US Results - Thoughts and Prayers Requested (XP - June 2013)

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US Results - Thoughts and Prayers Requested (XP - June 2013)

I had my dating confirmation u/s today. Baby was measuring 8 weeks; I should be 9. While there is a HB, it was only 50bpm and should be around 120. They had me wait to talk with the doctor and she says it's likely the start of a miscarriage. They want me to come back in a week for another U/S to see what is going on. She basically made it sound like I get another U/S to confirm HB is gone and then they give me meds to induce bleeding. She said there is a chance the repeat U/S will indicate everything is fine, but that it's not likely. She was surprised that I haven't been having any cramps or bleeding yet.

Please send me all the thoughts and prayers you can. I'm just devasted at this point.


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(((((((HUGS))))))) Christa, how are you doing? I have been praying.

I wanted to ask if you schedule another appointment and have not had any symptoms of a loss... can you request for an ultrasound at a hospital (higher level?) My reason is simply that I have had something similar happen in the past following an ultrasound at my doc's office where they thought that I was on my way to a loss (I had even had some spotting.) I just did not feel that way though and insisted on a higher level scan after another week. They fully expected a loss at that point but the higher level showed everything as fine.

Please know that I am not sharing this to hold out false hope. I DO hope (and pray) that all is well with your little one, but I just wanted you to know that it gave me a personal sense of peace either way to feel that I had a more definitive answer.

Let me know!

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I'm not very good about checking all the boards, and I just saw this. Congrats on your pregnancy, and I am hoping all is well! Any updates since the original post??

T&P your way!

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