Charting and expected AF in 2 days...!

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Charting and expected AF in 2 days...!

I have been a 28 - 31 cycle but average 28. This month, it was, to my surprise...26 day cycle. I noticed my temp drop but figured this morning that was a sign of AF coming...and NOT a sign she was coming today! Well, I am wondering if it is something to be concerned about.

Last Nov, again was surprised w/being a 25 cycle. UGH! Is it age or stress or BOTH!? I am 34 yrs old and my family has been under financial stress for the past 2 yrs.

Or is this normal and nothing to look into much?

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Hmm, not sure. It could be stress, but usually stress causes longer cycles, not shorter. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Maybe someone else will have experience with their cycles getting shorter.

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I can only see your current cycle and the one you just completed...looks like you had a 13 day luteal phase and O'd on CD 14. So I'd say looks pretty normal as far as I can tell.

My cycle length has always varied too, usually between 28 and 32 days. I found when I started charting that my O day varies but my LP is a consistent 12 days...I would always get AF 13 days after I O'd.

I don't think having a varying length cycle is necessarily something to be concerned about. It's more important to know why it is varying. Your LP, the number of days from ovulation to the end of the cycle, should be pretty consistent, like within a day. If your cycle got shorter because your LP suddenly shortened then I might talk to a doc about it but if it's just because you O'd earlier in your cycle than normal then I don't think that is really of much concern. Just my 2 cents, I'm not a doc. but I hope it's just normal variation and you don't have any other troubles.

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Oh, great thx so much...will pay close attention to my cycle and charting this month! I actually think I O'd a day earlier then the chart picked up do to my symptoms so will keep an eye on that! Thanks again!!

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