Long weekend?

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Long weekend?

Anybody else have a long weekend this weekend? (sorry... I can't remember if all provinces take it or just some :oops:)

If so... what are your plans? Sticking around home? Travelling? Etc?

Kids are being shipped off for the weekend to friends' of ours. Dh and I are taking a weekend and going out of town by ourselves for a couple days. If the weather is nice on Monday (forecast is iffy right now) we'll probably go out for a spin in my parents' pontoon boat.

It's actually our city's regular heritage festival (or rather former heritage festival, not sure what they call it now) and the population doubles... while half the city escapes the chaos Lol We're in the half that prefer to escape Wink

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We have Aug. long this weekend. We don't have any plans though. My sis, BIL, and niece are going camping.

Me and my mom are taking the kids camping the week of Aug. 8th. I prefer to go during the week with kids as it's a little less rowdy Smile and easier to get a reservation. Hopefully the weather holds, but I think summer has finally set in around here. Yay!

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We are going camping, coming home Sunday and then going to Heritage Days on Monday.

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We didn't do much, DH is working nights and I have to work nights tonight as well. DD is going to spend the night with her Nana and Grandpa and she is going to help Nana make pickles tomorrow!

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we went camping. we are leaving for Gatineau on Friday morning, wish us luck, 11 hours drive with super active Hunter Lol