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Who has it?

We have been lucky and haven't had any yet, but there are 15 cm expected over the next 48 hours Sad Goodbye brown and hello white!

I was hoping to get this baby out before the snow since my coats don't zip or button up! ROFL

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Nary a flake in the past or future forecast (at least for the next 14 days) and I'd like to keep it that way please! LOL

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I think we are supposed to get snow on tuesday... not sure. Pretty cold walking Robbie to school in the mornings.

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yep seeing it in the forecast for wed now. and a lot more coming on the 14 day trend. grrr at least i got my hand me down train winter gear already, glad we didn't wait to greyhound it! i don't like snow, and cold and the lack of humidity and the freezing wind and, have i mentioned i don't like snow! lol!

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Gah!!! There's snow on the ground here! Not much, and if the temp. goes up even 1 degree I know it'll melt haha.


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we have snow, not alot though...wish we had more. ....

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We just got about 2" today in Ottawa! The kids had so much fun in the snow but it was very hard seeing it this morning. I was just in Orlando on Monday with temps in the 80's! It should be all gone by tomorrow, it supposed to be 6 degrees tomorrow and 10 degrees by then end of the week.

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Nothing here yet. But right now they're calling for *light* snow (~ 10 cm) for Tuesday so we'll see...