Natalia’s stats were dropping, she thought I needed to make a decision pretty soon. She gave me until 5 pm for my cervix to progress.

As soon as she left the room, I put on my brave face (and oxygen mask), until my mom asked me how I was doing. She has had 5 kids, and 2 of them were c-sections so I knew she knew how I was feeling. I broke down. I started sobbing uncontrollably and shaking so badly. I just kept saying that I didn’t want a c-section. I didn’t want a c-section. My mom kissed my head, and told me it would be okay, and she left me with my husband. He came to my side and told me how proud he was of me for all the labor I had endured today for our baby. He said that God could do a miracle right up to the last minute, like he did for Abraham and Isaac, and even if we ended up having a c-section, we were in God’s hands and there was reason behind it. I knew he was right. He prayed for us, and for Natalia, and for peace with the whole situation, and I felt better. I was still just so shocked. My whole pregnancy had been picture perfect, and to end like this just seemed wrong. I was still hoping in my heart for a miracle, but somewhere, deep down, I knew that I needed to prepare myself for the c-section.

Later, Dr. Bray came back, and there was still no progress. After that, everything was a whirlwind. Later, my husband told me that Natalia’s heart rate was getting very low on the screen (but I didn’t know it at the time). The room filled with people. They were poking me and prodding me and shaving me, and adding medicine to my epidural. I started to shake again. Then, they took me down to the OR, and Nick wasn’t around I started to get a little afraid, but I just kept praying. I kept telling the anesthesia lady and the doctor that I wanted them to pinch me SEVERAL times before they started cutting. I was so afraid I would be able to feel the pain of the knife cutting me. Finally, Nick came back in, and sat at my head. He asked me if I was afraid. I told him no, but I really was on the inside. I asked him if he was praying. He said he has been the whole time. He told me again he was proud of me and he loved me. The whole time that we were talking like this, they had already started cutting, and I didn’t realize it, thank God. Finally, Dr. Bray told Nick to stand up if he wanted to see the delivery of his baby, so he took a pic with the digital camera (sorry, that one is not included). I kept saying, “Is she out? Is she out?” Finally, I heard a cry, and some muffled coughing, and then more crying. Nick told me she really was a girl, and I started crying. I was trying to hold back the tears because my oxygen mask was on kind of tight and the water was getting built up in there. Nick was so excited, he kept running back and forth to check on me, and then go take another picture. I had to finally tell him to GO TAKE PICTURES!! They brought her over to me to see her, and kiss her. I couldn’t believe that she came out of me! She WAS a big baby (for a girl). She was 8 pounds 15.4 ounces, and 21&1/2 inches long. They sent Nick with her to the nursery, and they sewed me up. I was so exhausted from not having slept for 2 days that I fell asleep in the OR, and again in the recovery room. They wouldn’t let me see Natalia for about 2-3 hours because I was recovering. I remember when they brought me up to the mom & baby room, I just kept asking where my baby was. Finally they brought her to me, and she is so beautiful. I thought she would look like me, but honestly, most of her features are her daddies, and they look so beautiful on her. I can’t believe I’m a mom.

So far, recovering from the c-section has been really rough. On the first day, they made me stand up to walk to the bathroom, and blood gushed EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE. I nearly fainted again, and they had to pull the blue “Help me” cord in the bathroom, and the lady came running and said “Do you need the ammonia?!” Like I said, I’m a wimp with blood. My incision hurts really bad, and again, it’s probably because I’ve never been hurt before, but it is very hard to deal with. When the doctors said they were discharging me on Sunday, I was glad to be going home, but I was scared to go home because of my incision. Every step I take is painful. My husband had to lower our bed so I can get on and off it without screaming in pain. I can only sleep on my back, and I can’t even lift up my beautiful baby I feel bad because I want so badly to take care of her and be her mommy in her first few weeks of life, and instead, I’m stuck taking care of myself and having other people do things for me. I guess the good part of the c-section is that I didn’t have to worry about getting any tears or episiotomies, but I do have to have staples in my stomach, that I am so afraid they are going to bust wide open any minute and my bowels are going to come spilling out all over the floor. It has even been hard to breastfeed because this is the 5th day already and my milk still hasn’t come in. Poor Natalia barely gets anything when she nurses, and then she just cries because she is hungry. We ended up having to supplement until my milk comes in, which of course makes me feel like I’m failing somehow, even though I know I’m not.

So…all in all, I’d have to say I’m “learning to be content” whatever the circumstances. I know that’s what I need to do. I won’t say it is easy. It is very hard. Everytime I start to get a little sad about everything, I just have to go look at Natalia and that beautiful face and that cute little smile she gives us when she has gas. I know it is all worth it. I love her more than anything. The end.

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This is my 2nd c-section... a scheduled one at 38 weeks, my first was an emergency one at 31 weeks.

Culin Isaiah Miguel was born on July 13, 2005 (his daddy's birthday), weighed 7 lbs 1.5 oz and 20.5 inches long.

The c-section was scheduled for 8 a.m. and we had to be there for 6 a.m, I hadn't slept a whole lot that night... not that I was worried or even really thinking a lot about it, just one of those nights when you *know* you have to be up at the crack of dawn and, therefore, don't fall asleep til mere hours before *sigh*. We got there almost half an hour early and they started preping me. That was fun. Actually... it wasn't bad, except for when the nurse tried to insert the catheter. I do not remember it hurting last time around... uncomfortable, yes, but painful, no. Then of course it slipped out and we had to start all over again. :roll: Once they'd shaved me and made me drink the lovely salty/sour tummy-neutralizer stuff we waited and dh got all dolled up in his OR scrubs. During that time I was finding it rather uncomfortable, kind of crampy and Braxton-Hicks-ish... not sure what was going on there, if it was because of the catheter (which was still uncomfortable at that point) or what.

Around 8 a.m. they wheeled me down to the 2nd floor to the OR and sent dh to the OR waiting room til it was time. This time the spinal seemed to numb me from just above my breasts downwards... I know last time it wasn't up that high, more just below them... made for an interesting time breathing. I was breathing just fine (as the anethetist kept reasurring me LOL) but it just felt heavy. Found I couldn't move my toes at all this time, last time I could slightly wiggle toes on one foot. Also found I was shaking while they were getting ready to do the spinal... not sure why. Wasn't cold, wasn't scared... must've just been nerves despite of it :dontknow: Found it kind of interesting/funny that the wife of the Dr. who delivered Janessa assisted this time around... all in the family I guess LOL They wouldn't let me watch... asked the nurses when they were getting set up and asked my OB when he walked in... they all just laughed and put the drape up in front of me anyway. LOL I mentioned that dh had watched Janessa being born through the mirrors around the lights... they told me that since then they'd gotten new lights so he wasn't able to use that sneaky little trick this time around. They brought dh in just as they were getting started and, sneaky sneak that he is, found he could see everything happening in the reflection of assisting doctor's glasses... so he got to "watch" Culin being born too! All I got was the tugging and pulling... hardly seems fair, does it? Sad LOL

Things were a little different than last time... last time being an emergency situation... so in a sense I guess things were more "relaxed". Kind of funny though that last time my BP was SO very high and then this time, there was a couple times that the anethetist gave me something in the IV during the surgery to bring my BP back UP because it was a little lower than he liked! LOL When they told me baby's head was out I was concerned for a moment because he wasn't crying (:doh: let's get him suctioned and ALL of him out, right? LOL) but the moment they pulled him all the way out he started screaming and they said "IT'S A BOY!". I don't remember what was going through my mind... I know I had a couple tears on my face. With Janessa there was a sense of huge relief when she came out crying, didn't need/have that this time though Smile Just happy he was born.

He was born at 8:31 a.m. and weighed 7 lbs 1.5 oz, 20.5 inches long... that's 4.5 inches longer than Janessa was at birth and almost 4.5 lbs bigger too!

They checked him out and then the ped came around the screen before they brought him over to let us know they were just double checking a "dimple" on his lower back to make sure it was closed... if not, that could've indicated a posiblity of Spina Bifida (though she didn't tell us that... not going to scare you unnecessarily, I just knew that and my aunt confirmed it). Anyway, it was and then they brought him around and handed him to dh to hold while they double checked the bracelets and put one on me. He was more blue-ish than purple-ish (like Janessa was) and had black, black hair and, best of all... CURLS! Well... not full-fledged curls yet, but the squiggles that indicate curly hair Lol

Dh left then with the ped and the NICU nurse to take him up to the nursery to get weighed/etc. and they stitched me back up and got me back on my bed (didn't panic that I was going to fall off the table this time... though when they rolled me on my side to put me on the backboard to transfer me I did feel like I was going to fall LOL). Then Travers and one of the nurses wheeled me out and back up to the 4th floor where they put me in the OB recovery room. Started feeling dizzy on they way to the elevator. They said it could be a combination of the heat (so very hot that day... OR was air-conditioned but as soon as we got out of there it was like walking into a sauna), my BP (which had been lower than normal a couple times), and/or the motion of being wheeled around. Not long after I got up to the recovery room I felt nauseous and ended up throwing up. VERY weird sensation trying to do that when numb from chest down! LOL The anethetist told the nurse that if my BP got below a certain point to give me some medication. She never needed to but a little later I did throw up some more... this time in the bowl of ice cubes she'd just went and filled up because it was the only thing she had handy LOL She ended up giving me some Zofran in the IV to help fight the nausea, just in case.

Once I could start moving my legs they wheeled me out and down the hall to my room. They stopped at the NICU and one of the nurses went in and opened the curtain so I could see in. I couldn't really see the baby but dh was standing there at one of the warming tables by the window with Janessa. I had thought he was going to wait to have my aunt bring Janessa over AFTER I was settled in my room so I really wasn't expecting to see her there. She was standing up on a stool reaching in and touching the baby's hand. It was so cute! Too bad I wasn't in the position to take a picture of it Biggrin After I got settled in my room dh and Janessa came down to see me and then went back to get the baby.

Janessa was the "talk" of the NICU that day. I guess when dh brought her up to the NICU to see the baby and told her it was a boy she was none too pleased... "I don't want *that* baby! Put it back! I want a GIRL baby!" ROFL The ped and the nurses just howled. However, by the time dh paged my aunt later on to come get her she had decided we could keep him Lol

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Me: Jamie/27
DH: Joe/27
DS: Darian/3
EDD: June 1 2006 c-section date will most likely be May 24 2006

Here is my birth story.
We went to U/S for a 6:30am am appointment to check on Darian's size as he was two week's late. From ther over to L&D for the fetal stress test.

They had just hooked me up when the OB came in to talk with me about the U/S. Given the baby's size and my size they said Darian had no more room to grow. She wanted to induce me right now. I asked if I could wait until the weekend and was told no.

So by 7:30am I was hooked up to the machine's and had the pictocin drip. They would come in and up the level every once in awhile. At last my labor seemed to be progressing slowly.

I had a fairly easy labor, I had wanted drug's but ended up holding off. Around 4pm the OB on call came in and checked me for the umteenth time, I was at 6cm. She decided to break my water's, it didn't feel good and she didn't get them to break. My mom was with me the whole time as was my DH but my mom was my miricle worker. She kept me calm and focused and she was my voice. She noticed when I was losing it a bit and got me something for the pain, it was a morphin shot. It helped keep me calm and returned my focus.

At about 9pm they asked if I would like to try the birthing tub for pain management. I said sure I had made it this far with out an epi I was game for anything. That was where thing's got a bit shakey.

Nobody had checked to see how dilated I was before putting me in the tub. That is the only time I sort of lost it. I was wanting to push and the contraction's where coming hard and fast BUT they had to drain the water before they could let me out. I have never felt so trapped in my whole life.

My water broke on my way back to my delivery room. Then I mentioned that I would really like to start pushing and could I please do that now. You see I had never given birth before I kept waiting for someone to tell me ok start pushing just like I had seen on all the T.V. birth's I have watched.

I pushed for an hour straight in a squatting position. Good strong pushes. The nurse and OB both took turns reaching in and feeling the babies head and watching there arm move forward with each push. After each push though he moved not one inch. He was stuck fast.

(this was due to a family trait on his father's side. Little to no spft spot Darian's was only as big as my thumb pad)

My OB then told me ok I can let you push for another hour but I would really like to do a c-section on you know. I never knew there was a problem until after it was all over with. My mom and DH told me the next morning.

My mother say's that I calmly replied to the OB "please just get the baby out" I was exhausted and was relieved that the long day would soon be over.

My Dh held our son first and he also cut the cord. However He was brought over to me as soon as he was cleaned up and layed on my chest to BF'D (after I was stiched and moved back to my room). I think he was only gone for about ten min. I was alert the whole time he was being delivered I remember every detail of it. That first cry was amazing! darian was born at 11pm and weighed 8lbs 13.5 ounces and was 22 inches long, he had a crease on his forhead for the first 7 mos of his life where he was stuck and being squeezed in and by my body.

My recovery was fairly easy, I didn't have any complication's from the c-section at all. I just wish I had remembered to tell my OB that all of the children in my DH father's side ended up being delivered c-section. It would of helped me out in the long run.

My midwife arround this time thinks that a further complication is the way I am shaped inside. That unlike being a tunnel I get smaller the closer you get to the cervical opening. So Darian's head plus my body shape may of added to my difficult birth.

All in all I am glad my OB was alert to the fact there was a problem instead of being gung ho and making me push on through.

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Hi all

My name is Sarah and I am from Yorkshire UK. I thought I would share my C section story with you...

On 29th july 2004 after an uneventful pregnancy, I went into labour 3 days before my EDD. It was 6.30am when I woke in pain and felt my waters go, and by 7am I was having contractions every 2 mins. I started to panic as my DH works in London (a 3 hr drive away) so I phoned him to say start heading up the motorway...

DH called his mum who came round to take me to the hospital, and we left for the 30 min drive with me barely able to sit down! At one point I was virtually hanging out of the car window!

9am and we reach delivery suite and I experienced the joys of entonox (by the end I was told if it wasn't piped directly into the ward they would have run out of cannisters for the amount I used!). The midwife checked me and I was 7am dilated and seemed to be progressing well.

1pm and still labouring, had only made it to 9cm. The midwife was surprised I hadn't birthed yet but let me carry on. I was coping (ish!) on entonox.

2pm and 10cm (yay!) so started to push, and push, and push for 11/2 hrs until they told me baby wasn't descending and he was posterior (he had turned during labour). They put a monitor on at this point and found he was distressed (high heart rate) and the doctor was called. She examined me (really painful by then!) and said there was still a lip of cervix left so they would take me to theatre, give me a spinal and see if it had gone so they could use forceps.

4pm, in theatre and still cervix left. The spinal was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt - all that pain over on seconds! They couldn't speed the labour with drugs as babys heart rate was so high so a CS was done.

4.20pm Baby Max Field born weighing 8lb 10oz. Apgar 9 + 9

I was really proud of myself for getting so far in labour without an epidural, but disappointed I couldn't push him out.

CS recovery was quite good. Painful for a few weeks but I was up and around the day after Max was born.


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Hi everyone. I have posted on this board before, but I just realized I never posted my story.

December 6, 2004 after a pretty uneventful pregnancy and one trip to the hospital where I was "in labor but not in labor" (whatever that means) my doctor decided to induce me on Wednesday December 8, 2004.

December 8, 2004 9pm we arrive at the hospital. I get registered, settled in, and hooked up to the monitor. 10 pm they give me my first dose of cytotec and tell me that at 2 am they will give me the second dose and then at 6 am they will start the pitocin. My parents stop by around 10:30 and I notice that the baby is starting to go on and off the monitor when I have small contractions. I am able to manually move the monitor around on my belly to find her each time. My parents leave and DH and I settle in for what we think is going to be an uneventful night.

Around 12 am, while watching Jay Leno, I need to go to the bathroom. The nurse said it was fine for DH just to take me, so he unhooks the monitors and I go to the bathroom. When they re-hook me back up the babies heart rate drops to 70 something and take a little bit to come back up. When it finally gets back they start monitoring me more closely and tell me I am not allowed to get out of bed anymore. Then the contractions intensify. This seems to baffle the nurses as I am in excruciating pain and the baby's heartrate is dropping with each contraction. After the baby's rate drops for the fifth time and the alarms go off, they come rushing in, hook me up to oxygen and give me something in my IV.

It becomes blurry at this point. I do know that they started paging the doctor and he comes in and exams me and even though I am having final stage contractions, I am not anymore dialated than I was when we started. Around 2:30 am, the doctor comes back in and is clearly upset. They have got the baby stabilized at a 90 heartrate and he tells my DH and I that he has very serious doubts that my DD would make it through any further labor and we need to decide right now about a c/s. DH and I waste no time in telling him to do it.

The nurses then prep me for surgery and DH to be in the OR with me. While they are giving me my spinal in the OR, the doctor (unbeknownest to me) is talking with my husband and telling him that everything is going to be okay, that the baby is likely not going to have to go to the NICU and that he can have her out very quickly once we start. By 3:15 he is starting the surgery and at 3:22 am on 12/9/04 she was born weighing 7lb 2oz, 20 inches long and breathing on her own with no need to go to the NICU.

My recovery was pretty uneventful. I had a slight reaction to the anesthesia, but the nurses were great and took great care of me when I got sick.

DH was worried about our steps when we first came home due to a friend of our's wife not being able to navigate their stairs when she came home. But I never had any problems with them and was actually back into a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes about a month later and back to work at the end of January 2005.

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Hi my name is Julie. I am a 27 and mommy to Brady who was born on 1/20/06 via emergency c-section. I have been married to the love of my life since 2003 and life is great!!! Smile

Here is my birthing story. Sorry if this is a bit long.

DH and I went in for my weekly OB-GYN appt last Thursday 1/19 at 1:30. After a check-up, my doctor told me she felt I had symptoms of Preclempsia and Toxemia/Adema and wanted me to go to L&D right away to be induced. DH and I couldn't believe it!! The hospital is right behind the doctors office so we made our phone calls to family and friends and walked over to the L&D floor.

At 4:00, I was inserted with the Cytotech, which is a pill that induces labor. It is placed right behind the cervix. I got inconsistent contractions but nothing regular. At 8:00, they inserted me with another pill. This time the contractions were getting alittle more consistent and stronger. Around 12:00, I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes so they held off on giving me another pill.

At 2:00 am, I was 2 cm dilated the pain was excruciating so my nurse suggested I go for the epidural. The anesthiologist came upstairs and gave me the epidural however I noticed that the pain didn't go away for quite awhile. In fact it took a few good hours so I knew the epidural was not working. I received four more replacements of Epidurals and nothing was working because the pain was becoming unbearable.

In the morning of 1/20 sometime, (no sense of time) the doctor came in and told me I was about 6cm dilated and was making progress. I couldn't believe it because my OB-GYN (who couldn't be there) said it would be a slow and stalled labor. So that gave me hope that things were working out. I told myself I could handle the pain.

Well contractions were getting more and more intense. My mom, DH and DH's mom were in the room with me. The doctor came in and told me he was going to put me on Pitocin to "speed things up". He also broke my water. About 20 minutes later, the contractions were 2 minutes apart and unbearable. The epidural wasn't working and the pain was unmeasurable.

The nurse came in around noon and said I had blood in my urine and I was starting to develop a high fever. The doctor came in right after and said if I didn't deliver the baby in two hours, he would have to perform a c-section. By this time, I was in labor for 21 hours. I was 9 cm dilated. Two hours passed and I was still 9 cm dilated with excruciating back labor. And the epidural was not working so I was pretty much going natural.

All I remember is crying saying, "I can't breathe, I can't do this". DH was holding my hand "telling me I could do it". He was crying too. He felt so bad he couldn't help me get rid of the pain. Another anesthiologist came up and gave me an epidural because I could not take the pain anymore and my fever was so elevated. They gave me antibiodics to get the fever done as well. The doctor told me the fever was because I was in labor for so long. After the epidural, I didn't feel much, which was a HUGE relief, however, it did make me throw up.

About a half hour later the doctor came into the room and said I should have progressed and wasn't sure why I was till 9cm. All of a sudden the baby's heartbeat crashed and my blood pressure went up quickly. The doctor said there was no time and "we have to deliver this baby now!" I was so scared. I thought I was going to lose Brady..

The staff prepped me with a csection and I got a spinal. I requested DH be in the room with me. I later found out that when DH was changing into his scrubs, he dropped to his knees in the bathroom and prayed to god that the baby and I would make it. I didn't know this till later. I actually wasn't concerned about myself at all. I kept saying, "is my baby ok?" and no one was really answering me, however the nurses kept assuring me everything was ok.

We got to the OR and I threw up again. They prepared for the surgery. I was completely out of it, dozing in and out. I remember hearing the doctor say, "let's go" and I jolted and asked, "where's my husband?" DH came in a few moments later and looked so pale. He sat next to me and kept telling me how proud he was of me. He was so awesome.

I had no sense of time but I guess about 10 minutes later, after a lot of prodding and internal pushing around, I heard Brady cry. That was the best sound of my life. (Crying here thinking about it). They brought him over and showed me and then brought him over to the table to clean him up. He scored 9.9 on the APGAR scale. DH was able to cut the cord (after three attempts he told me). Brady weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20 inches.

I remember I kept saying, "I want to hold my baby" but couldn't since they were closing me up and my hands were strapped to each side. DH got to hold him and that makes me happy since it was his special moment to bond with his son. Dh told me about a half hour passed and they fixed me all up. They brought me to the c-section recovery room and gave me Brady. That is when my life changed. This little boy changed the way I looked at faith. He was a miracle and he was in my arms. He was my son.

The hospital stay was hectic. People were in and out of the room every 5 minutes because they were having student nurses do alot of the vital checking and etc. However the nurses were great! Recovery has been tough and I am on Percs and Motrin. It is hard to get around so I still need DH to do alot. However, my family and friends have been really helpful and that makes me happy.

When I told the Lactaction Consultant my story I started crying telling her everything. She said I am probably still suffering with PTSD from it. DH and my mom are still crying about it too. It was just a really traumatic for all of us. DH has been absolutely wonderful about everything. He ended up telling me he was afraid he "lost me" and said "his whole life was threatened" when I went into the OR. I can't imagine what he went through. He is so strong.

To end on a good note, this little precious boy is my life. He made everything worth it and I count my blessings his life was saved and put into mine. When I see him eat food or breathe in my ear when I am burping him, I know why I was placed on this Earth and it was to be a mom. To be his mom.

Thanks for listening.

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hey all, i'm a newbie!
My story isn't too terribly long. i went in for my 28 wk check up 2 wks ago and was on the verge of pre-eclampsia. so i had to go in weekly for rechecks. last thursday I had developed it. So i was sent in to duke to be observed. All the bad levels started to go down with magnesium so i was taken off. Sunday, at 30 wks and 1 day, I started having contractions and no meds would stop them. They didn't affect my cervix at all. During a routine vital check, I felt a gush. Turned out my placenta was seperating. The baby's heartrate dropped so I was rushed in for an emergency c-section. This was my third child and first c-section. They put staples in afterwards. I think they are removing them tomorrow. I am so freaked out by this since it wasn't in my plan. Althought I had a feeling this whole pregnancy that I'd end up with a section baby. The worst part was, I didn't get to see Brayden until Tuesday and finally got to hold him today. He's in the NICU for who knows how long. he weighed 2lbs 14oz and was 15 1/2 in long. he's been amazing the whole time and on room air with no help. Well, that's my story! Looking forward to hanging out here!!

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Kyle Timothy
Feb 25,2006 @ 10:34pm 38 weeks on the dot
7 pounds 1 oz 18 1/4 inches

My birth story

Kyle had been breech since 28 weeks..well i found out at 28 weeks but i think he had been breech since 18 weeks becuase he was breech at that ultrasound as well.I was scheduled for a c-section on march 2nd the doctor and i both didnt think the risks of doing a version were worth it.So i went in to my 37 week check up had an u/s and he was still breech and i was supposed to have a 38 week appt then after that go to the anesthesiologist and get bloodwork done etc.Well that never happened!
It was a saturday (i was 38 weeks exactly)and my husband and i went grocery shopping becuase i wanted to stock up before kyle got here.I hadnt been feeling good at all that day and almost had to leave the grocery store.Well i made it through and we got home and ended up going to walmart later to get a few things.We then came home and i put in a movie(just like heave)and watched it.I was big pregnant and by 8:00pm i was debating about how much trouble it was going to be to get up to use the bathroom.DH had laid down on the bed to finish the movie with him and i was about to tell him i might want to go to the hospital becuase Kyle had been having a quiet day..he was normally very active for a breech baby with no room to move in :P.No sooner did i open my mouth then my water broke.No one ever told me about my water breaking there was so much water!It was still coming out of me when we got to the hospital...which by the way was the fastest i had ever gotten there!So we get to the hospital my pants are soaked through and i finally get a wheelchair and get up to L & D Where they stick me in triage and was having small cramps but nothing bad i had had period cramps worse.So they call the doc get him in and get me prepped(all of this is in the triage room still)then around 10 something im brought into the OR and given the spinal and they got started.and at 10:34pm Kyle was born.they let me see him before they took him away.Ironically i looked to the side and the doctor was carrying him over the the nurse so i guess that was really my first time seeing him.DH left with Kyle to go to the nursery since they wouldnt let him stay and they finished with me i was sent to recovery ..i was the only one there.They actually had to do all the stuff they normally do before the surgery after the surgery.Come to find out i had been having contractions every 2-3 minutes and i was dialated to a centimeter.The pain was pretty intense and getting up wasnt fun but i did it and i found getting up and staying up was so much better then laying around.i was out of the hospital within 48 hours..meaning i left at 11pm.I was on regular motrin 48 hours after surgery and stayed with it for a few days and then didnt need it at all.Overall it was a great experience and i hope i have the same great experience with my next c-section.I personally dont want a vaginal birth so im glad i was able to get the c-section.My son is adorable and i love him more every minute that i spend with him.some details are a bit fuzzy from the actual c-section so i tried to write as much as i could remember...I really remember the chest pain i got in the end when they were finishing up with me..aparantly it was normal and happens all the time Blum 3

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Here's mine...

My son was born at 38 weeks and 1 day. He is now 7 months old which I can't believe! My doctor had told me before DS was born that I had a small pelvis and may wind up with a section but if I wanted to try vaginally he would give me 36 hours. I went in to be induced but was already in labor so they let me progress on my own for 12 hours then gave me pitocin. At 24 hours I was given an epi, which stopped working after 4 hours, was readjusted and again stopped working. I finally dialated to 10 cent. and began to push for 3 1/2 hours. I was ready to go longer but doc suggested section, but did say he'd continue to let me keep pushing if I wanted to b/c DS's hr was fine and there were no signs of distress. That's all my DH had to hear, and being tired and in pain I gave in. The anesthesia guy did his thing and they started the surgery. I felt them cutting me and told them exactly where and that's the last thing I remember. They apparantly tried a few things and then had to put me out and DH said they ran a tube down my throat. (Intubated?)

When they took my son out he did not breathe for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. They revived him, he did great and didn't even have to spend any time in the NICU. All the doctors have said was that he needed a little jump start and the general anesthesia may have played a part in that. Unfortunately, with me being asleep, my DH had to watch and go through everything alone.

When I woke up I was in agony and no painkillers they gave me seemed to help. They say it was probably the combination of drugs that were already in my system and my body had had enough. The only thing that seemed to help were Perkocets and that wasn't until the next day. For the first 2 days I wasn't allowed to have the baby in the room with me alone b/c I couldn't get to him, I could only hold him for a few minutes at a time and I'd be exhausted and have to pass him off. I was unable to breastfeed him until he was 2 days old which broke my heart and I hated seeing him being fed by everyone except me. I had a long and painful recovery as I'm sure most c-section moms do.

I would love to try for a VBAC but it doesn't seem likely. I'm just glad that my son is here with me.

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My delivery went from being a planned c-section (when dr. said he was breech) to canceling the c-section (when ultrasound showed that he was head down) to planned induction because dr. thought he was getting too big for me to delivery vaginally, to ending up in a c-section Lol

The day of my due date I went in for my 40 week appt. My dr. thought that he felt like he had turned again to breech, and was concerned with how big he was. My induction was scheduled for early the next morning, and she asked me to get to the hospital early so that they could do an u/s then to make sure he was in an ok position and to check his weight. So I went home, did some last minute stuff, and around 5 that night my dr called again asking me to go to the hospital that night to go ahead and do the u/s. She told me to tell the labor and delivery staff that I thought my water had broken and that my dr was on the way so that they would go ahead and admit me for an u/s (she's sneaky!). So I called my husband and he rushed home, freaking out. I kept telling him, it's just for the u/s, nothing will happen until tomorrow. We brought my bags along anyway though, and headed to the hospital. I was admitted, and they put me in a room. A couple of hours later the u/s tech showed up and did the u/s. My dr. told me before hand that if he was estimated to be more than 8lbs she didn't think I should go for a vaginal delivery. The tech estimated him to be 8lbs 5oz. So my dr gave me the choice and I said ok, do the c-section (I completely trusted her judgement). I asked, what time should I come in for it tomorrow? She said, no, we're doing it tonight. Even though I had 40 weeks to prepare for this I was freaking out a little Lol

The nurses come in and start prepping me. My husband called my parents and they got there quickly. A little while later I was walked into the operating room for my epi. The epi was a little more uncomfortable than I had expected (oh, but the cathiter didn't hurt nearly as bad as I expected, so I guess it evened out!), but my nurse and the anesteseologist (sp?) were great. They got me onto the table, and I can remember saying, um, I can still feel my toes! I was terrified that they would start cutting me before I was completely numb! My husband was led in then and they put the curtain up. My husband was great...he sat at my head the entire time, talking to me. We talked about anything and everything. The only time I got upset was right before they pulled Cody out. There was a lot of pulling that felt a little rough, and it started upsetting me, but all of the studden my dr said, ok dad, stand up and take pictures! So my husband jumped up and started taking pictures, and I heard my son cry. I remember asking, is he still a boy? And he was Smile My husband went off with the nurses while they cleaned Cody up, and another nurse stayed at my head while they started closing me. They must have given me something in my IV that made me sleepy, because I kept dozing off. A little while later my husband came back with a nurse and I got to see Cody for the first time. He was crying, but as soon as I said his name he stopped and just stared at me. They went off again and they finished closing me up. I was taken back to my recovery room where my parents and husband were waiting. I was in there for about 45 minutes. The only bad part was that I had the shakes really bad. I had read that it happens, but I wasn't expecting it to be that bad. Once those went away they moved me to my regular room, and after awhile Cody was brought in again.

My recovery was great. Obviously there was some pain, but I was up and moving around the next day. My daytime nurse was awesome, she really helped me a lot. When I stood up for the first time she wouldn't let me get out of the bed on the side of the bathroom. I had to get out on the other side so I would walk a little more :roll: But she did a great job of getting me moved around, made the more embarassing things less embarassing. I ended up being in the hospital less than 48 hours. My nurse and dr were both amazed at how well I was recovering. I lucked out too, because right before I was discharged someone was assigned to the other bed in my room and it was sooo crowded. Just my luck I would have my baby just a couple of weeks before they opened the new wing of the hospital with all private maternity rooms!

My home recovery went just as well. I had afew days that were more painful than others, and it took about 2 months before I felt like I was 100%. But all in all, I would do it again in a heartbeat. My only regret is taking so long to get to spend time with Cody. Even after being taken to my regular room because I was so limited in movement they kept him in the nursery and I would have loved to do rooming in. Also, I think it affected my ability to breast feed. We didn't get off to a good start because of the timing of the c-section, and they did bottle feeding for his first 12 or so hours. We had latching problems and I really think that affected it.

Oh, he ended up being less than 8lbs. But, the c-section was still a good thing. My cord was 1/2 the length of what it normally is. They mentioned it when he was delivered, and my dr explained to me the next day that if I had him vaginally it would have caused my placenta, etc, to come out right away, and that could have caused damage to me. She said that was why I carried him so high (he was so high that at times he would kick and my boobs would literally move!), and that she had a feeling something was "off", but wasn't sure what, and that's why she had mentioned c-section for so long (she first mentioned it at 28 weeks).

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We arrived at the hospital at 8pm on Wednesday October 11 for my induction. I was put in Labor and Delivery room 4 and given a medicine to help my cervix prepare for labor. That pill was given at 9pm, I was 1 cm dilated. At 10 pm I was given an Ambien to help me sleep. It was then my contractions started. I was pretty much awake all night, despite the Ambien.

At 3am October 12 I was given another dosage of the cervix medicine. At 4 am I was checked again and given an enema. I then took a shower, got and IV and started walking the halls. At 6am I was still only 1 cm, and the Pitosin was started. My doctor arrived at 8:45 am, I was still only 1 cm dilated, she tried to break my water but could not reach it!

By 11 am my contractions were 3 minutes apart and strong! At 11:40 the doctor broke my water and placed a monitor on Tanner’s head because we kept losing him on the monitor. At this point I was almost 2 cm dilated and the contractions were getting more and more painful. Finally at 12:30 I got a shot of Demerol/Phenergan, which did nothing for the pain, but made me pass out in between contractions. No help!! By 3 pm I could not stand the pain, contractions had been 3 minutes or less apart for hours now, I got an epidural. SWEET RELIEF!!!!

At 3:15 my friend Suzann arrived. About that time we noticed lots of dips in Tanner’s heart rate on the monitor. At 5:00 my doctor came back and checked me again and I was still only 2 cm, even after all this time and contractions. That and the fact that Tanner was not handling the labor well prompted her to say we needed to do a C-Section right away. Within 5 minutes I was being shaved and my nail polish removed and my epidural pump removed and more medicine added. At 5:20 I was in the operating room. Jerry came in after I was strapped to the table and the anesthesiologist was with me as well. The first cut was about 5:30 and Tanner was born at 5:41.

After Jerry left for the nursery with Tanner my Dr. noticed some growth and a cyst in my uterus. Given my mom’s history she decided to do a biopsy and scraping on the cyst and growth. I should get those biopsy results in a week or so. That has attributed to my additional pain I am told.

By 7:30 or so I was out of recovery and back in my room. Tanner was still in the nursery getting cleaned up and tested, etc. Jerry went there and took a video for me so I could see him, I was so anxious!! FINALLY about 8:30 they brought him to me. I could not love anything or anyone more. All I want to do is hold him and kiss him forever.

The pain was pretty bad and I was on Demerol all day Friday. The had me get up first thing and walk and that was NO FUN! But it makes it better in the long run so I did it. I tried breast feeding and Tanner did latch on, but I had no milk so he has been getting formula with a breast milk “shooter”, since my milk finally came in today. In fact, woke up today and hardly recognized my boobs!!! They are pretty engorged and I am pumping as I can.

We were finally discharged today, Sunday, about noon. We have now been home about 5 hours and are kind of getting a routine. The real fun starts tomorrow when daddy goes back to work!

Tanner is such a wonderful baby and I would go through every second of pain and discomfort all over again for him in a heartbeat.

Tanner Reid
October 12, 2006
5:41 PM
Emergency C-Section
7 Lbs 11 Ounces
20.5 inches Long
14 inch head
1 minute APGAR 9
5 minute APGAR 10

Thanks Val for the updates. Sorry I was bad about keeping in touch!

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well.. heres my story.. Tuesday nov 14th at 7:30 i had to be at the hospital for scheduled c-sect so i was there. was sent to pre-op and they did all the pre-op stuff.. had to wait til 12 for them to take me into OR because they had a few emergency c-sect to do so i was patiently waiting.. forever it seemed like lol.. i was taken to OR and they started doing my spinal which i did real well.. i was so scared it was gonna hurt real bad but it didnt.. there was someone holding my shoulders so i didnt move and i was real still anyways.. then they had me lay back and was putting stuff on my belly.. i couldnt really see.. they then let my mom in right as they were opening me up i guess cuz she said she saw blood and stuff.. but they had the curtain up so she couldnt really see except when she walked by to come in the OR. she was right next to me holding my hand. I remember i felt real calm.. yet scared. i felt alot of tugging and pulling where they was doing the surgery but it didnt hurt. I remember thinking something was wrong and they was cutting me up real high cuz thats what it felt like but they didnt.. i saw later i had the same kind of incision i had with my son. well let me cut this short i hear the baby. she was born healthy and well. i cried.. mom cried and she went with baby to nursery. then iw as taken to recovery for an hour.. those blankeys were so warm!!! she was 6 lb 9 oz 19 3/4 inches


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I guess I never posted my birth story, though I've been on this board quite a bit. Biggrin

Ashlyn was due on August 10th. I'd had a couple internals, and according to the doc I was about 1 or 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was 39 weeks on Thursday, August 3 and was at work, trying to wrap things up. I didn't feel very well that day, and decided to leave and go home to relax.

I was at home sitting on my birth ball and starting seeing spots and feeling very hot & sweaty. I took my blood pressure and it was pretty high. I noted the BP and then waited 5-10 minutes, took it again and then waited and took it a 3rd time. Every time it was elevated. (I'm overweight so I was extremely cautious about my BP during the whole pregnancy). I called my OB's office, they told me it was probably best if I came in to be checked. I called DH and he headed home to get me, I went ahead and packed everything up "just in case."

When we got to the doc's office, they did an NST and agreed that my BP was pretty high. My urine was only +1 but they were still pretty concerned about pre-e. He decided to send me over to the hospital for some more tests and possible induction.

When we got to the hospital, my blood pressure had stabilized and was normal. I was hoping to just have a few tests and head home, but the nurse said that the doc on call had admitted me for an induction. (At that point, I got really pissed - the on-call doc didn't even come see me and I'm sure he admitted me solely based upon my chart and my weight - at time of birth I was about 275 lbs.).

So, I was admitted at about 3 pm on the 3rd of August. That night, they put in the cervadil and indicated they would be starting pitocin in the morning. I tried to rest best I could and sent DH home to take care of the dog. The next morning, they started me on pitocin and the rest of the day was totally "blah". My contractions never got much strength, I never dilated past 3 even after they broke my water, gave me Nubane and then an epidural as a last-ditch effort to try to get me to relax and get more dilated. I'm sure that baby wasn't truly ready to come.

We finally decided about 8:30 pm that I should go forward with a c-section. My OB was concerned that my waters had been ruptured for too long. When they took me in, I was nervous but DH was really confident and supportive the whole time. He watched the entire procedure and kept saying "wow, that's so cool, I can see all your insides! :shock:

Ashlyn was born at 10:26 pm on August 4th. After they got her out I had this really weird pain (they called it referred pain) in my right breast and shoulder area, and they ended up giving me ketamine to relax me while they finished the procedure. I saw her right after she was born but then was a little hazy while they were stitching me up and getting her cleaned up. DH was with her the whole time, though.

It wasn't a completely horrible experience, but as I had hoped for a natural, intervention-free birth, it was definitely disappointing. I am planning a natural VBAC for my next baby and hope that it can happen!

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Hi! My name is Sandra. I was 39 when Jordana was born. Hubby was 44. I was really hoping for a natural, meds-free delivery, but that wasn't in the cards, I guess. Here is my birth story:

Sunday, August 13th. (11 days overdue)

7:30 am- Got a call from the hospital to come in for my first round of the induction.
10:30 am- Started the induction with the gel on my cervix. Nothing seemed to be happening, and I was sent home for 6 hours.
4:30 pm- Went back to the hospital for 2nd round of gel. I started getting contractions shortly afterwards, and went home.
10:30 pm-The contractions began to get stronger.
11:45 pm- Contractions were 2 minutes apart, lasting 45 to 60 seconds.
We went to the hospital, where we were told that my cervix was still very posterior, and not dilating, and they wanted to send us home. Hubby put up a fuss and they let us stay for a while. The nurse was quite rude, and gave me the 2 of the most painful internal exams I've ever had. Four hours later a doctor finally came to see me and gave me a shot of morphine and sent me home.
I managed to sleep a bit and by the time I woke up, the contractions were pretty much gone.

Monday, August 14th. (12 days overdue)

3:00 pm- Back to the hospital we go for the third round. This time they are putting me on Oxytocin (a.k.a.Pitocin)
5:00 pm- They are getting the IV started for the Oxy. It took 6 tries before they could get a vein (OUCH!!) I was all bruised up.
Contractions started within about half an hour. They got intense pretty quickly. My cervix was still posterior, and not dilating very well due to scar tissue from my cone biopsy, so they had to keep upping the dosage of the Oxy. This made the contractions very intense. I lasted 5 hours before I asked for the epi.
10:00 pm- Got the epidural. This was wonderful, because I could still feel my legs. I was able to sleep and so was hubby.

Tuesday, August 15th (13 days overdue)

2:00 am- Got an internal, water had broken and I was only dialated to 2 cm. This was when C-section was first mentioned. I wanted to keep going and try for a vaginal birth. The baby was doing really well, and the nurses were extremely happy with her, so they let me continue.
4:00 am- A doctor came in and did an internal. It was still at 2cm, but she managed to open my cervix to 6cm!!
7:00 am- I was at 9 cm.
10:00 am- I was at 10 cm, and ready to push.
I started pushing around 11:00 am. The Oxy was now as high as it could go to keep my contractions strong. I could feel them, so I knew when to push. At first I found it painful and difficult, but I found a position I liked and could have pushed for hours!
1:30 pm- Baby was face up and not coming down any further. Her heartrate began to get very low, and was not recovering. After all these hours, she had enough. The room suddenly filled with people, and they told me they were taking me to the O.R to try the forceps, and were prepping me for surgery just in case the baby didn't do well. They topped up my epi so I had no feeling, and tried the forceps. The baby crashed again. I heard no heartbeat at all. They immediately cut me open and took her out. Jordana Maria was born at 1:58 PM, weighing a whopping 9lbs, 4oz. She was very limp and had to be worked on for quite awhile. They believe she swallowed some meconium (feces) as well. They brought her over to me before taking her to NICU. I couldn't touch her because I was shaking violently from the drugs and labor. This shaking lasted for about an hour, and was the worst part of the entire experience. It was horrible. My hubby went with the baby to NICU, and would come and see me to fill me in on her progress. They kept poking my poor baby to try to get the IV in. Poor hubby, he felt so helpless with both his girls not doing very well. They took me to see her after about an hour, then up to my room.

Thankfully, Jordana improved more and more each day and was released after 6 days in the hospital. She's now home and doing very well!

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Hi my name is Catherine I am 21 will be 22 in March. I just had my first baby on July 19th, 2006. Been married to DH,David, for almost 4 years. Here is my birth story:

33 weeks pregnant I start having problems with my blood pressure, headaches etc.

At my 34 week visit the OB notices my blood pressure is very high and sends me to L&D for possible induction. Well we get there put on monitors and do a bunch of tests including a sonogram. Then the doctor comes in and tells me my amniotic fluid levels are low so I'm staying the weekend and having IV fluids put in and having a 24 hour urine test to rule out pre-eclampsyia. It comes back that my levels of protein in my urine arent quite high enough to be considered pre-eclamptic. So I'm sent home.

Over the next couple of weeks I visit L&D at least once a week for some sort of complication and have 2 more 24 hour urine tests done. I was also scheduled for a NST and a sonogram once a week to monitor my fluid levels.

Well I went for my sonogram right before my 38 week check up. I go to my OB to sign in and they tell me that I should go to L&D immediately. I get to the hospital at 11am and by noon I am being induced because of low fluid levels. I started having hard contractions by 4pm. Everytime the doctor checked me I wasnt dialating. They broke my water at 7pm. By midnight I couldnt go any longer without an epidural. One hour later the doctor checked my and I was only 5cm so thye decided to do a c-section.

I went in for my c-section having an epidural from what I remember I had 4 additional doses in the OR. I kept telling them I could still feel everything. No one believed me and they proceeded to start the surgery. My husband said I almost broke his hand and was screaming because I could feel them cutting into me. They stopped while I was being put under general anesthia. I woke up a few hours later not remembering much and in enormous amounts of pain. I didnt even get to see my son until he was almost 4 hours old.

Needless to say I didnt have the greatest experience, but hopefully with the nest baby it will be much better!

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Baby mikey made his entrance into the world feb 1 2007 He's beatiful and is such a wonderful baby!! i'll post more details about the birth later bc i'm still kinda shaken up about it, it def wasnt the one i planned, expected or prepared myself for. So, here's the general overview: Tuesday night i started early labor, or i thought i had, "labor" stopped, so i was disappointed, but figured he'd come when he was ready. Labor began again Wednesday night, and continued. at 6am we went to the hospital. I had progressed since last being checked, but not much. My dr wanted me to stay there in case of complications (aka "big baby") I still progressed slowly and the dr asked if she could break my water, to which i said ok i started progressing great after that, but something started going wrong. All the sudden, the nurses rushed in made me lay in bed on my left side, propped up, etc. They started palpating my uterus trying to figure out what kind of position he was in (he was headdown, but they were tryin to figure out which way he was facing, etc). Anyway after lots of painful internal checks, they decided he was probably in an ok position, just with a big head. i needed an epidural by this point b/c the contractions were killing my back (i've had arthritis in my back for 8 years) i was kind of diappointed bc i was doing well with the contractions in my abdomen, but the ones in my back were crippling, so i went ahead for the epidural. i still progressed slowly, but i was progressing. little by little. Mikey became distressed and didnt seem to being doing so hot, so dr, me and dh discussed the situation and decided that we should probably go ahead with a c/s since baby wasn't doing so hot and we didnt want him suffering lack of oxygen etc. So, we went in for a c/s. Everything went well with the anesthesia and incisions, etc. Til they got to mikey. He was stuck. Not just stuck. His legs were trapped in my rib cage and his head was in the wrong position and stuck in my pelvic bone, instead of trying to come crown first, he was trying to come forehead first. This 270 lb surgeon crushed my ribs and everything in between trying to push him out, at one point we heard a loud snap and heard him whisper "i might have fractured something" at this point i was damn near hysterical, with dh there comforting me holding me hand, not knowing what to do. when they cut mikey's cord, blood shot over the drape onto me dh and the anesthesiologist, not fun. then i heard my baby boy crying and i felt better, but then i got sick. it's really hard to throw up while you're on your back. he went to the nursery and we got the call that he wasn't the 9+lb baby they thought he was, he was a healthy 7lb 10oz. recovery went well, i just kept waiting and waiting to see my baby. i didnt get to see him til 11pm b/c he was having some blood sugar issues which they resolved. when i did finally get to see him, i was extremely upset by the scrapes, welts and everything on his head from where he was stuck. you could see the outlines of my pelvic opening on his poor little skull. he was also scraped up pretty bad from being stuck so hard and getting yanked out so bad. i felt like i had disfigured my baby and i was crushed.. i am doing better now and he is healing very quickly, but that first night i couldnt help but cry bc of what i felt like he had been through. ok i know i said i was going to spare details, but i got carried away, and didnt. anyway, that's the story. i'm so very glad he's here though he's gorgeous and i'm so in love

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My scheduled C-Section

Hello all,

I had a scheduled C-Section due to my baby being in breech position since 30wks. I debated whether to do scheduled, or to wait until I went into labour just in case the baby turned at the last minute, but decided it wasn't worth the added risks, and the chance of a more difficult recovery. DH and I checked into the hospital at 4pm on Jan.02, 2007 and settled in for a restless nights sleep before my scheduled C-section at 8:15am the next morning. It was a terrible sleep, even though I was given something to help me sleep. We were in the Mom and Babe ward and all we could hear all night were screaming babies! Not only did it make sleep difficult because of the noise, but also the fear of "what are we getting ourselves into!?!?!"

We were woken up at 5am to get ready - I had a shower with the antiseptic sponge, then had an IV and Catheter put in. I was VERY nervous about having a catheter put in, but it was really not that bad, didn't hurt, just slightly uncomfortable as it was inserted. Then it was a waiting game until the OR was ready for us. Once it was ready I was wheeled in, and my DH had to wait outside while I had the spinal done. I was also VERY afraid of getting the spinal, but again, it was no problem. First the froze the area, and then they injected the spinal. It didn't hurt, I only felt the pressure of it going in. As soon as it was done, it felt like someone put a warm fan on my legs, and within seconds I was completely numb from the armpits down. After a minute I began to feel really nauseus, and my midwife who was with me got me a bowl and I threw up in it. Apparrantely that is quite common with anesthetics and I felt fine as soon as I threw up.
The next thing I knew my DH was brought in, and I was told that they had already made the first incision. I didn't feel a THING, which was good. The only thing I felt was when they actually pulled my DD out of me, and it just felt like this big weight being lifted off of actually felt good in a way! They held her up for me to see and then my DH went with her to the table just beside me to have her cleaned and examined. it didn't take very long and then she was brought back to my side and I kissed her head and spoke to her. At this point they were stitching me up and my DH took my DD out to the waiting area to meet the expecting grandparents.
Once I was stiched up I was moved to the recovery bed and the pediatrician and my midwife helped to turn me on my side so I could breastfeed her. She latched on right away, which was so amazing! Then My mom and mother in law were able to come in and see us while I nursed her. After a short amount of time in the recovery area I was taken to my own room and all of the family came in to see us.
We spent 3 days in the hospital, and I was up and walking around by the second day.
Recovery was pretty good....I wasn't all that sore, and was only taking extra strength tylenol for the pain from day 2 on. Once I was home I got a little bit sore from picking up and putting down DD in her cradle, but not too bad. I had no problem with getting in and out of bed or stairs or walking around though. By week two I was pretty much back to normal.

All in all my C-section experience was a very positive one. None of my fears were realised and recovery was very quick. Hope that helps for anyone who is going to have a IS possible to have a good experience!


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Hi all! I am Jenn, we had a scheduled c-section on March 9th 2007. I am 24 years old and this is my first child! The reason they decided to schedule the c-section was the fact that Allexxa was measuring very large and labor was liable to be very hard and long. The dr gave me the option and i jumped on it! My mother was in labor with me for 46 hours before an emergency c-section so we decided to go the scheduled route!

We decided to go to Norm’s at 3am on Friday morning (March 9th) since the c-section was scheduled for 12 and I wasn’t allowed to eat after 4 am. So after a big breakfast and a small nap we headed off to the hospital. Got there at about 10 to check in and they immediately got me prepped for surgery. They set me up on the monitors and surprisingly enough I was having contractions, not anything striking, but I didn’t even feel them!

They put the Foley catheter in, which is quite possibly the most HORRIBLE experience ever and definitely the worst part about the whole procedure and recovery thus far!! While they were putting it in the insurance lady (the one with all the paperwork for me to sign) walked around the corner and quickly exited apologizing profusely. And then DB came around the corner and looked like he was gonna pass out but managed to leave even quicker than the other lady did! Lol Once my doctor got there, they wheeled me into the OR.

Once we got upstairs they separated us and took jerry in one room and put him in scrubs… he looked like a marshmallow! I got taken in and given the lidocaine and a spinal block, which hurt a lot less than I thought it would. Plus my anesthesiologist was incredible!! He was so nice. I have done spinals on animals (I used to work for a vet’s office) and we were talking about the differences btw the two. He told one of the nurses how nice it was to have a patient that was not only calm about the whole procedure, but actually understood what was going on! Once I was numbed up they brought Jerry back in and started! They timed us out at 12:25.

After they opened me up Jerry looked like he was gonna throw up when they used the spreaders! His face went absolutely white! When they went to grab her, she slipped up under my ribs and I felt all this pressure like I couldn’t breathe, so I asked jerry what they were doing and he said that both nurses were pushing on my chest and the doctor was up to her elbow with the vacuum trying to get her. After 4 tries it stuck and Allexxa Khrysteen was born at 12:34 p.m. at 39 weeks. The anesthesiologist gave me Torbitrol for the pain (greatest stuff EVER) and they took Allexxa and Jerry to the nursery and me to recovery. After an hour in recovery the nurse tried to take me to our room, but one of the nurses had burnt popcorn in the microwave and it had set off the fire alarms and all the fire doors shut down. We had to wait another 20 minutes for the fire dept. to come and open everything up before we could go upstairs to our room.

I had to miss her first bottle and her first bath, because I was in recovery but once they brought her into the room, she stayed with us until we were discharged on Monday! (cept of course for weigh ins and such.) I was up and moving the next day as soon as they would let me out of bed, and haven’t really had any issues since! All-in-all it was a pretty easy recovery! Plus we couldn’t be more in love with our little critter!

Daddy the marshmallow!

Awaiting the c-section

My post c-section belly

Us right after we got in the room post c-sec

Me, Kaylee (DB’s DD) and Allexxa

Allexxa and her new teddy, bigger than she is!

My mom with Allexxa

Daddy and Allexxa playing DS in the hospital

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My name is August and I don't have a birth story, but I have had a c-section. My first birth was vaginal and drug free, my second birth was emergency c-section. My third child is due in October and I chose to have a c-section with this one too. Both experiences were positive and neither were scary, however, I feel fear this time.
When I arrived at the hospital the second time, I was in hard labor and very close to pushing. This is when they realized all was not well and the birth would not happen vaginally. At this point, I didn't care, I was in pain, ready to give birth and it was do or die. I don't really remember much, except the pain before the spinal. I remember being a little frightened in surgery and praying feeling would come back in recovery, but I was mostly happy that baby was healthy and I was no longer in pain. I remember leaning over for the spinal, but I felt no pain other than the labor pains.
I'm scared because this time, I know it will be different and I'll have to go through it all in my right mind.

I'm thankful to find this board and support as well. Why does there seem to be a negative stigma about c-sections? At a time when we need postitive affirmation, it seems so out of place. It makes me feel bad.
Thanks for listening and it's nice to be here.

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I am new here, and so I thought I would add my story to the list.
DH and I have been married since October 1999. We decided to wait about a year to try for children, then we had problems. It took 3 years to get pregnant with our Twin boys. I finally resorted to clomid, and after one unsuccessful cycle, it worked! Because twins are considered "high risk", I was monitored very carefully. By 34 weeks, baby 'a' was still breech, so we went ahead and scheduled a c-section at 38 weeks.

I don't have any horror stories. Everything went very smoothly. I went to the hospital early that morning and was all prepped for surgery. They asked if I wanted the catheter before or after I had the spinal, and I said after....that was something I didn't want to feel!
They didn't have any scrubs that really fit DH...he is a big guy! So he got to wear a long coat thing and he was there to hold my hand the whole time. Seth was first. He was still breech, so as soon as the cut my uterus open, he stuck his foot out. He was ready to be out of there! The Drs. didn't show him to me right away. I think that is because they were getting ready to get Andrew out. He was way up in my ribs and they had to 'jump' on my chest and belly to get him down far enough to grab him. It was a funny sight, seeing the drs bouncing up and down over the sheet. They finally got him out, and they showed him to me over the sheet and he was crying. It was wonderful. They let me see and kind of nuzzle both boys before they took them to get weighed and measured and checked out. I don't remember much of them stitching me up. I do remember I got to hold the boys shorly after in recovery, and then I nursed them soon after that. It was a good day over all. I was up and walking later that same day, and it was painful, but I was a little wary of taking the painkillers... Once I learned how helpful they were, it was a fairly easy recovery. I was home 4 days later with two healthy little boys.

I am not sure I have completely gotten over the disappointment of having to have a c-section, but I am having another one in a I guess I better!

Thanks for the support of this board. It is wonderful!

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I'm a newbie here too-- relieved and happy to find this support group. My LO, Ryan, was born almost 7 weeks ago at 39 weeks.

The day started normal, we went to church in the morning and then my DH dropped me off at work. No sooner had I put my bag down did I feel what I thought was my water breaking. Went into the public bathroom (I work at a University) and saw blood everywhere- floor, pants, toilet, etc. I hobbled out of the stall to get my cell phone to call DH to pick me up. Long story short, I never quit bleeding and the drs found out that a few days before my placenta on the left side had detached, was calcified and had blood clots. I wasn't dilated hardly at all and they decided at noon to do a c-section, which was completed within 43 minutes of the decision. Thankfully, my DH had been shadowing our dr in preparation for med school and was able to be in the delivery room even though I was completely put under.

I am still dealing with the suddenity of it all and am very proud to be this LO's mom.

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My C-Section Story

Hi. My name is Melissa and I am a new mommy and new to this site. My little boy was born on February 25 (ten days early), 7lbs 5 oz, 20 1/2 inches long.
My contractions were mild at first, but were 3-5 min apart consistently, so we went to the hospital. To make a long story short, when I was finally dialate to 3cm, Dr. came in and broke my water. Contractions were then HORRIBLE. But, they needed to get some more fluid in me before giving me the epidural. Also, after broke water, baby had meconium. So, they had to flush that out as well. I finally got the epidural. The nurse left the room and 5 min later came running back in having me flip onto one side, than the other than all fours. My baby's heart rate had dropped to the 40's and they were trying to startle him to get him to "wake up". During all of this commotion my doctor was no where to be found. Apparently she had broke my water and then decided to go home. BUT, none of the nurses could find her or knew where she was. THey could not get my baby's heart rate up so they rushed me into the OR for an emergency c-section. They still could not locate my doctor, so a different surgeon had to begin.
Unfortunately, the epidural had not completely kicked in yet, so I felt them begin the incision and I was hyperventilating bc I was so scared. So, I think they gave me some medicine either through IV or through oxygen mask. My poor husband was finally allowed in the room when they decided not to put me under completely and we held eachothers hands and cried and cried. Everything is a husband said to me they got him out...and we waited to hear the first cry. I don't remember any of this and I am so sad over it. In fact, i have to try not to think about the fact that I did not hear my baby's first cries. I don't really remember my baby's first day of life.
I had some complications after the c-section, but am healthy and can't complain. most importantly, my baby seems to be 100% healthy and ver happy. He is now 9 weeks old and such a blessing. I just wish I did not have anger toward my doc and such confusion as to why she left (they did find her in the middle of the c-section and she assisted-I THINK) I am sad that I don't remember much about my baby's birth. I need to let it go bc I am grateful we are both healthy. Can anyone relate to this??

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I've been lurking, so I thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm Alika, 25 years old, FTM to ds Julian who was born June 13, 2007. I was induced 9 days past due. There was some concern that the baby was big, and I was flat out ready to be done being pregnant.

I labored for 26 hours. My cervix was very uncooperative, and it took a lot of time and pitocin to coax it to fully dilate. I had an epidural, but a 'window' allowed me to feel pretty much everything on my cervix, including quite a bit of pain and pressure... not fun. Being able to feel came in handy when it came time to push, but after two hours they realized that Julian was sunny-side-up. The doctor tried to turn him internally (um, ouch?) and realized that there wasn't enough room for him to pass through my pelvis and there was no way he was turning. By this time, I was pretty much begging for a c-section.

It was nice that I'd already had an epi. The anesthesiologist came in right away and upped the dose to a surgical level, which finally made my window go away and for the first time I was able to relax.

DH used to work as a surgical technician and did more than his fair share of c-secs, so I was actually a lot more comfortable with that than I was with the vaginal birth. I joked with the doctor the whole time, and tried to see over the curtain.

Because Julian was so far down and turned so funny, they struggled to get him out with the standard horizontal cut at the bikini line. As time passed, the doctor decided that a T-incision was necessary. I don't regret this at all. My doctor did a great job with the surgery, and I completed trust her judgment.

I've had people tell me that they feel sorry for me because of the surgery. One woman even went so far as to say that I should sue the doctor for the T-incision. But I don't feel that way at all. I'm not the least bit resentful of my c-section. I have had a very easy recovery (5 weeks pp tomorrow) and my incision is beautiful... I attribute this to my doctor's skills. I know people have gone for VBAC after a t-incision, but with my next, and final, I will be scheduling another c-section.

Anyway, that's my story. I hope to get to know you all better!

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c cut indecision

When I remained pregnant, almost by chance, I was sure that my experience would have been completely natural and easygoing, as that was my attitude towards lots of things at the time and because I had great confidence that my body would have done its duty properly. I had always had very regular periods, a gynaecologist described me as a model for medical books once she visited me during ovulation and my mum had had two amazing pregnancies and deliveries with me and my sister, she doesn’t even remember much of them, so easy they went.
Anyway the first ‘blow’ to this positivism I received when the tri-test I took at week 17 resulted positive for Down syndrome. My partner and I were put in front of the hardest of decisions, with so little information and experience at our disposal (we were both living away from our homes and felt quite isolated). We were asked if we wanted to proceed with the amnio, even though it entailed a 1:100 risk of miscarriage. After a week of statistic and philosophical discussions (and lots of emotions) we decided to go for it. But the huge stress we were experiencing was multiplied tenfold when during the scan preceding the amnio they identified a problem with one of the foetus’ kidney. It looked huge and the doctor was quite worried herself. They couldn’t give us any further information (or hypothesis or reassurance, for that matter) and the amnio was carried out with me in tears and my partner holding my hand tight. By that time the baby had started making some serious moving in the belly, and I remember waking up at night, feeling him move, getting more and more attached to it and having to kill the love I started feeling for him , cause I could have lost him soon.
However when the results of the amnio came back they were completely ok. Only the kidney problem remained, but it was disconnected from any other birth defect in the baby. It had to be monitored but could only be tackled after delivery. We never received exhaustive explanations or scenarios during the time we spent abroad. Despite of this episode, my faith in the capacity of my body to carry out a perfect pregnancy wasn’t undermined, I could separate a developmental accident from what depended on me. I also followed on with my easygoing attitude, continuing to work (two jobs at the time, one of which at nights), going through two house changes, swimming three to four times a week, going out with friends whenever I could, eating healthily but not obsessively careful with food, wearing my normal clothes only slightly adjusted to the huge naked belly that was popping out and being proud of it.
By the eighth month of my pregnancy we decided to go back to my home town, just because there was a very good paediatric hospital that could deal with the kidney problem. Everybody was amazed at the size of my belly, some people guessing it was twins, some others guessing it was a boy because of the shape of it, but I never went in the street without someone commenting on it. I got more and more proud of it and of my capacity of being a fulfilled woman, especially in front of my partner, with whom I always had an issue of being second choice for him.
It was very hard to transfer all the information of the previous eight months to the new hospital in my hometown, and there was a lot of confusion. I was very ignorant of how the whole system worked, as I had spent so many years abroad, had never to deal with hospitals, never took a pre pregnancy course and read very little and heard even less. I had to take loads of exams (cause I didn’t do any during my time abroad) and regular scans for the baby problem. The first time the word ‘caesarean’ was pronounced was during the visit I had with a new gynaecologist, when he measured the size of the baby, and was worried that he might have been too big. Finally, the hypothesis of a c-cut was sanctioned when during one of the scans, two days before the due date, a female doctor from the hospital suggested that the size of the baby (estimated at 4.2kg) might have required it and despite there was no connection with his kidney problem it might have been a safer option in case the baby had to suffer further because of complications at delivery. She told me to make a decision straight away if I wanted a programmed c-cut, but she practically made it for me when she told me to go and speak to the anaesthetist. After waiting a couple of hours I finally got to speak with the anaesthetist that considering my utter puzzlement and confusion suggested me to speak with my gynaecologist first to make a more informed decision. My doctor was on holiday (it was the end of July) and I saw another old doctor at the hospital that basically just made me a referral letter for a c-cut after visiting me, without much talking about the pros and cons of either delivery method. With more and more confusion growing inside me, and my mum and my partner unable to help me to make a choice and themselves puzzled by the whole process, I checked in the hospital to have the c-cut. It was the weirdest of feelings as I was perfectly well had no distress and very few signs of labour (had experienced some very strong Braxton-hicks contractions a few days before, and felt a few at night but they always disappeared), had never been in a hospital and was not really sure what I was doing there.
I have to say between brackets that the hospital where I was going to deliver had as a priority the well being of the babies. Also my home country has a high rate of caesareans and the epidural is a norm to guarantee little suffering for the mums. Instead I had always figured my delivery as a very intimate moment of which, despite the pain and the enormous stress, I would ‘savour’ everything, in intimacy with my partner that would have been there, maybe holding me while I was being a woman, fulfilled and complete. I wanted so much a natural birth, away from the devices, sophistication and coldness of modern medicine. Checking in for a c-cut was in many ways a shock and a surreal experience. People around me however, being it relatives, friends and patients at the hospital, where strongly pushing me towards the surgical birth for the well being of the baby that was already compromised (even if no link existed between the kidney problem and the necessity of a c cut), and filling my mind with horror stories of traumatic natural births.
The day after I was checked in (I had been fasting for 24 hours and shaved, and given an enema) my partner came in first thing in the morning and I’ll never forget that look of expectation in his eyes. I realised in that moment how much he wanted to be a father and how eager he was of finally seeing the baby that day but I also realised how little he cared about me and my birth experience and I understood why he never helped me to go through the choice from my point of view and not just ‘the safety of the baby’ argument, which after all held only in part. I felt like I was only a vessel to deliver his baby, the same baby that I had desperately clung onto when I had the amnio and that I had wanted more than anything else. I felt utterly betrayed.
Endless hours went by while I was waiting to be called in the operating theatre, with my mind fighting to make sense of the conflict inside me and trying to convince myself that I was doing the best, but secretly hoping for a bomb to go off in the hospital so I would have to avoid the hated c-cut. The bomb in fact went off when an emergency c-cut had to be performed and I was informed, a few hours later and at that point thinking I was going to faint out of hunger and heat, that my operation wouldn’t have taken place until the following day. That was my moment and I immediately told the doctor that if that was the case I would have waited at least a few more days before the c-cut, to attempt natural birth. I felt so thrilled and relieved by my decision wouldn’t believe. It was as if I had received the pardon while in the green mile. However I turned to look my partner in the eyes, and his disappointment was maybe grater than my relief. I felt immediately so guilty, towards him and the people surrounding me, as if my selfishness and laziness would determine the baby’s suffering. I felt so bad and coward when everybody was asking about the baby while I was staying safely in my house making time.
Days went by and my due date passed. Stories about babies dying in the womb multiplied. With my partner we decided that if nothing happened within five days from due date (full moon was arriving and I naively believed that it might help…) I would think about c-cut again. Needless to say nothing happened, I went to the hospital on the third day after due date and my gynaecologist checked me and without consulting me told me that he had signed me for a c-cut two days later. My partner pinpointed that it was also the term we had given ourselves to consider c-cut again, so he though that everything was falling into place. I desperately hoped for the baby to come out before. My partner’s whole family also were coming over for the great event (flight booked months in advance around due date, as if I was a swiss clock) and pressure on me was greater than ever.
Checked in again, same procedure (fasting shaving praying for baby to come) again. The night before the operation, having the full moon failed, I even convinced my partner to have an intercourse in the toilet of the hospital, hoping that it would prompt labour. He left at 9ish that night and at around 1.00 am I woke up with mild contractions. Started measuring their frequency, they were 5 mins apart but did not hurt much. Tried to go back to sleep, listened to some music waiting to see what happened, finally when they did not stop after 3 hours I called the nurse and she brought me to delivery room for monitoring. It was cold, as I had read in books about delivery, and there was a bath for water delivery. During the half hour I was being monitored I heard the whole natural birth of a woman whom I had seen getting in. she had fully dilated in an hour and after 6 or 7 screams that got as high pitched as in an horror movie and after complaining once for the pain, amid the loving and encouraging voices of the midwives, finally the baby was out and when he cried I cried all the tears I was left with, out of envy for the loss I was going to face. The gynaecologist on duty checked me while I was being monitored, commanding me to get my knickers off as if he was going to have sex with me. He prescribed my some anti spastic medication for what he described as ‘a nuisance’ (those that for other women were contractions). When I asked him if labour had started all he told me was: what I was thinking it was (considering I had passed the term by 5 days) and when I refused to take his med he got really angry and slandered me telling me that it was late at night and he did not want to have to perform an emergency c-cut. He or the midwives did not give me any information I had the right to about the state of my labour. They did not tell me if I had dilated, effaced or if I was experiencing real contractions and how intense they were, even if I insisted to know.
A few hours later my boyfriend came to the hospital, the scene from the previous week repeated. Again he was so eager and when I told him exactly what had happened a few hours earlier, all he did was suggesting we would report the doctor I had to deal with for lack of professionalism but did not question the c-cut choice, even if the evidence that I did not want it was blatant.
When the time came and I finally entered the op theatre I was shaking so much that nurses were wondering why, but they remitted it to the cold and the fear, which was in part true. One of the nurses asked me my address for the medical file and when I told her I could not remember it properly (cause we had just moved) she told me off and I even overheard her complaining with the surgeon about how stupid I was. The operation itself was surreal, helped by the heavy doses of morphine. I could not feel any pain but I could not withstand all that tugging and pulling. I could only imagine with disgust what it was. Could hardly hear baby screaming when out, I rather heard the nurse registering the time of birth (10.30 am). someone went out to tell mum and my boyfriend that baby had born. They later told me that they hugged when they knew, which I thought was as artificial and meaningless as ever. People hug out of relief when there is some apprehension and uncertainty, as in natural births. Hugging for a planned c-cut is only an absurd and manieristic formality, and I hate them for having done so, making me feel even more fake.
I barely saw the baby too: I was given him and I was transported in a room where my partner was waiting for me, while the waited for the anesthetic to taper off. I was so immobilised by I.V. tubes that could not even see baby in the face despite the fact I was holding him. Then, back in hospital room, a horde of relatives and friends was there and I could literally not hold the baby until late that night, when they finally finished their turns to hold him and left, and I could feed him. Still could not see his face because of my immobility and the position I was in. Only once he lifted his large, loaf like face towards me at the end of a feed, and I realized how beautiful he was for the first time after 12 hours from delivery.
The following days were so busy that I did not have any time to think about the birth, and I had somewhat convinced myself that it was the best option, given the weight of the baby, given I was almost a week past the due date and baby was only getting bigger, given I had no signs of labour (or at least so I thought), and given the baby problem. It was only a month after delivery that the whole absurdity of it came back down to me. It happened that the ex girlfriend of my partner had just had her baby. I remember when she got pregnant and she told him I got a bit jealous cause they were still very attached and I felt as if she was robbing me the scene a little bit (somewhat he seemed as proud of her pregnancy as of mine!). He also missed a very important visit to the doctor towards the end of my pregnancy to attend her wedding back home, and again I felt a little bit resented. Now she called him to communicate the happy news, and she described in detail for an hour all the troubles of the 30 hours labour she had to go through. Again I won’t forget the shocked expression on his face while on the phone, the apprehension listening to her story of the real labour of a real woman, the sympathising and the anger that she had to go through all that, what a hero she was! I immediately felt a coward for not even attempting a natural birth and I felt how absurd it was to have missed the whole experience of natural birth (and how incomplete I was as a woman and how the bonding with my child was compromised and how much a c-cut is can impact on further pregnancies). I felt cheated, stupid and manipulated, I felt as I had been kidnapped by aliens and missed a huge opportunity in my life, I felt guilty because I was misinformed and especially I felt I had the agency to make a choice and did not use it. I realised that I was happy I had a beautiful baby but that I never felt as he was my baby. It was as the connection I had developed with him over 9 months had been truncated with the operation.
Lately however I found more peace of mind through the feeling that I did it out of love for my baby, that alone is probably enough to justify my decision.

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My name is Ashley. I live in Jarrell Texas. I have two wonderful kids Kayla (4) and little Bryan(17 months). I have been married to my dh, Bryan, for almost 5 years. I just thought I would share my c-section stories with yall.

I went into my doctors office for my last check up on monday. I was due the week before. At my appt my doctor (which I love so much) scheduled my induction for that friday. He also decided to "strip my membrane" which BTW hurts pretty bad. That night I went home, and lost my mucus plug, but no contractions. (bummer!!!) Bright and early Friday morning we went to the hospital. My doctor comes in and breaks my water and starts pitocin. (my sister had a very quick labor the week before so I assumed I was going to be the same way! YEAH RIGHT!!!) My contractions started within an hour of the start of pitocin. I layed around the hospital in pain. My family kept trying to talk me into getting an epidural, but I was scared of it. My poor husband (youngest of 3 boys) just couldnt believe what was going on. Finially after 5 hours of laying there and taking the contractions, i opted for my epidural. My doctor came in and checked me ( he doesnt like giving epidurals before 4cm dialated). He said that he could STRETCH me to a 4, so I could go ahead and get it! (THANK YOU DOC.) Nothing much happend after that. My nurse would check me every once in a while and I was staying at a 4. My doctor comes in and checks on me at 8pm. My dh had just stepped out to get something to eat. So My doctor checks me and I was still at a 4. He told me that he thought it would be in my best interest to go ahead and have a c-section because the risk of infection was getting greater by the minute. I FLIPPED OUT. I was so scared. my poor dh comes in to find me hysterical. I didnt really have a birth plan but a c-setion was NOT apart of what I wanted. So they prep me, the whole 9 yards and get me into the OR. I already had the epidural so all they had to do was turn it up. It seemed like I was in the OR 2 min before my dh came in. God Bless Him. He was so upset. He had never seen me so upset. What seemed like 2 more minutes I hear my baby cry. My doctor announces that "ITS A GIRL!" All I could do was cry. They show her to me over the curtan and then take her to get warm and toastey! They show her to me one more time before they take her off to get her bath and weight and measured. My doctor sews me up, and takes me back to my room. My sister comes into my room about 20min after I got back in there to tell my that my baby girl has SO much hair, the prettiest lips shes ever seen on a baby, and has my dh's baby toe (his sticks up in the air). Finially after what seems like forever they bring me my baby girl. Kayla weight in at 7 pounds 4 ounces and 21in long. She was born at 9:41 PM on October 17th.

My son was a completely different story. We knew from the time I found out I was pregnant with him that I was going to have a c-section. We went to our last appt on Tuesday (our c-setions was suppost to be scheduled for Wednesday) and found out my Doctors assistent forgot to schedule it so I have to suffer being pregnant for one more day. We went in at 6am on Thursday and the preped me for my c-section. I was suppost to go in at 7am, but another girl had an emergancy so I had to wait. This c-section was way different from my first. I was wide awake, and alert. My spinial wouldnt work, so they ended up going ahead and doing another epidural. Finially after what felt like FOREVER I hear my doctor say "We have a head...and its a big head!" As soon as I fill the pressure release and they pull my baby out my nurse says "Its a boy, AND HES PEEING!!!" I will never forget that!!! My baby boy weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and 21 in long. He was born June 1st 2006 at 8:23 am. AND HE HAS MY DH's BABY TOE TOO!!!

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My name is Mandy. I am from Cleveland, Oh. My baby boy was born December 19th, 2007. DH and I have been married for over a year - it was a year in October.

We were only married for six months when we decided we would try to make a baby. I was having problem with the birth control. I was bleeding for three weeks, and my doctor changed my BC but it was more expensive than what I was taking. I talked to DH and we both decided we could start trying. We are both older - so we did not want to wait to any longer, esp. since we are going to have more than one. I wasn't getting my period. I took a test on Mother's Day and I thought it was negative. I was not feeling good that day either, but I thought it was something else. Finally, in July I went to the doctor and she confirmed that I was pregnant. I was three months pregnant already. I thought since I had my period for three weeks, I would not get it for three months - Oops!

My pregnancy was so easy at first. I really did not have Morning sickness. I felt icky a couple of days, but it was not too bad. When I hit the 34th week, things started to happen. My blood pressure went up so high that I had to be put on Bedrest and go to the hospital for the weekend. I had to stop working, and just wait. On Monday Dec. 17th - I talked to my doctor about getting me induced or whatever. Tuesday Dec. 18th - I went for a biophysical U/S and the doctor decided to induce me because everything looked good. He would be small, but everything was developed. The only thing the doctor did not tell me, he was worried about the NST the day before. I was on there for an hour, he did not like what he saw. He did not want to tell me, since my blood pressure was already high.

I went in Tuesday night to get induced. As I was getting induced, baby's heartrate was going down. They had to give me oxygen and wait and see if they wanted to continue to induce or do c-section. My wonderful doctor and nurse were in total contact the whole night. They decided to do a c-section since they were not sure how Nicholas would handle the other way.
I was so scared. I never had surgery before. My doctor did a great job. My DH was wonderful. The nurse that was in there all night with me, was in surgery too, just to make sure I was okay. I felt a little tug, that was all. The spinal was not that bad. Recovery was okay. I was sick, felt like I was going to throw up and I was in and out of sleep. I wanted to hold my baby so bad, but I could not lift my head off the pillow.
In the end, I got my little peanut and he is great!
Here are the Stats:
Nicholas Anthony
December 19th, 2007
4 pounds 12 ounces
18 inches

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I'm Christina and I'm from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. I had to have a scheduled c-section due to the baby's size and my small frame.

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008: I tried to get things settled down around the house and went to bed as early as possible. Of course, with the nerves for the next day, I didn't sleep that much (neither did Vince).

Monday, February 4th, 2008: We had to report to Fairview Hospital at 5:30am. Vince went and parked the car and I waited for him in the ER waiting area. We had a wheeled piece of luggage and this random patient/friend/visitor (?) helped us roll it up to the OB ward (Vince had to push me in the wheelchair). Random guy left and Vince and I went right in to the recovery area of the Birthing Center.

After I changed and Vince put on scrubs, the nurses prepped me and took all of my vitals and had me answer TONS of questions. The nurse anesthetist came in and it was literally his FIRST day on the job, so he was all sorts of confused with the paperwork and writing the stuff down. Made me a bit more nervous than I already was. He explained what the meds were for the spinal and then had me sign off on more paperwork.

About 7:00am, my Mom came back to recovery to make sure I was okay and to give me a hug and a kiss prior to the c-section. She could tell I was nervous. I was rolled in to the surgical room at 7:35am. My OB met me there and she kept me calm (along with a nurse) while the anesthesiologist taught the nurse anesthetists how to administer the spinal. Let me tell you, it worked pretty darn quickly. After I was given the spinal, Vince was allowed in.

All I really remember was that he stayed behind the drape up by my head. I did hear the OB say, 'rupture,' and about a minute later, she told Vince that if he wanted to see anything, now was the time to look (evidently, my rupture was pretty um, big, because there were splatters all the way up to the nurse anesthetist BEHIND my head). Out came Jacob at a nice 8 pound, 11.7 ounces and 20.25 inches long. Full head of hair and lungs that were working! Vince and I both cried.

After a few more minutes, Vince left me and went to the baby and did the Daddy duty of cutting the cord. I'm not too sure what happened after that, because he was escorted out of the room and they stitched me up and got me ready for recovery.

I went to the recovery and that's when I had the worst part of the whole 10 months. I never puked during my pregnancy, but I puked 3 times in recovery (due to the spinal drugs). Not too pleasant of a feeling when you have no feeling from your waist down and you're super drowsy.

They brought the baby in to us (my Mom and Vince were both there) and I got to hold him and put him to my chest right then. I'm not sure if he latched on at that point or not. Eventually, I got transferred up to the regular post partum room and the baby was in the regular nursery (this was about 2 hours later).

The rest of Monday was spent visiting with my Mom and Vince's family along with sleeping and working with Jacob getting him to breastfeed. That night I was able to walk about my room from the bed to the bathroom with the assistance of a nurse's aide. It was great to have feeling back in my lower body.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008: I finally got the Foley catheter removed (not my IV heplock though). So, I was free to shower and move about. It was super nice. More people visited and I was able to spend time with Vince, my Mom, and the baby. My friends Jeneanne, Christie, and Jen came and visited, alon with my Aunt Karen and cousin Colleen. He did lose some weight overnight, which was normal, so we weren't too worried. I know my milk hadn't come in yet, but he was feeding on the good ol' colostrum.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008: Today was NOT a good day. Again, Jacob lost more weight. He was down to about 7 pounds, 14 ounces or so. I did finally get up and showered and put on some clothes other than the hospital gown. I decided to take Jacob to the lactation support group in the nursery. The LC was helpful and saw that he was latching on okay. However, that morning, he was trying to feed literally every hour on the hour. It was very tiring.

After the lactation support class, Vince and I wanted a refresher in the bath class, so we wheeled Jacob back to the nursery. Again, he was so hungry, I had to leave the room and continue feeding. It just wasn't a good morning.

Vince's business partner and his boss visited so that was nice to see them.

The hunger didn't stop for Jacob. It got to the point where the nurse gave him 20mL of formula just to settle him down. A pacifier worked, as did a finger, but it turns out, he was just that hungry. Again, my milk hadn't come in yet (I was 2 days from the c-section).

On top of Jacob's hunger, I found out during the lactation group that I was severely iron deficient. Another colleague of my OB came in to tell me that I was very low and that I was on the road to a BLOOD TRANSFUSION. I was like, 'are you kidding me? I feel fine!' Anyway, they gave me an IV of Venefer (which looked like thick syrup -- it was sugar and iron. Nothing more than that).

That IV took about 2-3 hours to run it's course. Then my arm was so hard and it had so much pressure from the IV on it. Turns out that my heplock was infused and that's why it hurt so badly! I was in tears when they took the IV out (and I have a pretty high pain tolerance -- I'm the type to WATCH them put needles in and stuff).

Jacob was still super fussy when my Uncle, cousin, her boyfriend, and inlaws visited that night. It was just so frustrating that I was crying all over again. Christie and my Mom were there most of the afternoon and they could see how rough it was for me. Vince was good about holding the baby and helping him latch on (not at all the problem), but it just wasn't going well.

That night, I slept pretty well and fed Jacob when he was brought in to the room. He seemed okay.

Thursday, February 7th, 2008: Again, another day of weight loss. This time, he was under 7 1/2 pounds. Still no milk yet (3 days post partum -- I learned that you don't actually count the day of the birth). I went to the lactation class again, and Jacob was still latching quite well.

I felt better and I decided to go in normal clothes again. The nice thing was that we didn't have any visitors (except my Mom) for the day and Vince and I took it easy with the baby. It wasn't a bad day at all.

My blood work came back and I didn't have much of a jump in my iron count, so AGAIN, I had to have the IV of Venefer. Fortunately, they put the heplock in the other arm and it didn't hurt at all. (It's been over a week, and my original heplock arm is still bruised and sore)!

I didn't sleep well that night, and I think it was more because I was worried about my milk and also anxious to be discharged on Friday.

Friday, February 8th, 2008: Vince came in and had Jacob's car seat ready to go. However, he was down to 7 pounds, 2 ounces and had a bit of a fever. That tipped the nurses and my pediatrician off.

Here's the scary part: The pediatrician was concerned about infection and the fact that Jacob kept losing weight. So, he had him admitted to the NICU. This is where I just started crying. The main reason he was losing weight was because my milk still had not come in yet. I find out that sometimes, milk production is delayed in 1st time Moms, and with c-section deliveries. Well, there's 2 strikes against me. Of course, I feel totally guilty like it's my fault.

They take Jacob to the NICU, and I'm still not even discharged. We got my staples taken out and went through the process of what to do upon discharge later in the evening. When we went to the NICU, Jacob was the biggest baby there (fortunately; it was so heartbreaking to be there with a relatively healthy baby -- my heart went out to all of those families.) and he was hooked up to wires and IVs. They gave him antibiotics to see if he had any infections (he didn't) and they were loading him up with fluids. Turns out, he was dehydrated, a lot.

While in the NICU, we worked on breastfeeding with a supplemental nursing system from Medela. After the breastfeeding, we gave him 60mL (2 ounces) of formula to make sure he was getting enough. Plus, I pumped after every feeding to stimulate my supply. It was very tiring and hard, but we kept it up because I really wanted to make sure he got breastmilk as much as possible (the neonatalogist and NICU nurses agreed).

We left the NICU and I got discharged around 7:00pm that night. We went back down to the NICU and stayed there until about 9:00pm. Then Vince and I went home because of sheer exhaustion. It was awful going home without the baby with us.

Saturday, February 9th, 2008: After pumping throughout the night and calling the NICU early in the morning, we got back to the hospital around 8:00am. I began the supplemental nursing system and pumping right away. Turns out, Jacob's fever was down and his weight was 7 pounds, 8 ounces! Plus, there was no infection. He still had IV fluids going and was in an isolette, but he was on his way to recovery. His skin tone was better and he was starting to be more alert and content as opposed to being so agititated like he was in the regular nursery.

We stayed until about 9:00pm that night too. We both spent the day holding him and feeding him and just staying close. My milk FINALLY started coming in (5 days post partum). Now we needed to stop and see what my supply would be.

Sunday, February 10th, 2008: After pumping throughout the night and calling the NICU early in the morning, we got back to the hospital around 8:00am. Jacob's temperature was normal and he was up to 7 pounds, 12 ounces or so. We got to the hospital and I started breastfeeding and Vince gave him a bottle while I pumped. That routine went all day.

The neonatologist gave me a prescription for Reglan, which is a drug to help increase my milk supply. She was fine with his progress, but wanted me to still breastfeed, supplement, and pump to keep my supply going and to be sure he was getting enough. I started the drug that afternoon after Vince and I had lunch.

Jacob was totally off of IV fluids by the evening, they wanted to see if he would maintain weight and keep the fever off. Fortunately, he did. The nurse was pretty confident that he would be discharged on Monday. Vince and I stayed until about 9:00pm and kept up the holding, feeding, supplementing, pumping routine.

Monday, February 11th, 2008: After pumping throughout the night and calling the NICU early in the morning, we got back to the hospital around 8:00am. His fever was gone and he was up to 8 pounds, 2 ounces!

Let's not forget that this was the coldest day of the year AND he was able to be discharged. The neonatalogist who admitted Jacob also discharged him. He told us that it was strictly dehydration as to what got him in the NICU in the first place. He explained what to look for and also what we needed to do as far as feeding was concerning. We stayed with the breastfeeding, supplementing (preferrably with breastmilk), and pumping for 15 minutes routine.

We dressed him up and took him home. My Mom met us there to help get us situated and settled in. He ate well and the dog and cats didn't seem to mind him. Vince and I both took naps when we were able to.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008: Our 1st pediatrician appointment and Jacob was 8 pounds, 4 ounces! He agreed to stick with the feeding plan.

That's Jacob's birth story. Sorry it's so long, but there was a lot of detail and unexpected events that went along with it!

Oh well, the bottom line is that he's home and he's healthy!

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I guess I'm coming out of lurkdom.

my name is CJ and I had my little sunshine via c/s last May.
my c/s story:
I went in for a regular NST/OBGYN appointment at 40W1D. NST tech had problems to get the NST numbers due to a not cooperation child (she was always that stubborn), so in to the u/s. Everything looked fine, but tech was a little concerned since the AF level had dropped since the other check from 2 weeks ago. I didn't think I anythig would happen since I was scheduled for induction 5 days later anyways. But the u/s doc decisded it was time to admit me. So I went 2 floor up into L&D.
At noon the inserted a folley bulb to help me dilate to at least 3 so they could start the pitocin. Folley fell out at about 4:00 pm and close to 4 cm. They started the pit and decided they had to monitor my baby constantly. Unfortunately she did not cooperate (like usual) and the nurse had to came in a million times to adjust the belts and monitors because it couldn't pick up the hb good. By 11:00 pm they decided to break my water to put an internal monitor onto my babys head. After that and the pitocion up to count 10 it really got ugly painful. My contractions came in right after each other and full force. By 4:00 am I asked to be checked and when the doc said I was just at 5 cm I begged for an epi. Epi came in sometimes around 6 or so, I was 6 cm and I could sleep a little. By noon, 12 hrs after breaking my water, I was still at the 6 cm. Another doc, the 3rd one due to shift changes for me, came in, checked me and told me to think about a c/s, it was 1:00 pm and I could feel the contractions in my behind. I was laying in that bed on my right side since midnight, I couldn't change positions because babys heartrate would drop, a sign that she probably had the cord wrapped or was laying on it. At 2 pm they checked again, me still on 6 cm and babys hb dropping. I made the decision to give my ok for the c/s.
the anestesiologist (sp?) topped the epi and my nurse gave me some nasty stuff to drink that was suppost to neutralize stomach acid so I wouldn't get sick. Guess what, I made me sick. I was lying in the OR, they started opening me, I still had the oxygen mask (since hours) on me and felt like I had to throw up. I paniced because I thought I would choke on my own throw up. They gave me something and I just hoped it would be over soon. I remember the first words of the doc were "look at those chubby cheeks" and my baby was born at 3:57 pm. the nurse held the baby over the curtain, but I couldn't see her because that damn curtain was hanging in my face and she took the baby already to the check up together with my DH. I was crying because I hadn't seen her and hubby was gone. I thought, damn, here I'm lying now and nobody cares. DH came back with the baby just for a minute because he had to leave with her so they could close me up.
The whole thing was really quick, probably because I had the head surgeon and was the 4th emergency c/s and followed by another 4 for this day. they wheeled me back to the L&D room instead of recovery because recovery was full. But I was doing better with my L&D anyways. I had the shakes real bad and had to have a couple of warm blankets and still couldn't hold my baby because I was shaking so bad. but I could have her on my chest, at least that. I also was able to latch her on (with nurses help) for her first nursing.
I was really terrified by the thought of the c/s befor I had one. I thougth I wouldn't be able to do anything, but it was actually not that bad. I was allow to take a shower the next morning and I had only problems with getting out of the bed for the first couple of hours.
Recovery went well so far. I only had problems with one little bity stich that would close up (or most likely opened up from doing too much), so I had to pack that little hole for a few weeks.

We are going to start TTC next month and if I have to have another c/s so be it

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My story

Hi my name is Martie and my DH is Carel. Our DS, Marcel, was born on October 04 2005 after being in a transverse lie. We live in South Africa.

This is my story. Sorry it is very long...

Long before I even wanted children, I was determined to have a completely natural birth. During my pregnancy I read up on everything I could get my hands on relating to vaginal births. I did all the necessary kegel exercises. I’ve done the perineal massages and drank raspberry leaf tea – everything to prepare myself for having a natural birth. I never even paid much attention when they discussed c/sections at our pre-natal classes because I wasn’t going to do that. But…things don’t always end up the way you plan or the way you hope and I ended up with an emergency c/section. This is my story.

I went for my last scheduled weekly OB checkup on Friday Sept 30 2005 and we found that baby was head down again and 3/5 engaged and I was 2cm dialted. OB was very hopeful that labor would start soon but she was also worried because there was little amnio fluid left and baby’s movements slowed down drastically. She told me to go home and wait it out as she thought labor would start soon and I’d have my baby over that weekend. WRONG! I was also told that if nothing happened by my due date on Oct 03, I should see her again on the next day (Tuesday) to discuss induction because she was a bit scared to make me walk too far over my time seeing that DS already measured 42w on the u/sound.

So… the weekend came and went with me anxiously checking my body for the slightest twinge or contraction that would indicate labor. Sure I still got the BH contractions and they grew in intensity, but the pains just stayed in my lower back and lower abdomen. My due date (Monday 03 Oct ‘05) came and I sent DH to work, telling him nothing was going to happen. (Since the beginning of my pregnancy I had this idea that I’d go into labor during the early morning of my due date, and me telling my DH in the morning as he prepare to go to work not to bother and rather take me to the hospital. Oh well… things don’t always go the way you plan. This I know now.) I decided to venture into the shops, trying to WALK myself into labor until I just finally didn’t have the strength in me to make another step, so I dragged myself to the car and just sat there for about 10 minutes with the aircon blowing at full speed while I catch my breath and head home. After I got home I fell on the bed and slept for almost 4 hours until DH got home.

At this stage I felt like crying because the day was almost over and I was heading for the “overdue club”. DH decided to take me out for dinner (our last dinner for “just the 2 of us” and we once again walked around to try and speed things up. We knew that we’d make a definite decision by the next day and that we’d have our baby with us pretty soon (if not the next day, the day after that).

I had to see the OB at 8:45 on Tuesday October 04, but after a good night’s sleep, I woke up at about 06:00 and I got really nervous. I knew that something was wrong because the pressure was gone and I slept through without once needing to go to the loo for a wee. I also knew that an induction was waiting for me and the thought of having my baby that day was mind blowing! I went through my birth plan and re-wrote it about 3 times, then had breakfast and woke DH up. I was restless around the house so we went to his parents (who live about 3 blocks away from the OB) for tea and after that made our way for the last visit to the OB.

When we got there, I had to do the usual routine (pee’d on my hands with the stupid small cup for the last time too) and then it was time for the last examination. The OB was not impressed with what she felt. After baby was head down and 3/5 engaged on Friday, he pulled his head out of my pelvis again and he was in transverse position (shoulder breech). The u/s showed that there was basically no amnio fluid left (only 2 small puddles) and this was really alarming to the OB and she said we must get the baby out at one way or the other as soon as possible. She did an internal examination, but I was still at 2cm, no change from the previous Friday and still 0% effaced. She then said that it was highly unlikely that I would go into labor on my own because there seemed to be a problem with baby’s head not going further down the pelvis and to top it all he was now transverse. She couldn’t really say what caused it and she was afraid that the u/cord was around his body, pulling him back or if it was his head being too big or him just playing games with us. She recommended that we do c/section right away or as soon as possible to get him out. I asked her if there wasn’t a way to have him born vaginally and she was quite hesitant and told me since he was transverse and he had his head tilted backwards he wouldn’t come out and I’ll end up with a c/section anyway. She offered to give me an induction but said that because of baby’s size and the low amnio fluids and his high stress levels, she’d only give me 6 hours. She said she knew that I wanted to try natural labor and that she would be fine with whatever we decide to do. She then put me on the fetal heart monitor for 10 minutes and left us alone to make our decision.

I told DH that the health of our baby was more important to me than giving birth vaginally and I was really scared that something was wrong, because something caused him not to go further down the pelvis. It took us about 5 minutes to decide on doing the c-section, just because the risk of something going wrong was too big and we didn’t want to take any chances with our baby’s health.

After the 10 minutes the OB came back and we told her we wanted the c/section because we felt it was safer for the baby. She then explained exactly what would happen, how long it would take and how long the hospital stay would be and then she checked for a time to go to theatre – and they squeezed us in for 12:00 pm! We had to be at the hospital at 10:00 to check in and for me to be prepared for the c/section. We left her practice at 09:45.

We got home and I went through my hospital bag and removed all the “labor things” from my bag and then we headed to hospital! It felt strange walking out the house knowing that when I walk back in through these doors, I’ll be a mommy!

At the hospital things really started moving! My OB told us to immediately go to the Maternity ward, where they were waiting for me. They even fetched my file from the reception desk! They took me to one of the rooms and explained what would happen next. I just stared at them and heard them talking, but I wasn’t listening at all! I had this weird feeling of being anxious, scared and incredible excitement all at once! Once the nurse stopped talking, DH had to go to reception to book me in and they took me to get shaved and hooked me up to the fetal monitor again while I had to sign papers giving them authorization to do the c/section, get my thumb-print on a piece of paper and then I was taken back to the room. The nurse also came to shave me and in a stupid moment I offered to do it myself, just to look down and realizing I can’t see there! When DH came back, he told me that he decided to get me a private room because sharing a room with 3 other moms and their crying newborns (BEST DECISION EVER!). They gave me my theatre outfit to put on and a nurse came to administer the IV and catheter. I never had either inserted whilst being awake and it was horrible! The nurse told DH he can either leave while she does it or he can stay – I swore him all kinds of bad things if he even thought about leaving me! I squeezed his hand to bits while she inserted the IV and after that the catheter – that was horrible! She kept telling me not to concentrate on the awkward feeling between my legs but that is almost impossible not to feel the balloon in your urethra! After that the nurse left and we sat there in the room, waiting for the clock to reach 12:00 and with every minute that went by, the anxiety/fear/excitement feeling grew stronger and stronger. I’d feel as if I wanted to start crying and then ended up laughing. I can’t really say which of the 3 emotions were the strongest, but I know there is no word to describe the feeling.

All of a sudden they told me it is time to go and the porter arrived to take me to theatre. We spent about 15 minutes in the pre-op room (which felt like 15 hours) with almost everyone who was going to be in theatre coming in to say hi and good luck and then my OB came and told me we’re going in!

The anesthetist came and told me that he was going to do the spinal block and explained exactly what was going to happen, what he was going to do and how I was going to feel. He then told me to sit forward and keep still and he told me that I might feel some pain as the needle goes in, but it would go away quickly. At this time DH stood next to me looking and I just felt pressure, no pain in the back, but pain in my hands as DH squeezed me harder and harder! Then suddenly the anesthetist told me to sit up straight and my feet started feeling nice & warm. They made my lie down (12:15) and then the OB came and asked me how I was feeling. I was so scared that I was going to feel some pain but she promised she won’t start before I was all numb and after another minute or so she poked me in the stomach and asked if I could feel the pain, not the pressure. She did this a few times and then she started.

From here onwards things went pretty fast. I tried looking into the theatre light to see a reflection on what was going on but couldn’t really see. DH stood next to me and held my hand and took pictures with the other hand and also told me what they were doing. All of a sudden I felt horrible, I started sweating and I felt thirsty and shaky and told the anesthetist I wasn’t feeling too great. He then gave me some magic potion in a small bottle and I felt okay again. DH said I went from all rosy to an icy pale in just a few seconds and my blood pressure dropped quite a lot.

Suddenly, after about 3 minutes (that felt like 3 hours), DH told me they are through and the anesthetist told me that he was now going to push the baby down and boy… that felt horrible! It felt as if they were going to push all my intestines through the bed! Then I heard the OB saying that there was no way his head would go through my pelvis and then I felt this weird sensation as if this huge thing was pulled from my stomach and I immediately felt the pressure lifting. The screen was lowered for me to see him being born and suddenly the OB stood there with this bluish baby, frowning like mad in her arms and I knew gosh… that came from my body!!! I started crying, DH told me he was gorgeous and also started crying and then the whole room was filled with the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard… the sound of my newborn baby boy’s first cry! They suctioned his airways, clamped & cut the cord and then took him to be weighed & cleaned up. I told DH I was fine and he should go with our son and he then kissed me and went over to where they were cleaning him. I just laid back feeling tremendously fulfilled and I just cried out of pure joy! DH came later to say that he weighed 3.89kg (8.57 lbs). They then brought him over to me to see close-by and the moment I spoke to him, he stopped crying and just frowned, trying hard to open his little eyes. A feeling of love for this tiny person washed all over me and I wanted to kiss him but I wasn’t sure if I could… then suddenly I thought “he’s MY baby, I can kiss him” and I gave him lots of kisses before they took him away again. He scored 9/10 on both his apgars, but the pediatrician wasn’t happy with his body temperature and she told me that they were going to take him to the nursery to be put in an incubator to heat up. It felt horrible to be separated from him and I started to cry again! OB reassured me that he was perfectly healthy, just a bit cold and that they needed to warm him up, but I shouldn’t worry.

The stitching up part took long but they were finally done and they took the screen away just as they took the sheet from underneath and I saw these 2 pale legs being held wide open in the air! It felt weird and I knew it was my legs, but it looked like someone else’s because I couldn’t feel a thing. The whole operation took about 35 minutes and then they were done and I was wheeled to the recovery room. I have no idea how long I stayed there, I just kept asking them to take me to the room and to bring me my baby.

After a while they took me to my room and DH came to say that our baby was now wide awake and very cute and curiously looking around, but they said he was still too cold to take out. I told him not to worry about me and that I would be fine, but he should stay with our son. He was finally able to bring him to me after almost 2 hours and when he put our son in my arms and I could hold him and see him for the first time, I cried again! We named him Marcel and I tried to breastfeed him (difficult with IL’s walking in on DH’s heels) but he battled and soon drifted off to sleep. It was difficult to get him to drink and later that afternoon the one nurse told me that she was going to take him to give him a supplement because he’s not drinking. I told her under no circumstances and we expressed 5 teaspoons colostrums, after which she was happy and she left him with me. He finally started drinking, but breastfeeding proved to be much more difficult than I thought, but we succeeded and he breastfed until he was 1 year old.

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My name is Tassa. I had to deliver my little girl Leslie via C-section because I was having some complications due to Diabetes.
It was a shock, really. I had gone in on Tuesday for an NST, and she had a drop in her heartrate. They had me go back in on Wednesday to make sure, but it happened again. So Thursday morning I went to my OB for an ultrasound. I found out that she was healthy, but my amniotic fluids were low, borderline acceptable, and I was having calcification of the placenta.
Not to mention I was only one day away from my 38 week mark, and wasn't even having Braxton Hicks. She told me she would feel much better if I could go in for a C-section either that day or the next...
I went home and woke my fiance, and asked him what he thought. We decided that if it would be safer to have the baby that way, rather than possibly risk injury or death trying to bear her naturally, then I could put up with it.
So we went in that day. By 2:30 I was prepped and in the O.R. I don't remember much from the operation except that the spinal actually hurt me. They kept hitting my sciatic nerve with the needle. And I cried when I heard my baby's first cry at 3:01pm.
I'm still recovering. And there are a lot of things bothering me. Mostly my loss of freedom (not from the baby, but from not being able to drive!).

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Hi - my name is Pamela and I had a c-section in July '08- I was about 35 weeks and went into labor; after four days of contractions my water broke and my bottom-down breech baby was delivered by c-section. Amazingly, I had a good surgery and a speedy recovery - I didn't want a c-section but I wasn't against them necessarily - it was more being older, and overweight, I thought my recovery would be horrible but I was up and walking the next morning (slow but on my own). The worst part was getting the spinal and the ankle swelling I had about a week later. The baby was in NICU for a couple of days, so I longed to see her but I got my rest. My biggest issue now, is one that seems to be shared by others here, ocassional incision pain and twitching. I pop in this board from time to time so it's nice to know I'm not alone.

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Me and Dh have been married for 4 years on Jan 15th, this was our first baby and we really wanted to do everything naturally, but we ended up with a induction and a C-Section...

Bentley Keith Wyatt
December 11, 2008
5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
7 pounds 14.2 ounces
20 inches long
Absolutely perfect

On Wednesday Feb 10th, I had my weekly appointment at 8:30 am. By this point in my pregnancy I was so DONE… His head was so low it hurt to walk. My back had really started hurting and I couldn’t do much at all without really bothering me. I had been hoping to deliver naturally and to go into labor well before they thought about inducing me. The doctors had told me that I would not go past 39 weeks. I was 39 weeks and 2 days at this point. The last ultrasound showed that he weighed 8 lbs. everything looked great, but Dr. Anderson did not want to push our luck. She decided that because of the gestational diabetes, there were issues that could easily arise at any time. My mom and I were kind of hoping that she would say let us induce now, but she said that we could do it either the next day or on Friday. I decided on Friday, and she told us that I would need to come in that evening so they could insert the Cervadil that would help me dilate. I would need to stay the night in the hospital. So we went home and we packed our bags and cleaned the house. We also decided to go get the bassinet I had been eyeing so he would have some place to sleep. After dinner away we went!

That night was pretty uneventful, just lots of anticipation about what would happen the next day. We played a couple games and put together a puzzle. I had to keep a heart monitor for the baby as well as a monitor for my contractions wrapped around my stomach all night. This was extremely uncomfortable. Every time I would move the nurses would have to come in and fix the monitor. Finally at 5:00 am they started the Pitocin. There was a whole lot of waiting around still. It didn’t really seem like anything was starting, and I even read some in my book. Around 6 or 6:30 the contractions started coming. I didn’t need to breathe through them and the pain was not too bad. After 7, I was wanting to move around, and Will and I started walking the hallway. Around 7:30 I called my parents to make sure they were on their way. At 8 the Doctor came to see me and decided she was going to do a procedure to help me dilate seeing as the Cervadil did not help at all. Something about blowing up a balloon near my cervix, I really was not sure what this would entail. However the staff could not find latex-free supplies. While the Doctor had been waiting she was watching baby and my contractions. It seems that every time I would have a contraction the baby’s heartbeat would drop. This is normal if this happens during the contraction as long as it is not too significant. However, his heartbeat was dropping after the contractions. At this point she decided to break my water and to insert two internal monitors. One of these would actually screw in just under the baby’s skin on his head. The other one was put in place to monitor my contractions. With the use of these monitors hopefully they could tell more about these decelerations. I was very upset about the use of this monitor, because I knew it was in his head and in my mind it was a lot worse off then it actually was (he was born without so much as a scrape), and it was extremely painful and uncomfortable.

After this procedure my mom and our Doula, Christa arrived. The contractions at this point were getting about 10 minutes apart and starting to be painful. They still pretty much felt like strong menstrual cramps, but with every one they were getting stronger and stronger. The hardest part was that I was on an IV that was administering fluids, so I had to pee pretty much every 45 minutes or so. It wasn’t long and I had to lean on Will or whoever was close by. My mother and Christa were so helpful, and I had no questions about my mom being there. Anytime I would ask something, the three of them would rush to get it.

The Doctor came back and checked on me about lunch time. I was 3 cm dilated and starting to efface. How exciting! I was making progress! I knew I could do it! The baby’s heart rate was still decelerating, so Dr. Anderson said that I could not leave my room and walk anymore. I had to stay on the monitors as much as possible. (They had to be removed whenever I went to the bathroom) She also wanted me to start oxygen, because if I got more oxygen, he would too! At this point the contractions were getting a lot closer. Over the next couple hours they got a whole lot closer, and a whole lot stronger. The pain was so intense, everyone helped by counting with me from 1 to 10 and back down again. Sometimes counting to 10 and repeating 10 over and over again until it was over. They also all got pretty good about looking at the monitor and telling me, “Okay, almost over! Only ten more seconds…” I am not sure how they knew this but I would trust them every time!

We all thought I had made a lot of progress, and the oxygen seemed to help baby quite a bit. Mary Jo, who was my nurse for the day and absolutely amazing, came and checked me. I had felt some small urges to push while in the restroom, and my contractions were 1 and a half to 2 minutes apart and 40-120 seconds long. We were hoping for me to be 8 cm dilated, or at least a lot more than 3 cm. I was only 4 cm dilated. She called the Dr., who told her to stop the Pitocin and that she would be over in about half an hour to talk with us. I remember being in the middle of a contraction bending over my birth ball on the bed, when the nurse told us this. I had been doing really well rocking and rotating my hips during the contractions. After hearing this, I just slumped over and then went and sat in the rocking chair. We all knew that the Doctor was thinking about doing a Cesarean Section.

I sat in the rocking chair for quite awhile, we had been told that the contractions would slow down within 15 minutes or so. Well, they were still pretty strong! At this point I asked my doula to step out of the room and I asked my mom and will to pray with me. We prayed for a peace about the situation, for guidance for the doctor, and most of all for peace to come to us. My doula came back in the room and we all talked about what would happen if the doctor told us that we needed a c- section. We decided that we would ask for 2 more hours of labor, and then if nothing were to happen we could reevaluate. The doctor came in and she told us that basically she just wanted to give the baby a break, since he was under some distress. By stopping the pitocin, hopefully his heart rate would stop dropping.

The doctor stayed for a few minutes and went over with us the risks of a c-section, and the details of the procedure. While she was talking with us I was having contractions on my own, and his heartrate was still dropping. She asked for the nurse to give me a shot that would completely stop my contractions, and got serious with us. When she told me the baby was still at -2, I made my decision. I knew instinctively that something was wrong and this baby needed to come out.

The next hour was pretty stressful. I have had a few broken bones, but never any stitches or anything like that. I got myself pretty worked up about the procedure. The anthesologist came in and explained what he would do and he gave me this awful lemon stuff that gave me instant horrible heartburn. I asked if I could use the restroom which everyone laughed at because I would be getting a catheter shortly, but I had to go! After that the nurse took out my internal monitors, I got back in bed, and away we went!
As we went down the hallway I got more and more stressed out. When we got into the operating room my blood pressure had shot up. (I don’t remember what it was exactly, but they were freaking out about it) I also tested my blood sugar, and even though it had been 68-90 all day, it had shot up to 134. The two assistants and the anthesologist were great though, and eventually I calmed down. We ended up having to wait a few minutes for the doctor, but once she came in things went pretty quick. The strangest thing was the “bear hug” which is this big bubble they laid over my chest and arms, that had a blanketed bottom. There was warm air circulating through it so I stayed warm. It was wonderful!

They let Will in and he was able to hold my hand. I still had really bad heartburn which was really annoying, since I certainly couldn’t sit up! We propped some more pillows under me and that helped. They started cutting and then all I could fill were these weird sensations. It felt like to me that I had a HUGE baby kicking me! That was the only thing I could liken it to; all those kicks from the past few months, only many times stronger. It seemed like forever until they got to the baby. Everyone was just chatting during the procedure, which was so weird to me to be awake for that. Then finally they got to him, she pulled him out and said, “Yup, it’s definitely a boy!” I heard his little cry which was so amazing.

They put him over on a table to the left of me, and I could not begin to describe all the emotions I went through. This amazing little being came out of my body! And he came out okay, and he is going to be okay! They did his apgars which were 9/9!!!! The nurse picked him up off the table and he grabbed a hold of the scissors that were sitting there!
Will brought him over for a picture, and suddenly I got sick from the medicine. So we have this lovely first photo of us with me throwing up! And I started itching all over like mad, this did not go away until after I got home. Although it did lessen with some other meds they gave me. We finally got into the recovery room, and I could see him again. It still felt like forever until I had him in my arms. When I finally did, more of those emotions hit. He is SO amazing! We actually started to latch in the recovery room, and had our battles, but we are still breastfeeding!

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I'm Tabitha - 23, I live in Hayes, VA about 15 minutes North of the Yorktown battlefields. I'm a newlywed - July 18th, 08 we were married on the beach in Yorktown (very hot but nice!) I was 6 months preggo, so the heat kicked my tail haha. I have 2 kids, Cole who's almost 20 months (5.2.07) and Kelsey who is almost 2 months (11.6.08 ). My c-section wasn't planned at first, I was scheduled for an induction do to a highrisk pregnancy thanks to a blood issue (MTHFR) and having to use heparin the duration of the pregnancy.

Kelsey Mae
November 6, 2008
7lbs 13.8oz
20 3/4'

I went in for my final appointment on the Tuesday before my scheduled induction, hoping to have my membranes swiped again hoping to avoid pitocin totally... when my OB did an internal he made a face and said he was feeling the babys hand vs. her head (GREAT!). So he did an US and confirmed that she was indeed in the transverse breech position and not head down. So my induction was changed to a c-section.

Thursday morning rolls around and we got to the hospital around 6 am for labs and prep. My nurses and OB come to get me around 840 to get my preped for my spinal and get everything ready. I always thought I would be extremely nervous when I was sitting in the OR, but this extremely odd calm set over me and I was so ready to meet my little girl. Once they did my spinal and layed me down I started to get really sick. My BP dropped to about 70/30 and I started throwing up - well, it just started rolling out of my mouth since I couldn't feel anything from the chin down (ugh so gross). Once they got my BP straight I started to panic cause I couldn't feel myself breathing, but just focused on taking slow deep breaths and my DH's face once he came in.

At 930 Kelsey was born - and goregous of course! DH brought her over and we took our first family picture, and DH and baby went off to the nursery to get weighed and cleaned up. I decided to have a tubal so I was in surgery a little longer than normal. I got into recovery around 10ish and started throwing up again - this time much worse. It wasn't my BP but just the moving around after anestesia. I stayed in there until after 12 because my blood wasn't clotting like it was supposed to (the pushing on my abdomen was the WORST part of it - she did it so hard!!!). They ended up having to give me an injection in my thigh to get me to start clotting. That finally worked and I headed up to my room to meet my baby!

I think the worst part besides having my belly pushed on, was having the epidural in my back... I made them take it out that night because I was so miserable. I took pain meds for the first 2 days once my epi came out and then took motrin the rest of the time. Recovery has been a breeze for me and I went back to work at 5.5 weeks. I actually wish I could have done this the first time around - it was perfect. Better than I expected Smile

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My Story :)

Hello All! I'm Emily and I am new to the site! I had a my beautiful daughter 9 1/2 months ago via c-section and am now pregnant again. I am excited, but nervous b/c my first was a traumatic experience!!!

I had ALWAYS planned to have a a very natural birth (vaginal, no meds, nursing right away, baby sleeping in the room, etc.). I even looked down on women who opted for c-section (sorry :(...). So everything was going as planned, my pregnancy had been perfect.

My water broke at 5:00 am and I took my time. I showered, ate breakfast and my husband, mom and I headed to the hospital. When we arrived I was contracing and I didn't even know it! The doctor came in to visit and said that I was at 2 cmm and everything looked good. I didn't take an epidural, I was doing it and was so proud!

But...15 hours later I was still at 2 cmm! So, they decided a c-section was the best option. I begin crying hysterically. I had always wanted my mom in the room with me, but they told me she couldn't be, and I began crying even harder. I was crying so hard, I was shaking and could not calm down. They had a really hard time giving my the spinal because I was so upset (and, let me tell you...the spinal was the WORST part!). The c-section was uneventful but the doctor didn't even lift my dd up for me to see when they pulled her out. I saw her for the first time on weight table, my hubby brought her over and I kissed her for a while and then she was gone...and I was still strapped to that table!

After I was wheeled back to the room, I kept asking for my baby to nurse, but the nurse told me that she had low blood sugar and I so they were going to give her a bottle. I was outraged but was too exhausted to respond. Luckily, they didn't and finally they brought her to me, and I was able to nurse her. I had a reaction to the morphine and my face was itchy and swollen for days. I was so exhausted that night that I had to send my baby to the nursery. Nothing had gone as planned....

I eventually got over my anger, but now that I am pregnant again it is all coming back to me. I swore I was going to have a VBAC, but now it is only going to be 17 months between births...No matter what this time is going to be a better experience, but I would love to hear from some of you who have done it!

Any advice?

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Hey girls! I'm Rachel, this was my 3rd previous 2 I had natural at the hospital, but baby Jake was breech and I went into labor at 36wks, so he was born by c-section. Here is his story!

Jake Allen
April 17, 2009 (36wk 1 day)
6lbs 8oz, 19 inches long

Well I had been having a lot of contractions and preterm labor with Jake. At 35wks the contractions came back every 3-4 mins so I went in to be checked out. I was contracting on the monitor regularly and was 1cm and 30% effaced. The OB said that I was probably in early labor and that now it was just a waiting game, but that if they came back or continued to go in to be checked again since the LO was still breech. Well Good Friday (the next night) they were back, so we headed to L&D, contractions were really strong on the monitor and my doc said he was “impressed” but they hadn’t changed my cervix any. So once again, we went home to wait it out. We went in for our 36wk appt the following Monday (actually 35wks 4days) and confirmed that our little man was FOR SURE breech! We were then just deciding on whether to do the version at 37wks or schedule the c-section. I was so frustrated with the decision that I just kept telling DH that I wish I would just go into labor on my own so I didn’t have to make the decision!!

That whole week I kept waking up with horrible contractions at night, but when I would get up to go to work they would go away. I thought it was maybe from us dtd Wed and Thursday night. Well Friday morning was no different. I got up, went to work and then noticed about 10am that I was having contractions, so I started to time them online. They were about 7 mins apart or so, I thought they were nothing so I stopped timing for a bit. I noticed at lunch time I really just didn’t feel well, I didn’t feel like eating much (which never happens to me!) and I was very aggravated. It seemed everything was going wrong at work that day! I ate a little for lunch and then decided I better start timing them again since they had changed. By changed I mean I noticed my whole stomach was getting tight, way up high, unlike before. Some of them I was really having to breathe through! So at 1:50pm I called my OB and went in to be checked out at 2:30pm.

I get there and of course my OB was out all week, he had been moving, so I saw another doc there who was really nice. I told her I was probably crazy for coming in and it was probably a false alarm again, but with him being breech I just wanted to make sure. She checked me and she says “ OOOO you are 3cm and 50% effaced hun” I just about shot up out of bed in shock! :eek: On Monday I was still 1cm and 30% and my doctor didn’t think I was going into labor this wk! She decided she wanted to put me on the monitor to see my contraction pattern. I was put on about 3pm and she said she was going to leave me on for a little bit rather then just send me over to l&d. Yep, sure enough I was contracting every 5 mins now and they were registering up in the 120’s and I was getting kind of uncomfortable! She came back in and said she was going to leave me on for a little bit longer, but that she wanted to check me soon to see if I had changed anymore. At this time I called DH to give him an update and I told him I thought he needed to leave work and go get the kids and get stuff packed in the car. He kept asking if I thought this was really it. I told him I just had a feeling that he needed to get the kids settled and get home and shower and get stuff packed!!

About 4:30 they brought me back to check me again. She walked in and by this time I wasn’t feeling well at all, I was hurting and just felt like crap. She told me “ooo you have that labor look” I said “I feel like I’m in labor”. I was checked again and I was 3cm still but now I was 70% effaced and she said my bag of water was really tight and that she wanted to send me over to the hospital. Now at this time, I still didn’t know it was baby day! Lol

5pm I walk on over to the hospital, one of the nurses starts talking to me. She asked how far along I was and I said 36wks and she told me “OH, we will try to keep you pregnant for at least another week or two” I told “yeah but I’m already 3cm and 70% and in labor with a BREECH baby”!! When she took me back to triage I KNEW things were different. I honestly thought they were just going to monitor me some more and then send me home. I walked in and the nurse told me “So today is baby day huh?!” That’s when I about crapped my pants and texted everyone! I told my mom and DH to hurry up, it was for sure happening!!! Good thing DH listened to me :D. Everyone finally got there and they were all so excited!! My mom was freaking out a little b/c she wasn’t use to not being able to be back there with me, they only allow one person in the triage area, so DH was with me. I got my IV(after 4 sticks) and now we were just waiting for a open OR. Finally at about 8pm I was brought back to the OR for all the prep. They gave me a spinal, which hurt less than the dang IV they gave me. I was super super nervous about being awake, so I kept telling them they better make sure I was numb!!! They finally brought DH in and little Jake Allen was born at 8:36pm!! I had joked with the doctor that he still better be breech! She said he very breech and so stuck in there that she didn't see him turning!! He score 9 and 9 on his apgar! They had the NICU team in the OR just in case he had some breathing issues since he was early, but he did great and didn’t need any help! DH left with Jake to get a bath and they stitched me back up. All of a sudden I told the nurse I thought I was going to pass out and that I was seeing spots. She checked my BP and I saw that it was 101/36 which is super low for me. She shot something in my IV and then I started to feel much better! About 30 mins after Jake was born I was bfing him in the recovery room!