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I have a beautiful firecraker for a daughter. She is 19 months and frequently hits and pulls hair when frustrated. I'm looking for solid Catholic resources or ideas to help us deal with this behaviour. She is very smart for her age and has a very strong use of oral and sign language to communicate with us. She understands what is being said when we try traditional time outs but it doesn't change the behaviour. Our doctor suggested a time out in her bedroom with a baby gate in front of the door but I haven't been able to bring myself to do this. I want her to know love from us but at the same time, I know we are called to discipline our children and to educate them in the faith.

Any suggestions or resouces would be welcomed!


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Hi Cara -

It's been awhile since your post. I'm sorry you haven't had any responses. How have things been in the past month? Have you tried anything new?