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    Default New Parish!

    We have been attending our new parish and we love it! There are so many kids there it is great!!! Our older parish where we did RCIA and DS was baptized was a MUCH older crowd that wasn't extremely kid friendly. There are so many kid and family activities there too!! We asked our 3 yr old how he liked it and he said it was GREAT!!! LOL He will be starting pre school during mass in September. Since we plan on him going to school there as well when he starts we wanted for him to try to maybe make a few friends!!! We fell kinda bad for leaving the old parish since we were there for some time doing RCIA, but I think this is a better place for our family.
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    Sounds like the perfect fit for your family!

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    Being a part of a parish where you feel like you belong helps SO MUCH! It keeps you going and motived when you need it. At our last base we never found a church that we felt comfortable with, so it was easy to skip mass. Here, I love the community and feel guilty if I don't go even if it's because I'm really sick! lol I hope this church community works out great for your family!

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