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Update on me...


Just wanted to give you all an update on me. Recently DH and I decided we would start trying for baby #3. Our plan was to "try" in Sept-Oct-Nov for a June-July-Aug baby. Well, I guess God had other plans; at my acupuncture appointment today, she asked me if I had tested and told me I should based on my pulse. So, after my appointment, I bought a test and it's "pregnant"; I'm only 10 DPO and would be due around Feb 8. I'm excited but cautious because of our loss last November -- send all the thoughts and prayers you can muster.

Christa [/INDENT]

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CONGRATS!!! Sending T&P your way!

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Christa!! I spotted the new siggy in Missy's post and had to come find out more! CONGRATS!!!

Stick, baby, stick!

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Prayers for you, Christa. I just saw this post and your signature. :bighug:

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I posted this on another board but definitely know that I'm praying for you and your family.