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Torontonians :)

Dh wants to take the kids to a Blue Jays game sometime this Summer so I've been trying to find out a little bit...

What is the best site/place to get tickets from?

Parking at the Sky Dome (... I guess it's Roger's Centre now LOL) for example, how much is it? I've tried googling and all I can find is that it costs $40 for a bus or something like that.

Also, are you allowed to bring in food/drink of your own (ie bottled water/snacks)?


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I would only buy direct from the Rogers Centre website which actually redirects you to the ticket site.

They do have special cheap days (I think Tuesdays) for seats high up. Check around online for deals. Keep your tickets and if they make a certain number of strike outs of whatnot, you can get free pizza at pizza pizza after.

Most of your other questions can be answered here with their "AtoZ guide"

Parking - I would NOT recommend parking at Rogers Centre as it's at least $20 for the game, more if you want to stay around the area. I work right beside the Rogers Centre and sometimes when our work lot fills I've had to use it. It's a 24 hour lot but three time "zones" with different costs. If you want to stay longer, you have to go back to your car and purchase a new time zone ticket. But..if you have young kids or don't want to walk far it's fine.

If you don't mind walking a bit, there is a secret lot that is cheaper behind 310/320/330 Front Street. Here is a link to the map. I did it in street view. If you drive north on Blue Jays Way and turn on the first right there is an alley way. If you hit Wellington or Coras, you have gone too far. In the alley on the left side is an underground lot. I ALWAYS use it because it's awesome! It's hidden well and a lot of people don't know about it. If you get down early, it's only like $5 before 10AM (weekends). Week days it fills up.

Do you have to drive downtown? I'm not sure hwere you are coming from, but have you considered parking on one of the Go Train lines and taking the Go Train or Go Bus in?

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Thanks Smile I ordered the tickets... we're going for Saturday, July 2nd.

"raingirl28" wrote:

Do you have to drive downtown? I'm not sure hwere you are coming from, but have you considered parking on one of the Go Train lines and taking the Go Train or Go Bus in?

We'll like drive down to my aunt's in Orillia and so would be coming from Highway 11 N. I know NOTHING about the Go Transit or subways or whatever so I'm thinking it's very likely we'll just drive right down there. I did google and try to look at the Go Transit stuff from Barrie to Toronto but it was clear as mud to me... and it looked like it doesn't go to Union Station? :dontknow: I do kind of like the idea of having my vehicle nearby though rather than having to make sure we're at x-spot by a certain time to catch a bus/train/subway/whatever. If we do end up driving I think we will definitely look for some of the off-site parking as from the sounds of things it's usually cheaper?

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The GO Train won't be operating on the weekend from Barrie. I used to take that line from King City and it is the worst line for times and doesn't operate on weekends.

I would suggest going to Yorkdale Mall and getting the subway down from there. Parking is free, since it's a mall (although you can't park before like 8 or 9 am). The mall is HUGE at at Dufferin and the 401. LOTS of people get to downtown for events this way. You'd get off at Unoion Station and take the "Skywalk" across. And you said you didn't want to have to worry about getting to the train/bus/subway for a certain time. The subway runs like every few minutes so you just show up. Looks too ( like you can get a family pass for only $10. Super deal since it's like $3 (I think) cash fare nowadays.

For parking the towers in the financial area often have cheaper rates on weekends. It's a bit of a hike but you could combine the game with a trip to say the Hockey Hall of Fame. If we were to go we'd park in the lot across from Cora's on the link Rachael posted. For the day for a Jays game I'd expect to pay $10 (if super lucky) and $20. They jack up the prices if a game is on.

I would go the subway route though cause it's always fun for kids to go on the subway and Yorkdale is a great mall where you could stop for lunch on the way down if you wanted to.

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Thanks ladies!

I'll have to talk to dh and see if I can change his mind/etc about where to park... when I said something about subways and whatnot last night he wasn't too enthusiastic.

I have taken the subway from Yorkdale to somewhere in the distant past... I remember being with my aunt I think... and maybe long before that with my parents when I was little... but that's all I remember LOL Honestly, subways scare me. I think it's how fast they seem to open/shut the doors and take off again... I've always got this fear I'm going to miss it... I have the same feeling stepping on and off escalators LOL... totally fine once I'm on... it's the getting on/off bit I don't like Lol