BD in middle of the night.... Charting it?

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BD in middle of the night.... Charting it?

I have this issue again this month. We were on vacation, and intercourse was about 2-3am. I woke up and took my temp at 7am. So, charting intercourse for the next day am doesn't seem accurate, but technically neither does charting for that day pm. Right now I have it charted for that day pm.

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I would probably just chart it as "Yes", if you're using FF. I had a couple nights like that, counted it as the night of the 13th instead of the morning of the 14th, and left a note in the notes section.

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My own general rule of thumb was if it was BD before 3am, I'd count it as the day before. If it was after 3am I'd count it as the next day. HTH Smile

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I always wonder what to do with that too. If its after 12am I usually chart it as the next day am. Since it is the next day i guess? I wonder what the right thing is to do go by your sleep or time of day?