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Minot Flood Update (7-12-11) - OT-XP

Hello All:

On July 6th, my parents were allowed back to their house for assessing damages and starting the clean up process (they are allowed at the house during only certain times of the day). While the secondary dike held back the river from completely flooding their area, the high water table resulted in seepage entering the basement (the main floor stayed dry). So far, they have pumped out about 2.5-3 feet of water. In addition, they had a sewer plug pop out as a result of the high pressure (originally thought there was a broken pipe – but that may not be the case); so, they had some sewage leak to deal with as well. They even found a fish in the water!

While the river level is now at 1554.47 (remember flood stage is 1549 and the record peak was 1561.72 set on June 26th), they continue to deal with seepage caused by the high water tables and heavy rains that continue to roll through the city. For the foreseeable future, they will need to continue use of the water pumps. The basement has been cleaned out of the relatively few items they left behind and the drywall and wood paneling have been tore out. The process of cleaning and sanitizing has begun.

With all that having been said, they have still been part of the lucky few. Here are some of the flood statistics: Recovery estimates are $250-300M; roughly 20% of the city was damaged. 12,000 people are displaced; 4100 homes damaged with 3100+ of those with severe damage (2400 with extensive damage and 805 with complete damage). In addition, the state fair which is held in Minot and is a large revenue generator, has had to be cancelled.

My Aunt / Uncle still have not been allowed back to their home (too much water in the area). Estimates, based on pictures of the area, are that the water has reached their second floor and likely reached at least to the height of their kitchen counters. We have not been given official word, but expect their home to be one of those deemed to be condemned.

Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and thoughts and prayers you have provided!

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I am glad the flood waters are receding. I hope the clean up process goes as smoothly as possible. We will still say prayers for them!!!

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Thanks for giving up an update, Christa. I can't even imagine. So glad that everyone is at least safe. So sad what everyone is going through.