Mommy what is heaven and other questions.

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Mommy what is heaven and other questions.

How do you answer these questions for a three year old? Any good resources?

Zayden has recently become obsessed with his Action Bible Toons DVD again but unlike last time, he is starting to ask lots of questions to which I really don't know how to answer.

What is heaven, where is it, who is God, where does he live....why?

I have come up with some answers but really am totally lost on how to explain these concepts to a three year old --but he KEEPS asking!

We started last week going to a new church -- I have been very lax about taking Z to church as we knew we were moving and the parish we were in didn't really have a good kids program. Our new church is great, Zayden is doing sorta Sunday School while I am in church --they mostly watch Veggie Tales -- LOL

I haven't had to deal with this before and so when he asks these questions i have no clue?

Any ideas or resources?

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I'd be curious to see how Missy would respond to this and what ideas and suggestions she would have.

I have a feeling I'll be in your shoes before I know it. I'm sorry I don't really have any advice.

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I talk with my kids ages 5,4, 2.5 and 1 about heaven all of the time. We talk about how we want to follow God's teachings so that we can go to heaven and be with him and one another someday. We are Catholic so we believe in the resurection and also talk about that. I answer simply with what the teachings are and make it known that heaven is a beautiful and wonderful place that God has created for us. It is ultimately what we live for. I do tell them that heaven is something that won't happen for a long time, but it will be wonderful and at some point we will all be together. We talk about making good choices so that we get to go to heaven and that is why it is so important to be as good of a person as possible and also say we are sorry for our own faults and forgive others for their faults. I wish I had some book suggestions.

We also talk about death (we have had loved ones pass) and how we pray that they are in heaven. We talk about Jesus' death and resurection. They love to look at a crucifix and talk about what they are seeing. It is all very light hearted and sweet. I think it is very important to teach your children about heaven. I don't think I have really offered much advice, but hope you find your answers at some point!

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We continue to have questions and slowly are finding answers.

Zayden brought up one of our kitties that passed today. Mommy where is Lyla. He knows Lyla had a "red chin" (cancer). I dont want to tell him really that she got sick so he doesn't worry that if we get sick we will leave him. But I told him that Lyla went to Heaven. He thinks about this a minute and then asks, "Mommy, is God a doctor?"


I told him God made Lyla all better and wanted her to come and play with him in Heaven.