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New here

Wow! I never knew this board exististed. The things you find when you scroll down and you can't sleep.

Anywa, my name is Kerri. I am 33 and pregnant with my first child. I am also new to the Catholic faith and was confirmed this year, a week after Easter. (Our church had to divide up the confirmations because there were so many). I had been going to the Catholic church with my DH for 8 years.

I wish I would have found you guys earlier. I had so many times where I had to deal with others who are pregnancy and not religious and issues with people at work who are aethists and would make fun of me when I would tell people the story of when I found out I was pregnant.

I knew the Catholic faith was for me when I was going through my RCIA classes. My husband and I had been trying to start a family ever since we got married. (We were married Catholic). One December, the topic in class was about Joseph and how he spoke no words in the bible, but that when the angels appeared to him and told him that Mary was pregnant with the son of God, he chose to except it and stay with her. He had faith.

That day after mass and class, my husband asked if I had taken a pregnancy test yet and I said, no but I am late by almost 5 days. It's not unusual for me to be late. I told him what's the point. And he looked at me and said what did you lear nin class? Anyting? He said be like Joseph have faith. Five minutes later, we were staring at a pink cross.

Anyway, this is really long for an introduction. Thought I would say hi and share my story adn hope to post more here.

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I'm kind of new to this section too, but never really introduced myself. Just pop my head in when I remember it exists.

I'm married for almost 2 years (in September), have a 10 month old and somewhere around 6 months pregnant with our second.... I'm a cradle Catholic, so no big bright light pulling me in the direction of the Church or anything here. Wink

Congratulations on your first pregnancy, and for your joining the Church!

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Welcome, Kerri. Congratulations! Have you chosen a name for your daughter?

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Thanks. We are naming her Elizabeth Renee and calling her Lizzie for short. Elizabeth after my DH's mom who passed away when he was 16.

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It's been awhile since I've checked in on this board, but wanted to say hello and welcome! Beautiful, how you found out about Lizzie. Congrats on baby, and on confirmation!