scared or relieved?

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scared or relieved?

so it's the family debate right now, are we scared for the new years weather or relieved that it's holding to the pattern and should be a mild winter this year. what are your thoughts? here the last couple years have been kinda scary into january and beyond. preparing for nasty but hoping for nice myself!

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Well, apparently we're in the "supposed to have a milder winter" zone here in Ontario... so far it's holding true. I'm in Northern Ontario (the lower, "gateway" part of it) and my city has no snow. Yet, travel about 15 minutes in most other directions and you hit it... it's like we're in this little pocket LOL Currently the long range (14 day) forecast shows more of the same... sun... cloud... occasionaly scattered flurries (which never accumulate)... mild temps. Looks like I'm heading for a green Christmas.

I wouldn't complain if it stayed this way all winter but that's not logical living here LOL The thing is though, even though so far mild has meant minimal snow, with the lakes/Georgian Bay not frozen over yet there is the risk of "lake effect snow" which can result in piles of it. So I honestly don't know what to expect. I'm kind of holding my breath a little and enjoying it because I know it can't last all winter and I know sooner or later we'll get snow and our bone chilling -20 and below temps.

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We're supposed to have a milder than usual winter here in NB, but seeing as how Jan is almost over and it really hasn't been too bad, I'm just nervous that Feb is going to be hell, and that this milder winter will drag on well into Apr like it did last year.

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