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When do children typically start CCD class? When is it "required" to make sure they are on track for 1st Communion etc.

Our parish has a great schedule for CCD classes, including classes on Sundays (which is great for us working moms). They also have a Kindergarten class but only on Monday afternoon (though still doable).

DS Zayden will start Kindergarten next year at his school (private but not Catholic). His birthday is not until November though so he will be young. His school allows him to start K as long as his bday is before December while most other schools here have a Sept cut off. Soooo, he will be younger than other kids in the CCD class if I let him start next year.

I am kind of torn, while I think it would be great for him to start some formal Catholic training, I am not sure how he will do. I obviously won't have to make a decision for a bit so we can wait and evaluate him as it gets closer. I don't want to NOT start him though if by 1st grade he will be behind in the curriculum.

Is CCD for K more optional or do many kids start at that age.

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First off -- it is good to see you back! Smile

I believe that Kindergarten level is *typically* optional but you may wish to contact your religious education director and ask what the requirements are for children to receive the Sacraments. Some parishes now are requiring two years of "religious instruction" prior to receiving Confirmation for example. The First Communion class at our parish typically has kids brand new to the CCD program. Also, some may accept religious education that you provide at home if you wanted to do Kindergarten level on your own. Again it just varies.

If you are looking for religious ed curriculum for preschool / K level -- there are several wonderful ones available that you can do at home. I can't remember if I have shared those for you already but let me know if you need any recommendations that you can do now.

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Thanks Missy! Its good to be back. Between the holidays and now 70 hr weeks at work, things have been kinda nuts!

I went back and looked at their web site, it looks like do require two years of preparation for Communion but they are doing it in 1st and 2nd grade so K would probably be optional. For awhile, he was doing "Sunday School" which was daycare for 4-6 year olds during mass that included religious instruction but lately he has decided he wants to stay with me for mass. While that is okay (assuming he behaves and he has been pretty good) he isn't getting much instruction given at his age level.

Missy, if you have some preschool/K resources I WOULD LOVE THEM! If you shared them before I apologize, but really could use them.

With Zayden and his November bday, we are going to have ongoing...not issues but irregularities? His school has encouraged us to move him to K next year as he is more than ready, but how to factor that in to being younger than his grade peers in all other activities I don't know. At church, like I mentioned, they have "daycare" for 4-6 yos and then at 6 they leave mass for the children's liturgy. It looks like they start 1st communion prep in 1st grade but even then he will only be 5! We have the same challenges for scouts and summer camp when they are grade based instead of age.

I think for now I will work with him at home and then speak with the educational director as we get closer to next year to see what would be appropriate for him.

Thanks for the ideas!! Smile