Lent Recipes

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Lent Recipes

Might as well start a new thread since I popped over to the CF board.

Does anyone have any recipes to share for Friday's during lent?

If you have LO's do they eat meat on Friday's during lent? At what age did they start with this?

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No great recipes here -- last year I tried a few from operation rice bowl I loved how they had great recipes from other countries but Zayden is still too young to understand that. Next year, I think we will do that again and we can have more conversations about the different places.

Zayden does not eat meat on Friday but not as a specific choice. He doesn't take meat for lunches and I cook meatless dinners --cheese pizza, mac n cheese etc for all of us on Fridays.

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Aiden isn't eating meat on Fridays because he just eats whatever I'm eating. lol. He hasn't noticed or cared since he's so young still.

Tonight we had whole wheat mac and cheese with diced zucchini, carrots, and tomatoes.

In the past we've done veggie and cheese quesadillas, fish tacos, waffles/pancakes, cheesy lasagna rolls, butternut squash lasagna, spaghetti squash tacos, grilled cheese and tomato soup, vegetable pizza, gnudi, and I'm sure I'm forgetting about a dozen more. lol