Chart Stalk Me Please

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Chart Stalk Me Please

So I posted this on TTC Buddies and July, but haven't gotten a response. Can someone chart stalk me? Are my temps to wacky to even possibly be pregnant? They are so off/low.

What I posted in TTC Buddies:

Hey. I'm still relatively new to charting, but my temps are worrying me a bit. I'm 6dpo and my temps have been strange all month. I even had to discard two temps earlier in my cycle in order to even get the crosshairs. I'm pretty sure I ovulated when it says I did though, but I'm worried about them being too low right now. They are above the coverline, but barely. Can anyone take a look for me?

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Your chart looks like mine did around that time. But you had two days of positive opks and even though your temps aren't super high in the second half, they are still higher than the previous half. Shoot, 5-8dpo could be implantation! You never know!! Good luck!!

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Sorry, didn't see this until now. Temps can be all over the place some months, and it can be worrisome when they run on the low side. I agree that it looks like you did O last month. Good luck for this new cycle!