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baptism question

Hello ladies!!! It has been awhile since I posted, we have been BUSY! DH and I are done with RCIA and Ds is bring baptized in 2 weeks. We are having another baby boy in November!!! I have a couple baptism questions that I hope you can help with...
-how much of a donation is customary to make to the priest/parish? Our class said around the cost of taking Father out to lunch.
-We will be having the godparents (obviously!) and our parents present. Do we do some sort of lunch or something afterwards?

Thanks ladies!!!!

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Hi! Smile Welcome Home, to the Church, first of all! Smile And congratulations!

As far as baptism stipend to the priest is concerned, it's up to what you can afford. It's not a hardcore requirement, it's more of a "thank you" donation. If you can't afford anything, that's okay...
My husband wanted to give our priest $100, but we happened to have $80 cash without going to the bank at the time, so gave him $80.
I would think $50 is the norm.

For your second question, it is pretty customary to have a little party afterwards. Some people use a church hall, we had ours at our house. I struggled after his birth, and his baptism was about 3 weeks post-partum, so I was not able to go all out... but I did a pork bbq, a pan of eggplant parmesan, a couple of sides, vegetable tray, fruit, a salad, cake and ice cream... we had about 20 people (mostly kids) of close friends and relatives. Don't forget to invite the priest to this too! I find most of them REALLY appreciate an invite to things like this. I didn't get a chance to invite ours until the baptism itself, but he was very grateful that I did. He came, socialized with all of our family and friends who were there, ate and even had a couple beers with the guys. It was lovely!

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Congrats on the boy and ds baptism! For our Priest I gave a church donation and a monetary gift to the Priest as well. (Which he gave back for ds's bank. Sweet of him.) We had something at our house afterwards. Food, cake. Some will have this in the church hall/basement or out at a restaurant. I like doing it at home because I was nursing the baby. Be sure to tell us what you decide/decided to do and tell us about the special day when it's over!

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I'm glad someone asked the question about how much do you pay the priest. My DH and I just finished baptism classes and wondered if we should pay the priest. No one ever said anything about it. I told my DH I thought you make a donation/gift to the priest like you do when you get married.

My problem is when do we do it. Our parish is huge and they do quite a few baptisms at the same time. (We had 300 baptisms last year). So should I mail like a thank you card to the priest or deacon doing it or try to catch him and give it to him after?

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We were requested to pay a fee to the church. The money to the priest specifically was optional, but appreciated. I was told to be sure and put the money in two separate envelopes. We also had a small gathering afterwards.

I think for our daughter, we just handed the card to the priest. For our son, we mailed it to him.

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Thanks ladies. I think we are going to do a 50 dollar donation. We are also going to do a little BBQ at our house afterwards. Does that sound reasonable?

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DS was baptized at my parent's church with their priest (we have no priest at our current church and have no family or friends here either). I didn't realize that it's customary to donate to the priest. We took him to lunch though afterwards and gave him a thank you card.
A BBQ would work out well. DS was baptized Jan 1st, so we did a lunch at a restaurant and invited everybody to join us there afterwards. Nothing fancy. My mom wanted to get a cake, but I thought that was ridiculous since it's not like DS could enjoy the cake. lol.

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"RobinBG" wrote:

Thanks ladies. I think we are going to do a 50 dollar donation. We are also going to do a little BBQ at our house afterwards. Does that sound reasonable?

Sounds perfect!

I don't remember what we did about donation, but I know we had people over to our house afterward. We got a party sub from Subway, plus some veggie/fruit trays, chips, that sort of thing. I didn't care about cake but MIL did, so she bought one. We didn't send out invitations, it was more word of mouth for anyone who was there for us- our immediate family, godparents, close friends. Maybe 15-20 people?