Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter -- thoughts?
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Thread: Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter -- thoughts?

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    Default Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter -- thoughts?

    Within just a few hours, Pope Benedict XVI will be sending out his first 'tweet' as @Pontifex. What are your thoughts on this -- a good move or a likely disaster? We've been debating this in my home throughout the night. I'll share my opinion after others weigh in.

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    Making Catholicism more accessible to young people? Good move, I say.

    I don't tweet but I know lots of teens/young adults who do, and at a time in their life when they are likely exploring spiritual identity, having something positive on their horizon can't hurt.

    That's my $0.02, anyway!

    Well, good move unless he starts tweeting about what he's eating for breakfast, or the latest celebrity sighting.

    5.09, 8.09

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    *tweet* *tweet*

    (Curious to hear your thoughts on this, Missy.) I'll have to think about this one and respond at another time.

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