Pregnancy and childbirth without medical care

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Pregnancy and childbirth without medical care

I was wondering what do people know about pregnancy and childbirth with medical care- Im not actually taking NO medical care whatsoever- with whatever baby god blesses us with next we will still be enlisted a midwife for out care- but I dont want all of these ob appointments like with my 1st and 2nd, or any ultrasounds (I had them every month with my last children) and for goodness sake why all these blood tests how many do you need to do through the pregnancy seriously, its invasive a little painful and stressful worry if everything will be alright and making sure you get them done in time sheesh.
I have had 2 births without painreleif or intervention and no problems, even with my 2nd who was a vaginal breech and I dont see what the huge big deal is women have been birthing babies for centuries its NOT a medical emergency.... but my question is does anyone know how to better monitor pregnancy yourself aside from your midwife who you will see every few weeks and also mostly does anyone know how you can accurately tell if you are pregnant without all of these tests.
We had 3 pregnancy tests come back positive a while ago, I am on day 46 of my cycle now, we had a blood test done a weeks ago (falling victim to medical pressure resulting in the pathologist putting the needle into a tendon and not a vain which cause hospitalization and nerve and tissue damage it has been a week and I am ionly just getting use back of my arm) it came back negative but the doctor is not too confident as with my first only urine tests detected him until i was 8 weeks and my levels were only indicating 3 weeks.
My mother in law told me about how she never had blood tests with either of her kids now aged 23 and 25the doctors did something called a tummy test and then did an ultasound 1 later in pregnancy just to confirm dates- anyone know about this or any other ways to tell if you are or are not pregnant without ultrasound or further blood tests.
thanjs guys

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I don't have any great suggestions for you, but you may want to post this question on the Birthing Naturally board There are a lot of very knowledgeable ladies there who may be able to help you out!

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You sound like me! lol

I had a homebirth with my first with no testing at all. I went to the midwife at about 6 months along, and met with them frequently, but no tests.

This time around, I had bloodwork done due to some possible iron issues (which I have)... but didn't go to a midwife until about 32 weeks along, and had test free (minus bloodwork) pre-natal care.