CM and breast feeding, help!

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CM and breast feeding, help!

Hey ladies! Here is my situation...

My baby is almost nine months old. He is Eating a good amount of solids and just these past couple weeks has been sleeping through the night, or at least almost. I have yet to have my first PP period.

I've been watching my morning temperature for about three weeks now. It is always low, between 96.3 and 96.7. The past 4 days I have had lots of fertile egg white CM. I keep expecting that temp spike of ovulation but it hasn't happened yet. What gives? Am I ovulating or not?

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Hmmm, not sure... I would think you would get a temp rise if you had o'd, so don't know why you would get EWCM without any kind of temp elevation, other than sometimes I will get EWCM at odd times, so maybe it's just random?