Busy or relaxing weekend?

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Busy or relaxing weekend?

We anticipated taking a drive and having a picnic. That fell through since a few of the kids weren't feeling well. (While it is basically cold symptoms, I didn't want to strap them in and chance that (my luck) it would become something more! Somehow though that leisurely drive and relaxing time has turned into "project weekend" instead. We spent one part of the day dealing with tracking down supplies; the other half working out in the backyard. Tomorrow, after Church, we're going to work on setting up our pool -- definitely an adventure! LOL

By the end of the day, dh and I had decided that when we win the lottery that we will be GREAT at supporting small business/independent contractors. We are both fine with having someone ELSE work on the patio... washing outside windows... painting... cutting tree limbs/bushes... opening (my dream) in-ground pool -- with a waterfall of course! HA! -- and more!

What about you? Anything exciting or better yet -- RELAXING?!?

We are foregoing grilling out in favor of my making some homemade pulled pork in the crock-pot for sandwiches. Smile I imagine by the time we are finally done tomorrow we will be happy to come inside!

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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BUSY! My DD Tiff came into town with baby Bayleigh so we had some grandparent time with her! Loved it! But that kept things really busy.