For Greater Glory -- are you going?

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For Greater Glory -- are you going?

For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada

I've been getting bombarded by recommendations to go see this movie from our parish, our teens youth group, the Knights of Columbus, newsletters from our Bishops, and several Catholic organizations. It opens today. Dh and I are hoping to go on a date this weekend (dinner and a movie -- woohoo!) to see it!

Secular critics have either slammed it or given it moderate kudos. Other (religious leaning) critics give it fairly high praise.

I'm curious as to where I will fall. It centers on religious freedoms -- a rather timely topic but work on the film began back at the end of 2008!

Let me know what you think if you go!

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I hadn't heard of this movie until now. I'd like to see it. Did you go? What did you think?

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Hi Julie!

We DID get to go! Dh and I had a great night -- with dinner at a friend's restaurant and then a movie. Smile

I was incredibly dismayed to walk into the movie theater just a few minutes before it was scheduled to start (on a Saturday night!) and find that it was COMPLETELY empty! I don't know if the other theaters had the same experience or if it improved at another showing -- but goodness! (We ended up with about 10 people in attendance.)

For the movie, I'll give you my honest opinion:

I love history and appreciated that this story was finally being shared. I definitely learned a lot and after researching several things afterwards, I found that the movie -- for the most part -- seemed to be historically accurate. I really had no idea of the atrocities that were committed and walked away grateful that we (here in the U.S.) have not been forced into that type of position. At the same token, I believe it offered a valuable lesson in how we may take our right to practice our faith and our beliefs for granted far too often. As more of their religious freedom/liberties were stripped away they reached a point of uprising. I do believe that it presented a message to remain vigilant and safeguard. I would not wish to reach the extreme levels that both sides reached... countless lives loss. Sad

The movie itself was slow in parts -- but not so much that it was not worth seeing. The scenery is beautiful and very well filmed. The characters challenged you to think "what would I do" in their position... and again, the historical presentation (for me) left me repeatedly with that feeling "I had no idea!!" what our neighbors to the South endured. I appreciated that the film did offer some background of the political background that in part contributed to the unrest. It also seemed to be one of those "slippery slope" type of situations. (Btw, it was not until recent years when the final restrictions of religious expression were removed!)

It is rated "R" -- my guess is for graphic violence (many hanging bodies) -- but again these were supposedly realistic portrayals. Honestly, while there were a couple of moments where I turned away, it did not seem much more than is on TV (which I dislike how much IS on TV!!) There were no sexual scenes nor was the language vulgar.

It is not, however, a film for small children. I will likely allow (and encourage) my teens to see it once it comes out on DVD.

I would have liked to have seen the characters developed a little more -- but understand that they were trying to convey as much of the history as possible by highlighting main events. The actors did a decent job in portraying their characters and making them believable... particularly the young man portraying (now Blessed) Jos? Luis S?nchez del Rio. I would pray that I would have his courage and faith if faced with his path.

If you can, go see it. I'd love to see more of these types of movies made. If you aren't able to catch it in the theater, please do see it on DVD.

LOL More than you asked for?

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Hmm, that actually sounds really interesting. I have to confess as much as I love history, I don't know that I ever heard of Cristiada and had to go look that up. I really should watch the movie now as it seems interesting. I didn't realize Mexico had such religious oppression and it seems odd to me that there is still some oppression (according to Wiki at least) I live in San Diego near the Mexican border and in the past have gone down into Baja several times. Just about everyone one I know of Mexican heritage is a very strong Catholic, even San Diego has a strong Catholic presence attributed to Mexico, and when we go to Mexico just about every town (except maybe Tijuana) has a Catholic church at the center of the town. That strong culture seems odd if the government was not always supportive.

I will need to go read up on this more; my knowledge of Mexican history is very poor anyway.

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I work as a nurse on an inpatient unit at a hospital, and when I called one of the doctors about a patient, he told me he was on his way in to the theater to see this movie and would be by to round on the patient after the movie. When he got there, he couldn't stop talking about it. Said it was very stirring/moving!

That's my only knowledge of it thus far. Wink

We'll probably watch it whenever it makes it onto OnDemand. Biggrin