What is your "challenge" right now?
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Thread: What is your "challenge" right now?

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    Default What is your "challenge" right now?

    Do you find that you have a specific (or number of?) challenge(s) that you find are not enabling you to grow in your personal faith journey? What about as a family?

    Have you maybe faced this type of obstacle in the past? What did you do to overcome?

    I'm going to come back and share some that I have faced... and met... and some that seem to be creeping in. I'd love some of your insight.

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    Hmmm good question. (sorry its a late answer, had a lot going on)

    My challenges right now including a hyper three year old that taking to church is just a negative experience for both of us (which will change somewhat in a few weeks as Sunday School starts back up) We haven't been to church many times over summer, a few but just not too many. Also, for me, my husband is decidedly NOT religious. While he supports raising our son in church, it is not a priority to him. He doesn't go with us (which makes part one harder).

    With my daughter, we made the journey something special between us, I will do that with Zayden too, but she was older so it was easier.
    Adrienne (30) Ashley (28 ) Tiffany (25) and Zayden (4)
    I nursed my sweet baby for 1 year and 9 months.

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