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Get out and vote today!

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For sure!!

I am going to try my hardest to go before I have to pick up Sierra just so that I don't have to drag her with me.


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Definitely going to vote, although the chance of unseating the incumbent is really slim.

Hopefully the rain lets up before I get home because DH and I usually just walk to the polling station and we take DS with us so one day he may remember that voting is something he should be doing, and it's really no big deal to get out and do it! Smile (The hard part is deciding, but at least I earn that right to complain later on.)

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We got out to vote (and even got a visit in with our new baby neighbour). We all walked over and I let Harris hand in my card and ID so the lady at the polling station handed everything to him and he even got to put the voting card into the box. I think he liked viting. Smile