Pope Francis, The People's Pope

Love this part of the article:

If that prayer should be answered, if somehow by his own vivid example Francis could bring the church into a new relationship with its critics and dissidents?agreeing to disagree about issues that divide them while cooperating in the urgent mission of spreading mercy?he might unleash untold good. ?Argue less, accomplish more? could be a healing motto for our times. We have a glut of problems to tackle. Francis says by example, Stop bickering and roll up your sleeves. Don?t let the perfect be the enemy of the good?an important thing for the world to hear, especially from a man who holds an office deemed infallible.
*Note from Missy to others that may be reading: The Papal Office is not considered infallible nor is the Pope. Papal Infallability is extremely limited. If you are interested in learning more please ask! We are more than willing to answer questions.