Love our new parish!!
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Thread: Love our new parish!!

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    Default Love our new parish!!

    Even though it takes 15-20 mins to get there, we love it!!! Ds started preschool there during mass, he cries when we leave him, but he is getting better. He goes into the school for preschool and we are hoping he will make some friends since he will go to school there in 2-3 years. The school is K-8 and it was just named a National Blue Ribbon School!!! Yay!!! There is also parish campaign/pledge drive going on to build a new gym and parish hall. We made a donation, and wanted to do more, but I have no idea how our budget will be with 2 kids and 2 daycare bills I feel kinda bad.

    I just wanted to share with you that we really are happy with our switch. I still feel a little gulty about leaving the parish that we did RCIA at, but the new one is so much more kid friendly and we are much more comfortable.
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    Yay! Wonderful to find a place you are so comfortable!

    DD1 is 4 and has been going to Children's Liturgy during Mass for just over a year, and though she always enjoys it, she is just now letting me leave her there without me. (Still have to walk her down there though.. baby steps!) I, too, am hoping she'll make friends with her future classmates, since she'll be going to that school.

    Woo hoo for Blue Ribbon school! Makes you feel good about your decision to send your kids there!

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