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Check in

I know I no longer host this board but I thought I'd send out a hello and see who still pops by or lurks around here. Say hello and give an update - how are you?!?

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I'm here. Kinda. I forget about this board most days. Sad

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Well, at least we get to catch up on our grad board. Smile

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I am here! I am not on too much these days. miss it! I am due 11/11/11 with another boy. We switched parishes to one with a school after we finished RCIA. We felt guilty, but our old parish had alot of older folks and some did not like little ones at mass. Sad Our new parish is pretty much young families. We really like it. There is alot going on there and we hope to become more involved after we settle in with the new little guy. The school there is also a National Blue Ribbon school!! I felt really good with our choice after I heard that the other day!! Ds starts preschool during mass there tomorrow morning. We want him to make some friends there since he will be going to school there. He said he doesn't want to to go and doesn't want new friends Sad Hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly, DH is taking him since I have to work. He behaves better for DH anyways...:p

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I am on PO most days (co-mod for my new BB) but only stop by this board infrequently.

Just had another little GIRL a couple weeks ago. Posted a couple pics of the girls today:

Things are going well! DD2 will be baptized next month at our parish, hopefully by the same priest that baptized DD1 and married us.

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Wow, it's been a while, not sure if anyone remembers me anymore. Ever since my little guy was born a little over 2 year ago our world has been a bit crazy, besides the normal baby stuff he's had a bunch of things going on and we're still trying to figure out the extent of what is really wrong with him. Besides that my oldest is a smart, happy, healthy little 4 year old and life is pretty good.
Hope you are all doing well.
Julie, how are your kids? You popping into my mind and figured I'd come see how you were all doing! Smile

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Lily - I'm sorry I'm just seeing this. I think of you from time to time. I haven't been on a host on CF in quite a long time and got away from coming to this particular part of the boards.

How are you??? Update me when you can. If you'd like you could pm me and I'll send you my private email address. Michael will be turning 3 already in May and Matthew just turned 1 at the end of January. I'm doing okay. Have so much to be grateful for but also other areas that have been/can be a struggle. Hopefully we'll talk soon! :bighug: