BFP - thoughts and prayers requested

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BFP - thoughts and prayers requested

Hi Ladies:

I got a positive test today. Asking for thoughts and prayers. While we weren't trying, we technically weren't preventing. DH was on the fence - leaning more toward being done. A few weeks ago in Church he made the statement "Let's have another one"; I told him God has a sense of humor and to watch out. Well, guess God delivered -- I haven't told DH yet; want to do that in person. Not sure how he is going to take it.

I really thought I was going to get my cycle because I have been cramping the past few days, but nothing. So, I finally took a dollar store test today and it came back positive. Pretty sure I'm due around June 21.


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CONGRATS!!! Sending T&P your direction!

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I was certain that i had posted on this! Smile I am thrilled for you and your family!! Absolutely count on the prayers throughout (and beyond!)

How did dh take the news?

I had to laugh -- dh and I decided long ago that God must have a significantly great (or warped depending on your POV) sense of humor. "Watch THIS! LOL"

((((((((HUGS)))))))) Congrats again!