New Mass Changes For Kids (& Adults!)

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New Mass Changes For Kids (& Adults!)

This Sunday's Masses kicked off the new Mass revisions. What did you think? For us, it definitely will take some getting used to! Our parish has been offering special classes going in-depth about each revision and what special meaning each held. Additionally, our priest has been presenting tidbits throughout the year with a special push to prepare us.
I believe those have helped me.

I also found a far deeper understanding by exploring the FAQ's section of the Roman Missal by the USCCB. It does a great job in breaking down each section and explaining thoroughly.

Still - after this many years of reciting the responses, I need all the aids I can get! LOL

This link was shared with me a few days ago and I absolutely love it! I printed a copy out for the kids (and one for me!) :

New Mass Responses Booklet for Kids – Free to Print!

I only had a little time to poke around the site. I also spied some other downloadable print outs that I think we'd enjoy. I hope to return soon to see what other resources are available.

Feel free to share any thing that has helped you with this transition!