Long Weekend

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Long Weekend

Enjoy your extra day off today!! Isn't this nice!!...even if it's raining outside...

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Not raining here... yet. Supposed to but until then I'm working on the garden. Planted it a week or so ago but Saturday we built an extension to it so need to get dirt/etc. dumped in and worked in so I can plant my zucchini and watermelon. Also thinking about upgrading the rabbit pen by pulling up half the sidewalk stones in there (put there initially because the little dears started trying to dig out), laying chicken wire, and then sod from where we dug up the garden and hope it grows LOL

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We had a rainy day but it's been nice. Smile A cuddle inside and stay cozy kind of day. I hope everyone else had a great long weekend! I'm just glad we didn't get any snow. (like the past 3 years!)