Before/after school care fee ?

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Before/after school care fee ?

Does anybody have school age kids who go to a sitter's before/after school? If so, do you mind me asking what they charge? Oh and I'm in Ontario if that makes any difference.

I currently (well, during the school year LOL) get my neighbour's 2 children on/off the bus when she's working days. Basically if I have them they get dropped off around 7:30 and put on the bus shortly after 8 a.m... then after school are here from 3:30 until shortly after 5 when dad gets home from work. She pays me, though I'm not exactly sure what because I had offered to do it as a favour, but she insisted on paying me and so pays me what she would've had to pay at the sitter they used to go to/go to on PA days/during the Summer (she told me once but I forget now).

Anyway, the mother of one of my dd's friends just called and asked if she could drop her dd off to walk to/from school with my dd... it will probably be about 3 days a week. She would be dropping her around 6:30 a.m. and they would leave for school likely around 8:15ish (though some days they'd walk with or be driven by me as once we start Breakfast Club up again and I help with that)... it sounds like mom is usually done work around 3:30 so she'd probably only be here after school for maybe half an hour? She said she would pay me and wanted to know how much (she was paying $18/day for the YMCA before/after care program at the school and she was only there about an hour before and an hour after... and she thinks that's too much (I'm inclined to agree LOL)... sooooooooooooooo... my "problem" is, I don't know what to tell her LOL I have no clue what is fair/the going rate is. And I told her that... she told me we could talk about it/figure it out later. I'd actually rather her tell me what she thinks is fair though. I mean, the $$ helps, but I'm not really (or wanting to be) an official babysitter in the sense of having set rates/etc, kwim?

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For our day home we pay $7/hr. Robbie will be there 1 hr in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It maxs out at $300/month.

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ummm good question.....
I pay 25$ a day for Hunter. Don't know what would be a fair price for before and after school...?? Maybe 10$ a day?? Or per hour?
I will ask my babysitter when I see her (cause Hunter doesn't start till Aug 29th) and will get back to you to give you an idea...