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    Since we are new to the Catholic church, I had a couple questions about Stewardship. We are joining a new parish, one that has a school where we want our children to go. So we will be spending alot of $$ towards that. We also both work so we have daycare costs as well. I am not sure how much $$ we will be able to donate. We would like to do some volunteer work. But with both of us working and 2 kids I am not sure how much we could do there either!!! Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated! I am excited about our new parish even though it is a longer drive. There are tons of families with kids and it is much more family oriented. It was a much older crowd at the parish we did RCIA at. Some where nice but some did not like the idea of small children being at mass, even when they are taken out when they act up.
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    Robin - with having 2 little ones I haven't done as much as I was previously. If there is something that you can volunteer at once a month or so, or even just around the holiday I would try that, and do what is comfortable from a monetary donation for your family at this time. Remember that you can probably donate canned food and things as well and that could help you feel like you are participating. God knows that there are times in our lives when we can do more than others. Don't worry about it too much. And I'm glad to hear you are excited about the new church - sounds great!

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    Our approach to this has been to give as we're able. We do a monthly donation (EFT), and initially it was something very small like $10/month, because we were really not in a spot to give much. We wanted to do a regular donation though, just to get us in the habit of giving.

    As our finances have changed, we've changed the amount of the monthly donation.

    I like the idea of picking a committee or group or even a once-a-year event (church picnic? decorating for a holiday?) and volunteering to help with it. Maybe something you can do as a family?

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