Rrrrrrroll up ...

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Rrrrrrroll up ...

Is anyone winning big??? Lol

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Only when I ask for an x-large tea to go with my winning tab Lol

We've won a handful of free coffees and donuts but that's it... and not nearly enough given the number of times we go to Timmys Sad

You? Smile

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I have not won ANYTHING!!!

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Haha I don't ever drink coffee, but Colin does, and he's won a free one about 3 times. A donut once.

We could've bought a new flat screen 3D tv or whatever it is they're giving away with all the $$ he's spent on coffee Blum 3

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"buildingthedream" wrote:

Haha I don't ever drink coffee,

Me either... which makes me VERY happy that for the past few years they have let you get any hot drink with a "free coffee" tab! Otherwise I'd be totally left out!

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haha the first and only time i've made it to timmy's in the last year, i won a free hot drink, dh got try again!

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I have won a handful of coffees and a couple donuts. My DH was 0-30 at one point. He even brought one of those 10 cup boxes to work and had 10 med cups (not included in the 0-30 count) and NONE won... he has no luck and apparently drinks too much coffee. He has since won but hes still like 3-45 or something crazy like that.

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I rarely get anything from Timmy's, but when I bought my first hot chocolate at the beginning of the Roll-Up period, I actually won a doughnut! DH has won a free coffee or doughnut a few times. He's not a regular at Timmy's either, but he buys the large size and those are apparently more likely to win something than a medium.

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Sadly the biggest win here was a coffee.. or two... which is such a let down! And worse still, its all over! The timmies nearest us is officially out of the cups and I'm now sad.


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not lucky here, think one a coffee since roll up begin. and a donut..:rolleyes: