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Hey, Ladies!

I'm brand-new to charting and looking for some help in deciphering what seems (to me) to be some really kooky results.

I've been on BCP for about a year and I discontinued it about a month ago. DH and I are going to start TTC in a about a month or two. I'm trying charting right now more for prevention methods, but if we do get pregnant we certainly wouldn't mind. Wink

So here's the chart (hopefully I did the link right)
My Ovulation Chart

I got the ewcm around the time expected, and it peaked on cd12 with just a bit on cd13 and none today (cd14). My temp jumped on cd13 as I would expect it to, but is back down today. I'm confused! Isn't it supposed to stay up until AF?

I know that just getting off BCP may make things a bit funky, but I'm looking for some other opinions.

And I'm tempted to disregard the temps on cd 10 and 11 because my daughter woke up about 2 hours before I took my temp and so sleep wasn't so great. I think those temps are VERY inaccurate, but just keeping them for the sake of data.

Thanks for any opinions!!

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Temps can be wonky sometimes. If you go by EWCM and CP, it does look like you o'd. Hang in there. Only time will tell. :goodluck: